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  1. QB: Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma

    Stidham > Mayfield Should have just taken Mahomes at 6 last year, and all these soon to be embarrassing threads fawning over a QB who can’t hold Mahomes jock would have never happened!
  2. Baker Mayfield

    Over his last 7 games Darnold has 14 TD’s and 3 INT’s with a 6-1 record, the offense was completely changed from last season, and he lost every single decent weapon to throw to, but if you don’t think EVERYONE paying attention to the QB’s for draft purposes doesn’t know the clear difference in Darnold from week 1 to week 13 in this offense, and isn’t impressed by it, and still believes he is top 2 QB, and top 2 pick then I can see why you love Mayfield.
  3. Baker Mayfield

    All I have to say is the entire Jets front office should be fired if they are even thinking about taking Mayfield top 10 after letting 2 far superior talents go passed them at 6 last season, this is by far the most worrisome thing with this regime they are ******* clueless about how to handle the QB position from Owner to HC!
  4. I mean I’d much rather draft 3 OL with our top 3 picks to help protect Brees, and block for Bell.
  5. Breer's Draft Column

    Man I really hope Darnold doesn’t declare, I won’t be able to stomach seeing him in the Giants Blue for the next 15 years winning.
  6. Head Coaching Candidates

    Jim Schwartz just seems like the 4-3 version of Rex Ryan, please sign as DC, but no thanks as HC. I’d give Schurmer a chance. I don’t think Bowles is getting fired so irrelevant IMO.
  7. Jets picking 10th right now: Merged

    Jets should have drafted Lattimore, and then pair Maye with Derwin James! Minkah is a Safety in the NFL who can’t cover.
  8. Brett Hundley

    So this is what happens when a young guy gets a vote of confidence from his HC, and team, and gets some real game experience, kinda like Goff hmmmm, but nah let’s just start 38 year old never was guys, and when we have to put in the young guy just flat out QUIT SMH.
  9. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    How are you supposed to feel when the Coach calls like 10 straight run plays to end the game instead of letting you get some reps throwing the ball, the HC QUIT once McCown was hurt if I’m Petty I’m like why even have me here, Bowles is a really bad in game HC like worst I’ve ever seen.
  10. RT @Szkolar_Lohud: Tomorrow's Rockland @lohudsports cover: @NRXC_TF's Katelyn and Patrick Tuohy are our Rockland XC runners of the year. @…

  11. RT @buellerff: Bought 563 bitcoin in 2011 for $6.13 each. I will randomly pick 6 people who retweet this and give one to each of you. Merry…

  12. Definitely wearing my Revis jersey tomorrow, dude played the owners, and beat them at their own game, IF every star in this league followed the Revis business plan in the NFL the owners would be forced into a more serious game of collusion, god forbid these billionaires get played by a star player every once in awhile, some of my best memories as a Jets fan is the whole 2009 season that Revis put together, the who’s who hit list that got stranded on Revis Island is the most impressive single season I’ve ever witnessed coverage wise by a DB, others have had arguably better seasons if you want to include playmaking into the equation like Woodson, and Deon, but just straight up 1 on 1 coverage nobody had a better season ever, 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2015 were great seasons also probably the 5 best seasons any Jets CB has ever had. Sorry if I don’t shed a 😢 for the Billionare sociopath owners for getting taken for the equivalent of about $100 to the average person, shame he had to have a final season here like 2016.
  13. Where is Rich Cimini?

    It’s funny if it wasn’t for the Giants doing the smart thing, and tanking the sh*t show once the wheels fell off the Jets would be getting murdered in the media right now, and rightly so for their 1-5 record over the last 6 weeks, and still trotting out the 38 year old savior every week because best chance to win, and stuff.
  14. Exactly changes zero in my opinion about him, Auburn had no gameplan in place to compensate for the injured ineffective Kerryon Johnson who probably shouldn’t have even suited up in this game.
  15. Yup whole team stinks today, wonder if the whole Malzahn rumors have gotten to the team a little, and take nothing away from Georgia they dominated the line of scrimmage.