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  1. Jim Schwartz, and Zac, and Press Taylor 🤷‍♂️
  2. It would be so Jets to sit and wait for the duo who end up playing in the NFCCG, and one in the SB, and after waiting both decide last minute they still need more seasoning as an assistant coach, putting the Jets in a spot like the Colts were, and having to settle for the best coach left that ended up with no seat when the music stopped. Also I understand the idea behind the thinking of trying to sign these guys, but I’d first at least make contact with Lincoln Riley if the Jets plan on going the young, and first time HC from a creative modern innovative offensive background.
  3. Stafford under Schwartz threw for 5000 yards his 3rd season, they had to be doing something innovative to reach that.
  4. First Schwartz isn’t your typical Defensive HC, when he coached the Lions he drafted, and developed Matt Stafford with the help of Linehan, and Downing who showed up 2011, and that was the start of Staffords rise as a very good QB throwing for an average of 4855 yards the 3 years these 3 coaches held these positions including a 5000 yard season, and also under Schwartz those final 3 years Stafford threw the most passes in the entire NFL. Downing is credited with getting the best out of Stafford, and also he is the one who coached David Carr in 2015-16, big flop as OC in 2017 though. Linehan seems to be on the outs in Dallas, things were peachy 2 years ago when Linehan was running the 13-3 show with 2 rookies at QB, and RB. I mean if these guys can develop Stafford, and Get the best from Carr, AND the Jets get Schwartz Defensive scheme where do I sign! Schwartz is the most likely to succeed like Belicheck during his 2nd stint as HC IMO, and is very aware of the importance of aggression on both offense and defense.
  5. Lupz27

    John Harbaugh

    Wasn’t Caldwell his OC before getting the Lions job?
  6. Lupz27

    Question about OG and the draft

    It’s hypothetical for a team who WILL draft Ed Oliver top 10, who would you rather have IF your the team looking for a starting impact DT.
  7. Lupz27

    Question about OG and the draft

    You guys are all crazy, Leo will be the same age as some of the guys getting drafted except have 4 years experience in the NFL, most important an NFL strength and conditioning program. Leo would be border line all pro as a DT in a 4-3 defensive scheme. So now gun to your head you have a choice use the 6th overall pick on 21 year old unproven highly touted DT Ed Oliver on a rookie deal roughly 30 million guaranteed, or essentially use that 6th overall pick for Leonard Williams a 24 year old (same age as Baker Mayfield who went 1 overall) proven DT with his option year, but most likely your interested in long term here so you also extend him for 45-50 million guaranteed over first 3 years (the rest of the deal is fake, and would not matter 9 out of 10 times), yes more expensive, BUT you know your getting a proven player, where Oliver could bust which is worse then a very good player which is what Leo would give you in a bad year. 21 year old 30 million talented ????? Rookie? or 24 year old 45-50 million proven veteran at a rookies age in some cases?
  8. Lupz27

    Question about OG and the draft

    To this point the upcoming draft is supposedly stacked at the DL position particularly at the top of the draft according to scouts so this scenario is very unlikely to play out if the DL position continues to be viewed in this way in the upcoming draft.
  9. Lupz27

    Question about OG and the draft

    I personally did not like Fournette coming out of college, but the consensus was he is a special talent, and when healthy he has looked great, but he has not been healthy nearly enough. Man Jamaal Adams would fit right in over there in that secondary lol, wonder who the Jets draft at 6 in that scenario, my gut is they take the Houston Texans offer to trade down that was much more lucrative then what they gave the Browns to get to 12 according to sources.
  10. Lupz27

    Question about OG and the draft

    I wouldn’t be opposed to a 2nd top 10 pick for Leo Williams so the Jets can address 2 of the 3 biggest needs with elite top draft talent at OL, Edge Rusher, and a true design your offense around playmaker at ANY skill position. BUT that pick would have to be very high 1st rounder to part with a 23 year old very talented DT under team control for 2 more years should you Tag him, and maybe another 3rd rounder thrown in.
  11. Lupz27

    Question about OG and the draft

    There are special circumstances where it’s acceptable to draft a non premium position top 10 in the draft, the player has to be WOW talented, AND you need to be that one WOW talented player away from piecing it together so you better have QB, edge, OT, CB all figured out so a guy like Nelson can come in, and be that last piece to make Luck become the QB most expected from him then yes absolutely Nelson worth it for that team in that situation, same for Fournette, and Elliot, elite talents drafted by teams who had all other pieces in place at the time.
  12. Lupz27

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    A Bates/Shannahan Offense is USELESS without a running game, now shame on Bates for not adjusting the offense to account for the lack of running game, or Bowles for not allowing the offense to be opened up. So far Morton/S Payton tree > Bates, Dennison/Shannahan tree, similar offenses, one spreads you out to run, and pass while the other wants to run it down your throat, and then spread out to pass.
  13. Lupz27

    The Pope calls for Arians to run the show

    Darnold, Arians, Lev Bell, Robbie Anderson, Q Enunwa, G Tate, and ? At TE maybe it’s Herndon 🤞 As far as the O-line **** if I know!
  14. This I got lucky, and my Patriot tickets sold before the Dolphins game, and I was able to get double face after fees, I will still probably go because my buddy will not find someone who will want to go to the game with him, and I’ll end up just going with him anyways.

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