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  1. Maybin makes this team and becomes the answer to the pass rush.
  2. Danny WoodHead the Patriots RB. Look whos the one thinking about cock now.
  3. You should be more concerned about your apartment and its overall safety to you and any guests you have visiting.
  4. Dont know ask those who live and die by it. Im not 1 of them.
  5. Was that before or after Wall St crashed and Dow dropped to historic lows?
  6. Is that while she sits on the sofa/bed in the dinette area? Is this a basement apartment by any chance?
  7. The hell with that outlet lets see some more pics of this Taj Mahal.
  8. Id hate to see what the shower or tub looks like its probably got an outlet mounted to it as well.
  9. ILLEGAL as far as housing and living goes. Towns have building codes that need to be followed. That outlet is rigged up and could turn out to be his death. Hes probably paying little or nothing to live in those squalered conditions. The house or building is probably owned by a SLUMLORD.
  10. Is this an ILLEGAL APARTMENT it surely looks like one. Notice that outlet has been added. The wiring isnt even inside the walls. Who owns this place?
  11. You need to install a GFI outlet. Is this an illegal apartment? That wouldnt pass any rental inspection.
  12. Joe Namath calls it as he sees it. Until Plaxico Burress proves his worth here hes right on.
  13. Sanchez was struggling to find open WRs. This wasnt the Bengals defense that they shredded last week.
  14. A trophy for a preseason game? Ridiculous.
  15. So basically why bother at all then? I didnt say open up the entire playbook.
  16. The offensive play calling in the first half was terrible or is the NYGIANTS defense that good? The NYGIANTS have a terrible secondary and we couldnt complete a pass. Im so impressed with McElroy at this point he is light yeas ahead of KC.
  17. Wow banning and trouble and im not involved..........
  18. Max you rmore than welcome to join me at my house if you can get here. I live near Rutgers University. If you would have said something ealier I could have ran a cable wire from my house to yours.
  19. This is bad guys, Bound Brook,Manville,Middlesex,South Bound Brook all devastated again..........
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