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  1. Lupz27

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    Mayfield always looks like a Ahole, so glad he is not a Jet, he would have been a walking disaster in NY.
  2. Lupz27

    Darnold will wear Jersey # 14

    When are the Jets shipping his Jersey if you bought it from the Jets website, anyone have any info on that?
  3. Yeah I said this in my post. now I’ve been as tough as anyone on Peyton, and his knack ofcoming up small in big playoff games early in hiscareer he had a few really good performanceslater in his career to turn that narrative some forme,  I was also at that game was probably the best game I attended it’s close with the Sunday night game in 09 vs the Bengals to close out the old Giants stadium. I called Peyton a choker, but again he turned that around later in his career starting with that epic 2nd half vs the Pats in 2006.
  4. Well Peyton got to the Super Bowl 4 times in 19 years winning twice, in the other 15 years he did not make the Super Bowl the QB that did make the Super Bowl was Tom Brady 8 times, Big Ben 3 times, John Elway 1 year, Steve McNair 1 year, Rich Gannon 1 year, and Joe Flacco 1 year, and that 1 year Peyton was injured, and was out for the year, so other then 3 seasons (one in which he didn’t play so technically 2) 3 sure fire HOFers, and 1 who is widely considered the GOAT represented his Conference in the Super Bowl, now I’ve been as tough as anyone on Peyton, and his knack of coming up small in big playoff games early in his career he had a few really good performances later in his career to turn that narrative some for me, and looking at the 3 name list who played in 12 of those 15 Super Bowls (really 14 because of injury) it’s tough to knock him further IMO.
  5. Not being able to genuinely hide their giddiness especially Bowles who is never giddy about anything, but Safties, and hybrid LB’s was visibly giddy, all the stories believe them, or not paint a picture that the Jets fell in love with Baker because they never thought Darnold was in play, when he became in play Baker was still the consolation prize in the Jets eyes, but up until 10 days before the draft they had no disappointment getting their perceived consolation prize, but their would have been a lot less smiles, and giddiness if Darnold didn’t fall after they got 10 days of out of nowhere hope for Darnold.
  6. I mean this all depends on his 2018 season, and also what tender the Jets slap on him be it 1st, 2nd, or less. IF he takes that next step, and goes from 70 to say 90 catches, and from 900 to like 1200 yards, and gets to double digit TD’s (which he should have already reached with a better QB making the necessary throws leading Robbie for 6), 1st round tender is a given, and Jets would probably be better off trying to lock him up right now at about .50 on the dollar using his off field stuff as leverage, with all that cap space it’s a good risk reward gamble IMO.
  7. This is really just a piggy back off of Breer’s MMQB article, such lazy reporting, NFL media is in such a. sad state right now.
  8. UDFA who catches 70+ balls just under a 1K yards, and 7 TD’s from Josh McCown in his 2nd season! On the field if he can stay there, and get a chance to catch balls from a real QB like Sam Darnold, sky is the limit for this duo. Sammy to Robbie has the makings of Peyton to Reggie (Robbie reminds me a lot of Reggie Wayne, not as talented, but if he keeps getting better he can be close).
  9. Which Tony Romo did they watch? Seriously if Darnold is Romo minus the poorly timed 4th quarter bonehead plays late in the season, or playoffs I’d be ecstatic, and I just compared him to Jimmy G, and Romo like Darnold is a bigger version of Jimmy G IMO, I’m so ride, or die with Sam!
  10. Lupz27

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    The 49ers have one to tell, or has just been told this offseason.
  11. Lupz27

    Can we talk receivers?

    Rumor has it inside the building the Jets coaches are very excited about Hansen, whether they are right, or not we will have to wait till August/September to find out.
  12. Lupz27

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    This also to me shows Darnold will have to fall flat on his face in TC/Preseason not to win the starting job, these guys want him in ASAP as their guy.
  13. Lupz27

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    I definitely see a Romo, and Garrapollo in Darnold, like Garrapollo, Darnold is perfect for the Shannahan offense Bates is rumored to be installing. Darnold is a little bigger then Jimmy G, Jimmy G a little more athletic thou Darnold is faster with straight line speed, oh, and Darnold is 6 years younger 😀!
  14. Lupz27

    Story on Jets pursuit of Darnold

    Chris Johnson might have been the blessing in disguise this team needed, he seems to be the exact opposite as his brother who is the butt end of every joke across the NFL owners, Chris seems more respectable, like able, and much more calculated, and level headed when making important decisions, or signing off on them when presented to him from his football guys in charge. Hopefully Woody stays in England for the rest of his life, leaving Chris in charge while Woody just gets the $$$$$$$ rewards as the owner.
  15. Everyone turns to the QB, and OL when talking about the Jets chances for success. IMO both are not the main issue preventing the Jets from contending for the division, or a playoff spot. It’s the Bowles/Rogers Defense that gets zero pressure, and creates very little turnovers, now if somehow Bowles gets the D to play like the old Cardinals defenses he coached this Jets team will be making a run at the playoffs regardless of who is starting at QB IMO, and Bowles has zero excuses with Johnson, Claiborne, Adams, Maye, Lee, Leo, Williamson to name a few high drafted, and/or high paid FA’s starting on that defense. If this D is shyte again Bowles HAS to be fired!