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  1. Maybe this will help get Quinnen in camp??? LB Devin White, Bucs agree to terms on rookie deal After several months of negotiation, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have agreed to a deal with rookie linebacker Devin White, the fifth overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the team announced Saturday. As is the case with all first-round selections, White's contract will span four years with a team option in Year 5. White, the lone holdout of Tampa's five-player rookie crop, will now occupy the last spot on the 90-man roster. Prior to quickly impressing his coaching staff during OTAs and establishing himself as a strong prospect during the NFL Scouting Combine, White showed out during his three years as a LSU Tiger. In addition to two first-team All-SEC selections and a second-team All-American spot in 2017, White was named a Consensus All-American and took home the Butkus Award as a junior in 2018. With Buccaneers' rookies reporting to training camp July 21, avoiding any outside distraction by inking White, who's projected to start next to inside linebacker Lavonte David, bodes well for the franchise as the defense continues to retool under new coordinator Todd Bowles. Now that White is off the board, Niners defensive end Nick Bosa, Jets defensive end Quinnen Williams, Giants quarterback Daniel Jones and Panthers defensive end Brian Burns remain as the only first round draftees who are still awaiting a contract.
  2. lol No need to nag. I will most liekely be grabbing my two tix this week. Sorry for the delay.
  3. Quote from Q's agent. I think she wore a cleavage shirt and that was all it took.
  4. Q has a first time agent with her first client. She's going to play hardball and try to get him single thing she can so she can attract more clients. If there's the potential to get him his own bag of pretzel M&M's for every game, she's going to go for it. The offset language is the worst. The team should be off the hook for money in the contract if the player gets signed elsewhere. If he doesn't get signed than the contract stands. Why should someone be able to get paid twice? It's just dumb. But... a first time agent is going to be tough if not just plain stubborn.
  5. A lot depends on how well these guys are coached. I had zero confidence in the ability of our last slap dick regime to coach up or develop anyone. This new staff is stout. The most solid staff we've had since the Parcells days. I look for a lot of 2nd and 3rd year guys to have their strongest seasons in 2019. Even guys like Jordan Jenkins, who has played well, is going to have real evaluators and coaches up his a$$. I look for him to have his best year yet. So all of the guys you mentioned are going to be given the best shot to succeed. The really good news is if they aren't showing signs of improvement and potential, I also look for this regime to cut bait a touch sooner than the last regime as well.
  6. Yeah that's a crappy hand to have to go to Foxboro on a short week. Aint that just the way? The difference with our TE missing vs theirs is that they have been a TE dependent team or at least TE heavy over the last decade. there will at least be adjustment period. They have their running game taking shape lately so who knows? It's still Brady and the Pats after all. I still think this is the year our encroaching upon their reign begins. Maybe we split, but we're not getting swept. I'll be cautious here but if we can beat Buffalo week one and the Pats week 3 then Sweep the Fins as I am confident will happen under Gase that's 4 wins in the division. That's a pretty damn good place to be for us. F*ck the Pats already. lol
  7. I love optimism. At least I think I do. I tell myself I do but then I find myself being s grumbler far too often. So I’m in. I do t know about 11-5 but I can honestly see us taking advantage of the pats early season sputters and beating them week 3. Gronk is out. ASJ is cut. Watson is suspended and that leaves them without the dominant TE they have used to great success over the years. They have Edelman and nkeal Harry (who I love) in his first three weeks in the NFL. It’s very possible that they aren’t firing on all cylinders and we punch them in the mouth. Especially if Q and Leo can generate the pressure up the middle right in Brady’s face. We sweep Miami this year too. Mark it down. So that gives us a nice divisional record and presence. We do that and we have a shot Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  8. I agree. They are different players with different skill sets. You outlined it well. My thinking is not necessarily to duplicate what Herndon brings but fun feats to fill the void of his suspension. Sure the WR’s may just get done of the throws that would have gone to Herndon, but there will need to be more of the matchup exploitation that will be missing. I don’t see Wesco as doing what Herndon does but I do see him peeling off of his blocks to be one an outlet as well as