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  1. Darnold #1 after pro day

    Explanation please click links, and keep reading and watching all of us talking heads flip flop by the minute.
  2. Dilfer on Rosen

    Take Barkley, and call Cleveland saying they have 15 minutes to make a Barkley + for Darnold happen.
  3. The Jets do love their tiny LB’s why not add another.
  4. Dilfer on Rosen

    Oh man Rosen vs Manish will be gold, shame won’t happen as the Giants won’t let this kid drop any further then 2.
  5. Darnold #1 after pro day

    Yeah Darnold has been the #1 pick for 16 months nothing’s changed except talking heads looking for clicks, and ratings.
  6. If it’s for Darnold then **** it yes why not, anyone else nope.
  7. Based on this poll Josh Allen will be the best QB from this draft when it’s all said and done.
  8. Mayfield is the girl that you find yourself falling in love with unexpectedly, but then you finally get in her pants, and find out she has a penis.
  9. So I Blitz but it gets picked up and I still have 10 seconds to throw guess what that’s still considered an against the blitz play fail again!
  10. Baker Mayfield most time to throw the ball in the history of CFB!
  11. He isn't Johnny Manziel

    He isn’t a top 5 pick in any draft in the history of drafts for any team!
  12. Yes 2 foot shovel passes for 30 yards 5x a game to inflate those comp% a yards.
  13. The most important question is what do the Jets think, please do tell if you know lol.
  14. Fans want flag planting crouch grabbing arrogant average talented QB, shocking. Hopefully the Jets see through his garbage.