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  1. Idk I’d look at how SF deployed Elijah Mitchell last year as a 6th round rookie, when healthy he got the bulk of the load wasn’t really committee.
  2. Is that Darron Lee in the middle?
  3. Saw a report Garret Wilson was injured today seen limping off the field, any truth to this?
  4. Coaching the LB’s on what not to do?
  5. I literally hope he makes zero pro bowls.
  6. This is clearly the only paragraph @T0mShane read.
  7. This is the main place I get my Jets news from.
  8. So when they said Zach Wilson looks “thick” they were talking about his beard. Makes more sense
  9. This is Tom the salesman. Marketing the so called “Match”. They playing this like WWE would, it’s all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. Lol “I can hate the Knicks all I want cause they suck”. Hot mic take.
  11. No he was #2 behind Spencer Rattler think about that.
  12. Bro it’s been nothing but beautiful outside take a break nobody has a clue about next years draft today.
  13. I mean who isn’t high these days
  14. Any Jets fan who doesn’t realize the gauntlet that is the AFC is gonna be really difficult to navigate is a fool this is a Captain Obvious Take. I’m optimistic for improvement I don’t have SB hopes nor Playoff hopes to be honest, I have hopes of being the team that took the next step towards being a playoff team on 2023 that seems realistic to anyone IMO with what the Jets have done the last 2 seasons.
  15. You didn’t get the memo? He is fat lazy and injury prone. Between inpatient fans, and negative media coverage this is the new false narrative.
  16. Someone posted earlier that the Jets wouldn’t have to take the whole thing he got some kind of roster bonus or something already. Yes even if it’s true it’s a decent sized contract not ridiculous but decent. I’m pretty sure the Jets have enough cap space the next 2 seasons to carry his number and heck it isn’t my money anyways . Even deeper into the contract it’s 14 million (cap hit) next season if I recall the earlier post. Now it seems the Jets are banking on Zach Wilson to be the goods and be competitive this season like wildcard competitive and the following season they expect it to be the first season the window to win a Super Bowl is open and in that case it’s all in, pay all the vets that can help this coaching staffs scheme win games then it’s ok to possibly over pay for a guy like this for 1 or 2 seasons. Not to mention the possibility he can mentor and teach the next guy the system he played and thrived in for 4 years or more.
  17. I still don’t get the Becton hate, he a big dude he got hurt once, and the NY media planted the lazy fat seed to rile up Jets fans and you all fell hard. Kid is young big talented I pray he can stay healthy and reach his amazing potential.
  18. https://heavy.com/sports/new-york-jets/jets-bowler-running-could/amp/ On Thursday, May 5, uStadium tweeted out that Atlanta Falcons linebacker Deion Jones “is a name to watch this summer” for a potential trade. According to uStadium there are some people in the league that believe he “could be had” for a late-round draft choice or perhaps he could even get released. The 27-year-old originally came into the league as the No. 52 overall pick in the second round of the 2016 NFL draft. After working through his rookie contract the former LSU product re-signed withthe Falcons on a juicy four-year deal worth over $57 million. Jones still has two years remaining on that contract for $38 million and that piece of it will have to be figured out for any trade to be consummated. Something to watch as Kevin Knight of The Falcoholic put it on Twitter, Jones could be designated as a “post-June 1 trade” which would allow Atlanta to spread the dead cap money over multiple years to make it more palatable. Some Connective Tissue Iowa State Insider: Breece Hall can be a future All-Pro with JetsBoy Green was joined by Iowa State Football Insider Jared Stansbury (Managing Editor Cyclone Fanatic) to learn more about Breece Hall: – What makes him so special? – How good can he be in the NFL? – He can score from ANYWHERE on the field! Make sure you like the video & smash that subscribe…2022-05-05T11:00:25Z The Jets would make plenty of sense as a landing spot on multiple fronts. They have an opening in the starting linebacking corps that Jones could slide into. Also, there is some real connective tissue between the Falcons star and a prominent member of the Gang Green coaching staff. Prior to Jeff Ulbrich assuming the duties as the defensive coordinator under head coach Robert Saleh he spent six years with the Dirty Birds. During that time, Ulbrich was the linebacker’s coach and was with Jones from the moment he was drafted through the first five years of his career before he joined the Jets. He was part of the team that scouted, identified, and then drafted Jones in the second round. Ulbrich was also a part of the development team that took him to the next level in the pros: 8.5 sacks 652 total tackles 44 pass deflections Five touchdowns 11 interceptions Jones is an athletic piece of clay that has a body that was chiseled out of stone. He is coming off a tough year and it is no coincidence that was the first season he wasn’t under Ulbrich’s leadership. Perhaps reconnecting with the old coach that got him to the Pro Bowl back in 2017 is exactly what his career needs to get back on track. No one knows him better than Ulbrich, the Jets have a clear need, and the price to acquire him would be marginal. This is one of those potential deals that makes too much sense not to happen at some point this offseason.
  19. Lupz27

    OTA Pictures

    Yes and unfortunately it’s Johnson and Johnson on the sign.
  20. I’m pretty sure they didn’t have draft boards based on the results
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