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  1. Sweet deal, hope Gholston lives up to the hype, he'll have his hands full with the Alex Gibbs O-line. EDIT: For reference.
  2. You got lotto numbers to go with that crystal ball of yours?
  3. Well I'd make Favre play too. Brett Favre throwing with his left hand is probably a better QB than Kellen Clemens.
  4. K-dub is a great guy and unfortunatley will probably be FA after this season. He's been listed as day-to-day with his hammy injury. I'm not too worried because I believe in Andre Davis and David Anderson as his back ups. His absence would hurt but it won't break the offense. I expect that he'll play, he seems like a pretty tough dude.
  5. I enjoy the poetry of play-by-play done by Gus Johnson.
  6. I believe Dom Capers was a (defensive minded) rookie HC when he drafted a pretty QB from California by the name of David Carr. Scary huh? That team did win it's opening game that year.
  7. Okay. Give some reasons why Revis is going to stop AJ. I know Revis has to stack up against Randy Moss 2 times a year and has been to the probowl in 2008. After that I don't know much about his overall style of game. I think I showcased Johson a little earlier in this thread so I'll leave it at that. These two words I am totally agee with. I think starting FS is Eugene Wilson, and he is injured from the Favre block on Monday night. Dunta Robinson is back. I don't know what to make of his role for the Jets game will be but he will see some sort of action. A rookie on opening day throwing his first game where everything counts. I know D'brick and Mangold and Faneca on the O line. Mario Williams will be the focal point of your assignments. He is obvious. After that you got DeMeco Ryans. He's fantastic as well in the second level and unfortanately he has to fight off the guards and centers on the run. He's pretty good in pass coverage. The DT's are pretty weak, but it's somewhat interesting on the LDE spot as Antonio Smith is a new Acquisition and Conner Barwin is a rookie. I think he looks good, so I'm hoping he gets used a lot. Brian Cushing is another rookie so we're hoping for a solid game from him. Counter Point: Houston is 12 - 4 over the last 2 seasons at home.
  8. He is questionable for the game sunday. That's as far as I know as there hasn't been much chatter on it.
  9. Says the player who spends more time behind Kim Kardashian than he does in front of his offensive line.
  10. Of course, I expect it to be a good one. Good luck and hopefully you guys can do your part to keep the Pats out of the top of the division again this year
  11. Thanks The guy who did my avatar is a pretty slick artist who appears to have not paid his website bills lately.
  12. If Gary Kubiak is smart he will put this quote in paper form hanging right in Matt Schaub's and Andre Johnson's lockers.
  13. It's very very reliant on what happens up front. I've seen one corner hold AJ down without any real pressure on the QB. Nnamdi Asomugha. Corners who are big, physical, and fast do better on Johnson, and they pretty much have to match up with him size wise. Cortland Finnegan, who is a pretty good corner couldn't really beat out Johnson unless Tennessee was beating up Schaub. Schaub has the tendency to make mistakes when under pressure, where as no matter what kind of pressure or coverage you have on Johnson he can be absolutely brilliant in the face of it all. Probably the best evidence of how great Johnson can be here are his highlights when the Texans played Miami (I am sure Miami fans will tell you how good he is as well) last season. He had a fumble, but he completely made up for it on a 4th and 10 play in the 4th quarter during the 2 minute drill when the Texans had to have a touchdown to win. I'm not saying Revis has no chance whatsoever, but it will be a real interesting match-up. I'm guessing there will be double coverage on AJ quite a bit.
  14. You are right that the Texans can lose any game, but we always play much better at home than on the road. The poster above that said it's all about pressuring Schaub is correct. If you don't get to him and rattle him him, Owen Daniels and Steve Slaton can pick apart a defense. The Jets missing their best pass rusher from last year and their starting LDE is not going to help that. Is the Jets secondary man, or zone? Man seems to work better against the passing game but there aren't that many teams that have the corners and safety to run that. The Texans defense is very bi-polar. Sometimes they can shut down a completely dominant run game, and the next game they are swiss cheese again. It appears that there is more of the same in our preseason but I can't definitively say this will be so in the regular season. Nobody except for the Texans coaching staff knows what they have in Brian Cushing (I'm guessing an injury prone LB, but I hope I'm wrong) and how the return of Dunta Robinson will effect the secondary (I'm guessing he'll be in nickel packages for game 1, but our secondary is trash so he could easily be a starter as well, he just has no experience in the new scheme). But pretty much the key to the game is making sure you can shut down Schaub2Johnson. The easiest way to do that is knocking Schaub down, as he is much more fragile and easily rattled.
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