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  1. Maybe this is how Gase sees it (minus Benigo 🤣) he felt the need to run these people out town as they just didn’t fit with what he wants period. And now maybe he expects to be allowed to build from the ground up with his kind of players, Hopefully he is wrong.
  2. See this is the thing about my OP, I’m not even sweating anything Jets past future present other then comic relief. Don’t care who is an impending FA, don’t care about the draft slot, the Jets are only existing in my life because I’m getting some good chuckles for the first time over there ineptitude.
  3. I tell you this is the first time in my 34 years of being a Jets fan that I’ve fully and completely accepted these Jets suck balls, and not only don’t I care I’m starting to find some well needed comic relief thanks to the Jets ineptitude. Now I know why opposing fans continuously laugh at us. It’s really fun from the other side.
  4. Dude the Rock is probably the most successful football player to ever come out of Miami, dude is straight paid.
  5. Yes you have to stop making decisions based on the past, IF something is better then you have you have to
  6. However many points you think KC scores minus by zero
  7. All very fair. The only thing I’d say is if there is a guy in that room that MAY have something offensively no matter age experience give him a crack at designing and calling the plays for the rest of the year what could it hurt? Now I have no idea if there is a guy in that room with a clue.
  8. Him saying he is open to it. Step 2-9 is him changing his mind. I mean nobody can do this better then the offensive genius. M I Right? Step 10 collect belongings from office.

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