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  1. Anonymous or not........take a good look at whats supposed to be so frikken hottttttttttttt .................................NOTTTTTTTTTTTT
  2. Problem is Max he was an experiment at Safety. It opens the door for Meriweather.
  3. Opens up a spot for a Safety..........................Meriweather
  4. Come on Tanne........work the magic. Tell him he gets to face the Patriots 2 times for redemption.
  5. Those dancers arent all that. Take a good look at them.
  6. Yes and will have a monster year. I predeict he has more sacks than Vernon Gholston ever had here.
  7. Meriweather could flourish in Rexs system. Im not saying as good as Reed but Reed like could be achieved. SIGN THIS EX-PARTIOT.
  8. Tanne: Rex is that your wife leaving the facility in Santonios car?
  9. So if every member sends you a donation would that help the cause?
  10. Its not that I dontl ike Brunell personally. As a player he sucks and cant seem to stay healthy this preseason. Right now we have 1 healthy QB Sanchez. We need a legit backup.
  11. The NYGIANTS are going cut 1 of them. Anyone but Brunelll as the backup here.
  12. Hes mcmistakes brother, hes got crazy eyes.
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