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  1. Lupz27


    Where did I say anything about MLF? Don’t put words in my mouth to make your opinion look good.
  2. Lupz27


    That story isn’t finished. Wilson looked MUCH better after Hackett got fired.
  3. A Rod should cost a 3rd this year and a conditional pick in 2024 that can escalate to a 1st. And even maybe a 2025 pick with escalator clause.
  4. Lupz27


    This is a A Rodgers trade or bust signing no? I mean he doesn’t work with any other QB as we just saw him turn a HOF QB into mush.
  5. Dude kid has all the tools he will probably win one eventually. Reminds me of a young Elway. Once he learns to take his check downs he will be just fine.
  6. These games suck today.
  7. Dude should get MVP honors for having the Jets 5-0 under Zach Wilson.
  8. Great. Serious question how does this work cap wise for both teams? Between dead money in GB, and cap space for NYJ’s is this even possible?
  9. This one says something different then the tweet. It’s not cryptic. It literally says excited for next season. That tells me he expects to play football probably with the Dolphins but Brady may change that.
  10. This Ross already lost a 1st in this pursuit. Tua is collateral damage to him in this pursuit.
  11. There was an initial plan unfortunately that initial plan passed away before training camp last year. Then yes it seemed it was more fly by the seat of your pants instead of forming a plan B.
  12. This just confirms to me how special Breece Hall was before the injury.
  13. I didn’t read, but I get the point. I too agree it’s a mistake, and you could have had a possibly better or more durable version of him in Fields but you choose the kid with the great smile instead.
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