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  1. Million times yes! But that ship sailed yesterday when Wilson signed.
  2. Yeah I’m gonna need that stapler before you get tweets.
  3. Can’t wait to bump this comment when he wins rookie of the year award.
  4. Those folks would be in the right. Like it or not the Jets will NEVER EVER win anything as long as the Johnsons are the owners.
  5. When it’s confirmed he is on his uncles Jet that’s when it’s time to exhale.
  6. This is what happened to Darnold he wanted to sign and told his agents get me in there day 1 they set their own agenda, but won.
  7. To me since this is the 2nd highly drafted QB that will hold out on the Jets under 2 different GM’s tells me the Johnson’s may not be in on the calls but they probably are pushing the terms set by them.
  8. He got his gallon of water to make sure the pee man gets a very diluted sample
  9. Science is just a fancy word for educated misinformation and lies.
  10. Love how a half read Instagram post from Davante Adams cousin’s neighbor became Adams not happy in GB headline
  11. Can’t see it if it doesn’t happen
  12. I’m pretty sure the big picture is all about dubs.
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