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  1. I bet you the most die hard Patriot fans can’t name any Center who played for Brady who was considered any good anywhere else.
  2. Lupz27

    Two Tight Ends

    Also hopefully Gase has truly learned from Peyton Manning, and if he really wants a 2 TE look the Jets can accomplish that by using Q in the Dallas Clark role, and Herndon in the traditional TE position obviously he will need to improve as a blocker. I’d really hate to waste a valuable asset in the draft on a TE.
  3. Lupz27

    Two Tight Ends

    This dude might go top 15.
  4. Lol Yeah I’m just playing along with the OP’s scenario for fun here. The reality is what happens from 2019, and beyond is all us Jets fans will care about Lev Bell related, like you said here is to hoping he comes as advertised, or better./
  5. Nothing against Curtis Martin debate at all. But this is crazy, dude is the #1 All Time scrimmage yards per game if I’m not mistaken (if I am my apologies), that’s sneezable lol.
  6. I’m not worried about his running style, and if it will be affective it will, I’m worried about the Jets not using him properly as a pass catcher where his real value lies, and why when used in this capacity he is a STEAL at his price tag, he is Jarvis Landry should you need him to be that guy makes what 17 million a year, and he can also be Frank Gore should you need him, yes the in his prime Frank Gore who would command 12 million a year at least, a smart coach will use Bell in whatever manner is best suited against that weeks opponent, BUT will also make in game adjustments the way Bell is deployed based on score, opponent adjustments ect.
  7. So your saying Tremaine Edmunds is the type of dawg Jamaal Adams has been asking for the Jets to sign, but most importantly the type of dawg he wish he was 😂
  8. This is the only part of your post I’d argue, or take exception to. Bell is at worst Elite not very good, and at best can argue top 5 back of all time. Now I will agree at times eye test wise, and big play take it to the house threat from anywhere isn’t his specialty either. But statistically wise he is the best ever Scrimmage yards per game if I’m not mistaken, and in like 20-25 fewer games is tied for, or in top 3 for most games of 100 or more scrimmage yards since he entered the league (like 34, or something which is like more then 50% of his games played if I had to guess which I am educated), then back to the eye test where I said at times, but their are a lot of other times when you just watch him run in place patiently behind the LOS feet ALWAYS moving even though it seems he is standing still, and then boom hits a crease, or just pushes a blocker patiently while he gains positive yards while any other RB would have gotten at best just across the LOS type gain he is turning into 4-10+ yard gains, so that part of the eye test is just WOW!
  9. Not to mention one can just point to Lev Bells record average yards per game from scrimmage, and say here is my argument why he is the best offensive player to ever play statistically never mind for the Jets. As far as talent goes I’d put Al Toon up there, but he still can’t touch the production of Bell, and Bell is doing it during the pass happy era, and has adjusted from a power runner out of Mich St. to possibly the most dynamic dual threat RB in the NFL by changing, and tailoring his game around the new NFL (I’m sure awesome coaching in Pitt, and a HOF QB have a lot to do with this, but Bell was coach able, and willing to adjust, AND had the talent to make the change). Maybe Tomlinson, and Faulk would be guys who would be better in today’s NFL, both were all time greats when they played, and like Bell could beat you worse in the passing game then the running game if you don’t game plan for it. So I mean yeah Bell is the best offensive player the Jets have had while still in his prime (he better ******* be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), but if we’re just going off of what they have done before they got here since that’s the case with Bell right now then I’d say Tomlinson is the best offensive player the Jets ever had, but I’m pretty sure you mean the best offensive player while on the Jets, and I’ll say their is a high probability Bell still has 2-3 high quality years left while Tomlinson had about 8 quality games left on his legs when the Jets acquired him, and he retired the year after. So in that context yes I’d be ok projecting Bell will be the best offensive weapon the Jets ever had talent wise, now Gase needs to take that talent, and make Bell the center piece around the offense