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  1. One can argue the Jets have significant needs at multiple positions this season or next at Edge CB WR OL take the highest rated player at edge and CB at 4 and then highest rated player at WR and OL at 10
  2. No reason to draft based on Hill, the only person who will ever be able to stop Hill is Hill himself.
  3. He never was a 1st round talent, media hyped him.
  4. I remember when it was “bad luck” to have a high pick in the 2017 draft because the QB class was “weak” 2 of those QB’s are now the highest paid players in the league.
  5. This is the same for me I remember watching that draft live, first time ever paying attention think this was also the Kiper and the Colts GM had some bad things to say about each other live been hooked since.
  6. I’m starting to lean Sauce at 4 and Jamo at 10 let them battle each other for the next 10 years hopefully. Though the Jets desperately need someone to get after the QB.
  7. This and it’s all about a star alpha either at QB or HC we have neither.
  8. You can’t contest if you can’t catch up.
  9. Nah the Jets GM’s call their most trusted media draft expert and ask them what they think.
  10. Exactly Just like expectations, never have them you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.
  11. I could be wrong but I believe the 3 of them are bff’s. All 3 played together at Ole Miss for a year.
  12. Him and Moore are BFF’s I’m sure he would love to reunite.
  13. That’s the big knock on this draft there is no Elite Elite players at premium positions. Bad time to pick twice in top 10.
  14. Lupz27

    DK Metcalf

    Honestly don’t recall if I heard it on a talk show or read it here or a blog just recall hearing it, and it’s not my info I don’t have a clue either way. From what I’ve seen Metcalf a stud and even if he isn’t a great route runner he proven he can take over a game some how and if our offensive coaches can’t adjust to make him work then we may not have the right offensive coaches
  15. Lupz27

    DK Metcalf

    I’ve heard recently not sure how true it is but DK not a great route runner IE Mims, and the Jets not interested
  16. The Jets are not winning the SB this year it’s ok to wait a season for our Julio Jones/AJ Green.
  17. No trade UP back into the 1st to get him, we have a bajillion picks use them properly, can’t draft 20 kids only 8-10 make the team if that.
  18. Assuming Sauce is gone and the Jets are hell bent on a DB I’d rather him then Stingley.
  19. Alright pick #4 Travon Walker edge Pick 10 Garret Wilson WR trade back into mid 20’s Jameson Williams WR. Get it done Joe!
  20. Yes, grab your favorite one at 10, and trade back into Rd 1 and grab Williamson or whatever his name is from Bama.
  21. How about a trade up screw trade back, get back into the late 1st and grab him.
  22. You know who will win here, the Chiefs when Jameson Williams falls in there lap.
  23. I don’t see anything wrong with this as long as it truly is a joke and doesn’t really bother him.
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