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  1. Lupz27

    I met Odell Beckham today...

    And that would probably be the least of your concerns.
  2. Lupz27

    I met Odell Beckham today...

    It’s funny how most people forget being 21-27 years old, now imagine you had unlimited funds?
  3. Lupz27

    Jets add two more names to GM search

    Nobody really care who the guy is if he wins that’s it, outside of a HOF QB pushing you out.
  4. Lupz27

    Bell is worth it...

    Tevin Coleman might be the next McKinnon.
  5. Lupz27

    40 Yards of Gold; Robby Anderson

    So % of players on this list that lose multiple games from an injury from this contest? 30%
  6. Lupz27

    NFL Eliminates Single-Header TV Rule

    Well technically there will be plenty of Sundays when the Jets are playing during the other networks national game leaving only the Giants to watch the other slot.
  7. Lupz27

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    Simple solution if both parties are interested. Gase HC Douglas GM Peyton Manning VP of Football Ops Peyton has 3 jobs, very simple ones I think he can handle, has the balls to handle, and would hope if he took the job he would still have the burning desire to win. Those 3 jobs, 1. Settle any, and all squabbling between Gase, and Douglas he would be both of their boss’ no behind the back power play BS from our separate reporting to the owner structure. 2. Report all concerns about possible issues with upper end Football management from playbook copier guy to the HC, GM, scouts leaving which ever Johnson silver spoon baby in charge to sit back, and sink, or swim in the golden sea that Manning is. 3. This is basically the most important part, Head up this Football management, coaching staff, scouts, and in some special occasions a couple of the core guys like Darnold every year, and use ALL of their opinions, reports, needs, wants, visions as an organization to become not just a winning team, but a winning culture that players know when they walk in to the Jets locker room the message is clear Peyton does things this way, Douglas, Scouts, Gase, and the staff do things their way when it makes sense to the overall team goal which is determined by the whole group, but the ultimate final say comes from Peyton no one else. The structure is ideal IMO, the biggest ? to this puzzle is can Peyton successfully move chess pieces around like no other as a GM, as far as getting the right players, being able to draft, and keep those under him happy enough IE enough of what they would like personnel wise to win. Its really a can’t lose situation for the Jets, Peyton technically isn’t the GM so you can’t say the Jets jumped on him before he was ready and/or qualified, he has shown more then enough on field abilities to show he is a more then capable general even when he can’t throw the ball further then 5 yard, and still out smart a good defense. Last, but not least his name alone adds credibility to the franchise they have not had since I guess a cup of coffee in 2010, but really not since Parcells in 97, and if Peyton fails who would listen, and think the Jets made a huge mistake bringing in no experience Peyton. And TBH your really just asking him to oversee the children, and when needed step in to get them back on task, with the right guys it’s an easy job, with the wrong group it sucks balls.
  8. Lupz27

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    There is literally no point in reading anything unless it’s from Glazer about the Jets, EVERYONE in the media local and national are slinging sh*t at the wall hoping it sticks.
  9. Lupz27

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    I personally think the Manning FAMILY has eyes on owning a NFL team once Eli retires. Peyton taking a GM job anywhere isn’t part of that plan.
  10. Lupz27

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    Pretty easy to analyze yourself, and pretend your analyzing Gase.
  11. Lupz27

    Gregg Williams dead man walking?

    I’d trade him str8 up for Oliver, or Allen right now.
  12. I don’t know the Dorsey specifics, but I think he got fired for the exact opposite reason as Macc, Dorsey had a pair of balls that he had no problem slapping on the table for when he wanted something the way he wanted it.
  13. I call BS, if Jay Glazer new this was gonna go down a month ago don’t tell me Gase didn’t know this at least could happen never mind have NO IDEA!
  14. Lupz27

    Mac fired!

    I’m pretty sure it went something like this. Gase going over last 4 years of big ticket FA’s, and premium draft picks. Reaction WTF in 4 years this dude has spent 9 premium draft picks in the first 3 rounds on 3 run stuffing 3-4 DE, a tiny MLB 1st rounder non premium position, and a Safety at 6, again non premium position. 2 more project edge rushers, and3 WR’s not even on the team, and that’s just the first 3 rounds in the last 4 years. Yay he got Darnold that one time thank goodness. Then he lets Snacks walk to sign a lazy Mo Wilk after drafting another DE and still having Sheldon um another DE on the team, and give out crazy money to RB’s, MLB’s, washed up backup QB’s who are journey men. No Oline to speak of, and very little talent skill position wise except for the 1 guy Gase doesn’t want. So yeah I don’t blame Gase for going all cut throat.
  15. Lupz27


    Hand technique and sudden hand quickness is all time elite levels IMO.

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