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  1. If when he snaps the ball and a free rushing Jet is in his face in less than a second almost every play maybe.
  2. It doesn’t matter who the Jets play if there trotting out those starting 5 OL.
  3. Man swap Darnold and Brady tonight and the score is reversed, tonight has nothing to do with QB play.
  4. Also it seems he is been neutered as far as being encouraged to scramble. That’s on Gase.
  5. Darnold played like sh*t no doubt. But it all starts with the OLine, he has zero confidence that they will protect him so he is chucking and ducking off his back foot every play because there is literally a defender on him right after the snap.
  6. The Jets are trotting out the worst starting OL I’ve ever seen.
  7. Yeah last week the Jets were not trotting out the Rutgers starting OL like they are this week (I may owe Rutgers an apology).
  8. I’m assuming you have zero knowledge of the importance of blocking.
  9. You been reading way to much spin stories by the NY media, they got even Jets fans spinning players words into a headline.
  10. I’m pretty sure that’s exactly how most had them before the draft.
  11. Stop not the same not even close.
  12. Man I really miss the day’s of readable material.
  13. So your saying you wouldn’t trade Jamal Adams str8 up for either Watson, or Mahomes?
  14. Honestly with the QB in place this is all that really needs to happen for the Jets to become perennial contenders.
  15. And to be quite honest neither was he (and I always hated the dude, and always thought he was overrated as hell, and was nothing more then a 3rd round talent), his world class mouth basically moved him from mid rounder to 1st overall. Can’t knock the hustle.

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