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  1. Or we can just draft the guy who should be the #2 pick instead of all this overthink on a 3 month wonder, go ask the Bears how that worked out for them.
  2. Again I can’t think of an OSU QB before Fields that I thought wow gonna be a good pro QB so to me this OSU argument holds no water is all.
  3. Anyone who watched Haskins and thought hey there is a future great Pro QB needs to stop scouting QB’s IMO.
  4. @Maxmanive put this dude on ignore yet I keep getting notifications that he is responding to me I’d like to completely ignore this poster.
  5. It’s not just that he has done nothing but prove all that touting was true! Come on watch the tape of this kid vs a bunch of defenses who field like 10 future NFL pros.
  6. I agree with this. I don’t trust Douglas or any unproven GM to make the right choices here as we have watched countless GM’s make such poor decisions all while a large portion of us could have done a MUCH better job of and if you search our posts say as much. Now we’re supposed to just shut up because a football guy says he is right and we are all wrong got it smh.
  7. See I disagree both QB’s play their best off script, and would play very well in the new Jets offense I contend Darnold is still the better option between the 2, but understand if you want a fresh start at QB, but if you do you should go for the guy who has been touted as 1B behind Lawrence for 5 years and brings a dynamic us Jets fans have never had the pleasure of enjoying which should lead to another foreign feeling, winning.
  8. First I’m as conservative as it gets, and could give 2 sh*ts about woke color hell even gender if you can football you can football. Second I’m not debating with someone who is just waiting for you to finish talking without listening and just continually scream their narrative till it’s taken as gospel, and the rest shut up, so no I will not waste my time on debating you.
  9. The only QB prospect I thought and was correct on that this was a non issue was Pat Mahomes.
  10. Cocaine is a hell of a drug
  11. Pro Wilson jock sniffers get offended when other posters say he shouldn’t be the pick cause another QB prospect they believe to be better, and then basically ruin every thread till they get closed.
  12. If this is about people saying Wilson stinks and shouldn’t be the pick, and then get berated by pro Wilson jock sniffers and won’t back down from those jock sniffers then I guess this is my adios.
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