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    in the process of justifying why I should make my son into a Jets fan LOL
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    Hollywood fl

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    Staying the entire game of the midnight miracle
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    Fake spike. We were dancing in our seats about an hour prior to that while we were beating the hell out of miami for first place.
    We won 4 games in the next two and 1/2 years after that.
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    The one with the nice ass
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

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    JAMAL Takes him down!

    No fun huh? Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. Sure that would be nice, but I could seriously care less about that. Winning is winning. You think Patrick Ewing would have cared if he won one after Jordan left? Maybe a little. lol

    Happy birthday Prime21

    happy Birthday! Enjoy your gift of getting yet another Patriots Super Bowl!

    NFL = WWE?

    S.D Jones!

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    not bad right there! lol The Saints an their fans must be sick tonight. They will wake up tomorrow with that play being the first thing they think of. Effectively ruining the entire day from the start! Just the worst!

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    It really was. We mentioned that a few times while watching the game. he was calling it all out before it happened. The two single coverages on Gronk late in the game stand out to me. He said "look at Gronk up there with single coverage! brady see's it" lol He's good at this job for sure.

    Can The Rams Beat'em?

    This is what I was going to post. The pressure up the middle is Brady's Achilles heal. The Rams are strong there. That gives them a fighters chance here. brady threw two official (3 really) picks today with almost no pressure. Goff going against the hood? That's another story. I don't like the looks of that one.

    Dee Ford - 0 sacks, 0 tackles

    Interesting Right? You can see Bust, too light and Dumb among others. It's really telling. Too bad it was all pretty much spot on. At least as far as him making it in the NFL though. When he come over and got 2 or 3 sacks in one game when we nabbed him from Buffalo I was really rooting for him to make it. There's a lot of pressure for these guys for sure. I'd love to see this done by a kicker. Those guys... holy cow!
  9. That was great moment there! My younger self just couldn't believe that Hogan actually beat the Giant. lol now I'm just blown away that his knees didn't buckle at the top of the slam. Good post though. That non call today was really something special. Although having Brees vs. Brady is an equaling compelling storyline.
  10. LOL I caught myself having those feelings when they won today. Aside from liking Brees, I found myself wanting a little something to quiet the Mcvey madness a bit. Hey... I'm rooting for the Rams big time now! If McVey can out duel the Grey Hood, he just might earn the love.

    Imagine being a Boston sports fan

    Nets over here

    Dee Ford - 0 sacks, 0 tackles

    That Roughing was ridiculous, but I was happier with the Pats penalties than any playoff game I can remember. I actually thought they called it well for once. At least better. Even the Edelman missed punt was a great overturn. It didn't go the way I wanted it to but it was the right call. now that first game....UGH!!

    Dee Ford - 0 sacks, 0 tackles

    He quite literally lost the game for them with that neutral zone infraction. That was painful man!

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