which will in turn open up the big plays down the field to specifically Robbie Anderson, but also Q, Herndon, and Crowder all 3 can get open down field either with route running Crowder, freakish speed, size, and power combo Q, and Herndon showed flashes of a TE who can be a matchup nightmare for LB’s, and Safties down the field on seam, post, and post corner/flag routes. Darnold throws, and anticipates those post corner routes/flag routes with elite accuracy IMO, and those when NEVER under thrown, or rarely thrown into over top, and underneath bracket coverage though Darnold has hit this pass a few times against this coverage by freezing the Safety/moving him, and I’ve even recalled him fitting a few in between that coverage when the Safety didn’t freeze. Darnold needs to get his timing on the deep ball down with Robbie, and hopefully IF Robbie is still a Jet this season Sam can learn to trust that when Robbie is even he’s leaving throwing him MORE deep balls which I predict to happen because of LEV BELL’s presence will get Robbie so many more 1 on 1 coverages, but he doesn’t need 1 on 1 coverages to beat a team over the top, and that is where Bell’s presence will be most impactful freezing the pass rush, and possibly getting Safties who are supposed to play deep coverage on Robbies side to bite on play action, or just buy Darnold that one extra half second needed to set, and throw as Robbie gets even with the deepest defender, and Sam can not only see the throw he should make, but be able to step into to get it down the field not under thrown to Robbie, or to a spot on the field where Robbie can make a play. Well my excitement of the possibilities this offense has to be dynamic should Darnold take that next step, Bell comes to play to win not just cash a check, and Gase installs/game plans/calls great plays off installs, and game plans an offense to maximize the guys listed above not just Darnold’s talents. If all that comes to pass the Jets offense will actually look like the 2017 Steelers offense statistically wise, and most importantly PPG wise IMO. Now everyone will possibly have to be patient for the first 4-8 weeks new coach, new Offensive System, minimum 4 new starters, and not to mention Darnold still only 22, and in his 2nd year. Unfortunately not every QB can be expected to make the kind of leap Patrick Mahomes II made this past season in historic fashion, but I do believe IF the Jets can tread water for the 1st half of the season with good D, and the occasional good drive, or big play to stay in the race like say 4-4 to be wildcard relevant, or 5-3 to keep the eyes on winning the division, and if healthy enough could really get it together offensively the 2nd half of the year (like it takes most teams with the new practice rules), and make a real serious run at a 6-2, or better finish, again those first 4-8 games are crucial start 2-6, or even 3-5 the team could quit, or most likely scenario the Jets, and their fans will feel the way they did at the end of the 1999 season the not playoff bound Jets are possibly the best team at seasons end in the AFC (Jets would have beaten that Titans team IMO the way they were playing to finish the season even with Lucas at QB the team would have ran through a building for him should he have asked he was that kind of guy/leader). Offensive line some will say, meh the Jets got the Alan Faneca type LG in KO who can pull, and maul which is really just enough for Bell to keep the chains moving when asked, and occasionally breaking huge chunks behind KO, that in itself will help the rest in pass blocking, and Bell helps there, and letting Darnold be himself, and allow him to go off script outside the pocket to make plays i’m not worried as most about the OL.
  10. I hope Bell sees every red cent of that contract!
  11. Lupz27

    Eric Berry RELEASED

    How are we set at Safety? The Jets have like 4 SS’s, and zero FS’s.
  12. Lupz27

    Eric Berry RELEASED

    Another incoming star for the Cleveland Browns.
  13. Lupz27

    All Under 30 Team

    I don’t want to cut Macc any slack he has been atrocious for the most part, BUT it is very difficult when your HC wants nothing, but high priced already mailed it in older veterans at every position other then SS, and ILB for the most part.
  14. Lupz27

    All Under 30 Team

    Hopefully Justin Houston changes that.
  15. Lupz27

    Trade Candidates

    The Jets should be in on E Thomas, trade Adams to the Browns if they are in need of a SS, hell throw in Marcus Maye to he can sit in their PUP list all season instead of the Jets.

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