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  1. Very simple. Wesley Walker #85 baby. Then next game you go to head over to the entrance of sections 131 and 133 look to the left my man will be partying his ass off in the suite with all the crab legs. If your wearing his jersey you will get it autographed and he will want a picture with you also not just for you but for him also. He genuinely loves the fan base and really loves when he sees someone rocking his sweater.
  2. Zachs development? ODB did zero for Bakers development why would anyone think he could help Zach?
  3. Why we are not winning sh*t this year and OBJ is in NO ONE’s future plans he isn’t even good enough to get the TO treatment of 1 year deals.
  4. And unions, you can’t build a Jerry’s world or whatever they call LA and Vegas it would cost more then the proposed reconciliation bill here in NY/NJ.
  5. Let’s not forget the sh*t show of a coaching staff he has the ******* HC has reportedly try to sabotage the kid this year so Dalton was his starter until someone above him stepped in. You won’t know what Fields is till next year when Nagy is gone.
  6. The reason why I’m replying is because I don’t think there is a right or wrong here we are talking about a tragedy and raw human emotion. Maybe it’s not messing with Wilson, but maybe it’s messing with his direct coaches who loved the guy and are having a tough time teaching this kid properly right now? I don’t have the answer(s).
  7. Ok so if I had to chose my talking points from you or Steve Young HOF QB who mastered the offense we play, who would I choose? Decisions decisions.
  8. My point is if your head isn’t right it takes a hell of a lot longer to solve all problems associated with whatever is going on possibly.
  9. Man just be human and look inside these guys are the same as you and me man tragedy sucks.
  10. Guys I think this is more on the emotional side then anything. Tragedy can **** you up in the head to the point of not being able to perform up to standards. Not saying I’m all in on this theory just saying I can see this being an issue.
  11. Right idea wrong player, Jamar Chase Darnold AVT and Asante Samuel JR instead of Moore.
  12. If the sole purpose of this post was to put everyone in a mental pretzel
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