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  1. Well he was the 6th overall pick in the draft last year he better be a MF Force, forget the QB’s now as we got Darnold, but Hooker before injury looked like the next great CF S to come along in a very long time, and Lattimore won DRY. Adams better be a beast, sadly he reminds me of a less stupid Pryor.
  2. Lupz27

    2019 Draft.

    Gonna be tough to land a top edge rusher at pick 32.
  3. Lupz27

    One Quarterback for One Game

    Nick Foles 🤷‍♂️
  4. Lupz27

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    She was only a Sophomore so Colleges were not allowed to contact her.
  5. Lupz27

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    Pick up your head Sam!
  6. Lupz27

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    Only going into her Junior year so crazy!
  7. Lupz27

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    Track and field is any distance that is ran on a track, cross country is off terrain. She won the Cross Country National Title, broke the indoor 5K HS record, World Record for a 15 year old, and fastest time by any US female under 20, broke both 1 mile, and 2 mile Female HS records, she broke the 1 mile at the National meet in 97 degree heat, a record that stood since 1987. She won a total of 5 National Championships this year.
  8. Lupz27

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    He stuck around and chatted with them, and my Brother and law, and my Brother and law said he was a genuinely very nice kid. My brother in law is now sitting next to Peyton Manning, I told him to tell Peyton to go talk with Darnold.
  9. Lupz27

    Sam Darnold at the ESPY’s

    Track and Field, and Cross Country, yes they are considered 2 different sport categories she won the Gatorade National Athlete award for both this year first person to ever win it twice in the same year in 2 different sports/categories.
  10. My niece is at the ESPY’s she is up for Female HS Athlete of the year (and the favorite to win), and her, and my sister were just hanging out with Sam Darnold outside their hotel where they are doing the HS award dinner tonight very Jealous!
  11. Which is why I have to quit the draft, when I signed up I didn’t know the draft was going to be 3 weeks later during the one week I work nights a month, missing out on 5 studs I wanted when I picked sucked.
  12. Guys I’m not making a list of players when I go to sleep when I don’t pick for like say 10 picks, and I’d have 2 upcoming picks, that’s like me asking all of you to leave a list at 11 PM, and wake up to see 15 picks made at 7 am when you wake up, it’s not fun sorry I’m out of the draft, again if I picked like 15th maybe I could manage, but having back to back picks I can’t.
  13. So gay if I wake up 20 minutes earlier I get the guy I wanted in Thomas, I’m going to be working nights all week, and sleeping from 8-4 every day and I’m not leaving a list of 5+ players at a clip give my team to someone else, if I was drafting in the middle of the pack I’d be good, I signed up for this like 3 weeks ago has no clue the draft was going to start on the exact week I start my night shift.