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  1. Simple fix, Rex Ryan meet your new room mate.
  2. Gholston used to stand straight up and play confused. Maybin seems to know the game. I like the signing and see him on the opening day roster contributing.
  3. Rob Ryan looks like a fool with that hair. Dallas knows how to build a stadium 100,000 seats and a retractable roof.
  4. Why the hell did they make that guy a NYJETS fan on the SNY commercial
  5. Did you see him waving to the crowd when he was questioning Sanchez?
  6. Remember him from Hard Knocks? Rex told him to open a pizza joint. He spent the 2010 season on the practice squad.
  7. Rex would be a good customer. Hope this isnt considered a personal attack on Rex.
  8. Agree time to bring in some unsigned free agents or players cut loose.
  9. It was a joke not a PERSONAL ATTACK........ Geez DIRECTED AT NOBODY.
  10. In case you haven noticed its pouring rain and the turf is slippery.
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