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  1. How dare they not list Jetnation.com
  2. Lev should not be running into the oline 20 times a game, get the man the ball in space for Christ sakes let him pin ball around like he does.
  3. Have you watched Gase’s offense and the way he uses Bell?
  4. Both can not coexist here with Bell’s contract, I’d assume one of them is gone next season. Unfortunately it’s probably Bell.
  5. The players didn’t execute anything today either this is equally on both today.
  6. The Jets got to play the Jaguars with Foles, The Dolphins with Rosen, and the Bengals with Finley are the Jets 7-5 instead of 4-8?
  7. Let’s not act like the players execution hasn’t been horrific, Sam and Robbie have to make that play 6 period don’t care who you think is to blame on the first drive not to mention the 7 other drops, but if that first drive ends in TD there it’s a different game.
  8. The thread that keeps on giving, must be Thanksgiving weekend.
  9. The Patriots lost a 1st rounder and a couple millions dollars for the right to cheat their way to 6 Super Bowl wins. Where do I sign for that trade, biggest heist in history.
  10. The New York Jets offense started playing 21st century football, getting first downs, and scoring points, Jets defense in turn has played well story at 8.
  11. This article paints him as an awesome dude letting lose in good fun. Not to mention the awesomeness of how the article states everyone protects him off the field just as they do on the field how can you not love that.
  12. I’m pretty sure Gase and Tannehill were like 10-1 in their last 11 games where Gase coached and Tannehill started.
  13. TBH it’s a damn shame Miami was smart enough to take basically nothing for him instead of releasing him knowing the Jets would have claimed him, maybe the Jets are 5-6, 6-5 right now instead.
  14. Dalton has been a Jet killer if my memory is correct.

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