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  1. I thought this would be from a gambler, and if it was the NFL would have been happier then a pig in 💩
  2. Lupz27

    Let's go Chiefs

    The Jets were the last AFC team to beat the Patriots in the playoffs before the AFCCG.
  3. Lupz27

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    That was one cold ass game, but so worth it.
  4. Lupz27

    Trumaine Johnson

    No it’s because all us Jets fans including the ones who have turned on him just don’t realize how special that 3-4 year window Revis gave us, EVERY single CB considered CB1 will NEVER be good enough in most people’s eyes no matter what because they just don’t comprehend how amazing Revis really was. But first bullet Point is also tru, and based off of that Tru is actually a very good player, and can be great when he doesn’t quit on routes when he thinks the ball isn’t gonna come his way.
  5. Lupz27

    With Bowles In TB ...

    Williams will use A LOT of Bear fronts IF he has the personal.
  6. Lupz27

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    As far as I’m concerned for the Jets IF they stay, and pick at #3 it’s a 2 player draft Allen, and Bosa. The only scenario I don’t trade out of that pick is if one of those 2 players is on the board. NOW as far as trading back should the Cardinals, and Raiders think both Allen, and Bosa are to good to pass on, and stay, and pick both then the next 2 players I’m looking at today are 2 players that don’t play what I would consider foundation positions that should ALWAYS be your targets especially in the top half of the 1st round. Those positions IMO are QB, LT, offensive playmaker don’t care what his position is actually called as long as he is considered the type of player that can well make a difference at any time in any game IE Julio, AJ Green, Saquan, McCaffery, Gurley, M Gordon to name a few who are what they were touted to be, and drafted very high, and on D edge rusher, CB, and either a beast NT if your playing a 3-4 like a Kris Jenkins these guys don’t come along to often, or in a 4-3 a dominant DT who if isn’t double teamed he will disrupt the play every time run, or pass, see Aaron Donald, Warren Sapp, and a few others that have slipped my mind. The 2 players I’d be most interested in again TODAY in a trade back scenario especially IF the Jets get G Williams, and change to a 4-3 are the MLB from Georgia that just entered the draft early, or Guard Jonah Williams (yes he is a Guard at the NFL level for all you guys who just read generic info on guys being touted as high end 1st round picks they will list him as LT since that’s where Alabama played him this past year, but anyone who actually pays attention KNOWS this kid will either be an All Pro Guard in the NFL, or an ok LT that can’t handle guys with elite quick twitch moves, and guys who can bend around the corner like Gumby at full speed he has 🦖 arms perfect for a Guard, not ideal for a Tackle). In Williams D that would push both Lee, and Avery Williamson to Sam, and Will backers, if they drafted the MLB, and in a scenario where the Jets add at least 1 big time edge rusher in the 4-3 via FA like Clowney, or Lawrence, projecting L Williams to excel where he belongs as a 4-3 DT (he could be that dominant DT in the 4-3 I mentioned earlier that you can rightfully draft high high without WTF’s because of the position), Adams, and whoever plays FS I’d doubt it would be Maye he is either injured, and before injury it was borderline to even call him a FS he is ideally a SS IMO, and should be 3rd Safety on Big Nickel packages, Tru a lot of people are down on him, and I get it, but I still think across a 16 game season when used as a man to man cover guy lined up at the LOS especially on 3rd downs, resign Mo, or grab the kid from SD, and that would be a nasty D, BUT taking a MLB early in the 1st round you better be 100% correct he is gonna be the next Kuechley, or Lewis. In a 4-3 D Ed Oliver could work his way into the conversation at 3 should he project to be Aaron Donald like dominant, I really hope not though.
  7. Lupz27

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    I gotta say as much as I am for trading back to a team that wants a QB, and specifically Jaguars who seem to be the perfect fit, but picking after the Giants again, and they are not taking a QB scares the **** out of me lol.
  8. I 100% thought this was more of a message to UPPER MANAGEMENT that IF you go get me some playmakers my offense will NEVER EVER have to play this way, and has zero interest in playing offense that way, and he thinks Sam Darnold is his ticket.
  9. I’d assume Williams is more then gone, if he wasn’t he would have signed already, nobody interested in him for HC job, and he wants to interview with the Redskins so I’d say for some reason Williams doesn’t want to come here it seems, but will if it’s last resort hope I’m wrong, and he is signing as I type.
  10. That has a **** ton more to do with Brady hating to play in Miami for some reason, Gase has zero responsibility for that 3-3 record.
  11. Lupz27

    Adam Shein on Todd Bowles

    Don’t knock Todd, and Kacy’s hustle, straight up gangsta the way they played Woody, and the Jets.
  12. Lupz27

    Defensive Coordinator

    Getting Greg Williams as DC will give this Gase offensive mind/Sam Darnold developer a fighting chance to succeed IF Gase checks ego, and picks Williams brain about running the WHOLE team well except his D because Williams would beat him to death with his own arm if he tried to mess with it lol.
  13. Lupz27

    Joe Beningo

    Yeah stupid phone
  14. Lupz27

    Joe Beningo


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