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  1. Who do you think is to blame for the horrendous offensive game plan? Now I know Bates calls the plays, and his play calling was real bad. On that do you think he was under strict orders to play a pussy conservative don’t let Darnold do a god damn thing game plan? Or do you think this is what Bates really thought was right for where Darnold is vs a talented G Williams exotic Defense?
  2. Lupz27

    Francesa talking Jets fans off the ledge

    Listen anyone jumping ship on Darnold after last night is a fool, AND anyone still defending Bowles, and Macc to some point are also fools.
  3. Lupz27

    McCown anyone?

    Hopefully they will start letting him take those licks, this protect the rookie game planning does nothing for anybody with the supporting cast around him!
  4. Todd Bowles half time comments when asked with a change at QB will you change your game plan? “The QB doesn’t dictate our defensive game plan we will stay with our plan”. Seriously
  5. Lupz27

    This coaching staff

    You get out coached by Hue Jackson you get fired!
  6. Claiborne should still be running with that ball come on.
  7. No time outs left keep it in the middle of the field.
  8. Lupz27

    Total set up

    And this is why this game was scheduled week 3. Baker VS Darnold.
  9. Jets get the ball to start the 2nd half I think they would be very happy to just go to the Locker Room as is.
  10. I think Tyrod is very surprised by the Jets speed on defense.

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