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  1. In the Central Jersey area.
  2. Trees down in my neighborhood 100 ft oaks snapped like tooth-picks. Branches and debri all over. Minor street and localized flooding. Watching the river as its nearing flood stage. This was a helluva storm.
  3. Central Jersey is getting HAMMERED as we speak.....wind and rain. WOW
  4. N.J has been dodging this bullet for years..............ITS GO TIME
  5. My town is in a curfew mode. Parts are prone to major flooding. Everyone be safe.
  6. Im all set and not bragging hope others learn. Heres a list what I have a generator 15 gallons of gas. Propane grills and stoves. 4 cases of water. Radios,flashlights,lanterns,chain-saws a 4x4 Quad 3 4x4 trucks. Food and beer. 2" honda trash pump. Guns and ammo. Lets do this.
  7. Sea Bright gets hammered. Good Luck!
  8. Had a hurricane party planned oh well looks like the party goes on without football.
  9. I bet they suspend the sale of beer and alcohol.
  10. Max if you dont mind me asking where do you live in the Toms River area?
  11. Stop whining and do what needs to be done to secure safety for you your family and your belongings. I really do wish you luck and hope it all works out for the best.
  12. Most of US live in the Tri-State area and I wish US ALL good luck. If you have a generator today would be the day to get it running, get fuel and supplies such as water and propane so you will be able to cook if theres no power. Coolers of ice,batteries etc. Be safe not sorry.
  13. Thank You great job as always. Now can you redirect the hurricane out to sea.
  14. Nice........except for times like these. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family.
  15. Good Luck EVERYBODY with the hurricane. Be safe not stupid material things can be replaced,life and limbs cant.
  16. Thank You and Good Luck computer issues are the worst. Hope it all works out for the best,
  17. I really dont care. You broke the rules you deserve to be banned. End of story. I thought you had me on IGNORE? So is Plax injured or not?
  18. This time around? What about all the other times. Being a mod favorite or a rational poster doesnt make up for breaking the "so-called" rules. Either we follow the rules or we dont, which is it?
  19. Hurricane Irene heading straight for New Jersey THIS AINT NO JOKE FELLAS GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE
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