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  1. I can’t see how he doesn’t end up with the Giants.
  2. If DJ Moore is available I’m all in.
  3. Why no? I get the injury concerns, but we’re talking a 2nd round pick, the Jets and 2nd round picks don’t mix, it’s most likely a waste Anyways might as well gamble on a Thomas.
  4. There was 4 seconds left when they kicked the FG.
  5. This is what the Cowboys did, and they have been playoff contenders ever since. I don’t see a problem with the strategy just better get the players right.
  6. How many people will go to see those home opponents if/when Jets suck again next year.
  7. Listen I hate the guy as much as anyone but he got a sh*t ton of guys to follow him there for cheap to win and they only came because he is there (mostly defense guys).
  8. I don’t think Saleh is getting fired.
  9. Yes me too because it’s the team that has humiliated his family, sure lol.
  10. I had the over yay for me lol! Also yay for draft pick! And also yay hopefully Saleh learned his stupid lesson.
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