gage designed plays to him. I see a few third down catches to start and an additional designed screen type of plays per game. If he does really well I. That roll his touches will most likely increase which would be a good thing. I would say we still see 11 personnel as the base with 21 thrown in with Montgomery/ Powell as the extra RB In there. We have players that can cause mismatches. Im Excited either way because I believe Gase knows how to utilize the personnel groups accurately Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. Right. This is about it 14. It’s good news he was cleared. Sure. That means he is cleared to begin using his body in athletic manner again. Not that he is cleared to suddenly be our savior at CB. Psssst.... By the way.... he will most likely never be a starter for the jets. Sorry folks. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. And that’s where the TE and extra RB’s would come in change from the 11 personnel. Anderson, and Burnett pit there with Herndon, Wesco,bell and Montgomery/ Powell. Not too bad if they all pan out. But I hear your point. It is concerning to have guys with extensive injury histories as corner stones of the new offense. I think next offseason is the year we finally see our stud LT and WR brought into the fray. We will know what we have with a lot of guys this year. But next year is big franchise LT for sure and big # 1 WR brought for Sam to play with. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  11. Ain’t nothin wrong with that! Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  12. For sure man. I’m a believer. Im All in on Sam. I will temper my expectations to allow him a full career without extreme emotional swings, but I sincerely believe this is the guy. I look forward to a 10-15 year career with Sam at the helm. I’m 46 now. Sam Will be our QB when I’m 60 and my 11 year old son is getting married. lol. Last year sam had such a turnstile for his weapons and OL that it’s amazing he had the year he had. Almost 3000 yds while having a complete sh*t show around him. That includes a doofus for a HC and a homeless woodsman As his OC. Sam is the guy. And like you said, that feels pretty damn good. Now let’s groom Webb too in the event sam needs a week or two. Let’s have two young guns ready to win us games no matter the situations. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  13. Agreed. I don’t see sterling making it through the season Unfortunately. I’m no doctor but that guys concussions have to be concerning. I hope the best for him but truth is I’m glad we’re not counting on him for a roster spot. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  14. Right. It’s interesting to me. I listen to moving the chains with pat kirwan and Jim Miller a lot. During the mock draft season Jim Miller went on record saying that Wesco was one of his top steals in the entire draft and thought he could end up with a better career than some of the bigger names in the TE class. I have been really high on jace sternberger and would have loved to grab him, but I’m ecstatic he didn’t go to the pats at least. So Wesco became someone of interest for me due to that show. Even though I really wanted macc to take a damned center at that spot and stop trading back in the 4th, I was pretty excited that Wesco was the pick. Again, I would have taken a C or at least OL there but I really like Wesco as the ultimate pick. He has all of the makings of an excellent TE and can add to our protection as well as catch and steam roll people. It may be a blessing in disguise that Herndon misses a few games where wesco’s progress is concerned. I’d still rather Herndon was playing of course, but Wesco has me excited. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  15. Believe me I’m not claiming legget was a world beater but he has proven he can play at an nfl level and provide solid depth at minimum. Those guys at that tier are valuable. Legget didn’t just get claimed on waivers. There were 5 claims. I think it was polian( I could be wrong there) that said. If you cut a guy and there are more than two waiver claims then you didn’t maximize the value you could have for that player. He saw that as an issue that should have been explored to a greater extent. If it’s a 7th or a player the other team was going to cut or whatever, managing that bottom end of the roster and intelligently, not emotionally, working through every single move to squeeze every last drop of value that you can is one of things that separate the truly great GM’s and the rest. Sure a good FU is nice now and then but I would have liked to see both legget and Lee in douglas’ hands while we navigate through the cutting/ mini draft season [emoji3]. All the injuries and roster shuffling creates opportunities to bolster the roster. Having guys like leggett and even sterling around for the specific reason to use as currency isn’t the stupidest thing to do. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

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