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  1. Happy Thanksgiving guys & girls from across the pond.. Enjoy #JetsNation
  2. 2 6th (202 + 203 overall) and 2 7th-rounders (242 and 244)
  3. Be nice if we can get our 4th back this year..
  4. Not gonna help the cholesterol levels... 'The famous Carnegie Deli in Manhattan will introduce the Jetbow sandwich on Monday, in honor of new Jets backup quarterback, Tim Tebow. The meal will be about 3.5 pounds and contain corned beef, pastrami, roast beef, American cheese, lettuce and tomato on white bread, and will be introduced Monday to coincide with Tebow's press conference.'
  5. Congrats #28 best news this weekend could bring..!
  6. i don't know about my heart, but i thought my head was going to explode...!
  7. got to be up for work in 4hrs...still pumped...not much sleep getting done tonight..might just crack a brew:D
  8. Coverage over here(UK) finished about 04:30 in the morning, up a 06:00 for work...gonna be a long day!! but well worth it..Great performance, more of the same Saturday will be greatly appreciated..
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