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  1. To think that this guy, with all of his energy and rah rah attitude is actually considered an intellect is quite the combo. I'm excited about this guy. I wanted other candidates to be brought in, but out of the batch we did interview he was the guy. Daboll as #2 but who wants to sit around and wait while you lose the rest? This was a great hire and I' happy about it
  2. It's funny. I make myself a basic outline for these vids and then just riff off of the main points I wanted to get across. Then I listen/watch the vid to see what I ended up saying and where the cuts are etc. That one made me laugh too. I don't always laugh but that one got me. lol Sometimes I nail it. hahaha
  3. I get it 90. But this is a good one. When you dig in a research these guys you can sort of tell who should get the promotion. Traditionally the Jets have had idiots running things so they couldn't identify that. Saleh and/or Daboll were the only 2 qualified imo. Seriously. The Jets usually would have gone for Joe Brady or Arthur Smith and we would be sitting here in 2 years calling for change. The OC he brought with him is really good too. He's the next wave of impressive young coaches. This is a good day.
  4. Sure. I'm just trying to educate myself and therefore anyone else who I can chat with. We gain a lot of feelings about this stuff. But a lot of the time thats as far as we go. Who knows about half of these guys before they get on a list that we care about? Now that we have a list it can be fun to actually learn about them. I hated Daboll if only because he was a Bill. Then I went through the research and was like Hmmm. This guy seems like one who has actually earned a legit consideration for a HC. SOme of the other guys, not so much. I like Saleh and would be happy with that one. but I'd prefer Daboll out of the two I think.
  5. Of course, but will we complain about it until it happens is the real crux for us.
  6. Some? That's literally all he has. And he wasn't Burrow's coach at LSU. He was the passing game coordinator so he obviously had his input but he was the WR's coach. Also didn't call plays outside of the red zone either. I'm not saying Brady isn't a good offensive mind or that he wouldn't be an asset. I'm just saying the people who like him have very very little to support the idea that he's the guy to turn this sinking ship around.
  7. Well, that's right. Lots of guys end up finding out the hard way that theie ceiling is as a coordinator. Teams like the Jets have done a good job helping many to figure that out. Hiring hot coordinators before they are ready and then watching them drown. Then there are the coordinators that end up being food HC's. Our personnel dept are tasked with having a good idea who is who before the 2-4 years of misery. Daboll, while not my top candidate seems like someone who has, at min climbe through the refinement process. I can't say the same for Arthur Smith, Joe Brady and some others. Saleh is interesting, but also doesn't have quite the same resume as Daboll. Anyhoo, just throwing it out there.
  8. Chris Johnson showed up to the interview process today. That's what happened.
  9. The thing I found with Daboll while I researched for the podcast is that he has the exact lineage you want to see in someone being considered for a HC position. Lots of positional positions. then OC for the Browns with Mangini. 32nd and 29th ranked offenses. Then his next OC job he was ranked 20th. Then went to the Bills and went up again while developing a young erratic QB. He stands as the #3 Scoring offense and the #2 offense overall this season. It's a nice trajectory and someone who came up from the dregs. Buffalo switchd from a defensive team (16th) to an offensive team over the past 3 years under Daboll. I hate choosing guys like Joe Brady who has literally 1 great year and one mid range year. That's it! Daboll has become one of the guys I really like for those reasons. This is not his first time in the position of OC and he has learned to build the offensive program after climbing up the ranks the hard way. I like the resume.
  10. Look at Kafka from the Cheifs, LaFluer from the Niners or Michaels from the Niners. All young talented offensive minds. That's who Saleh is rumored to bring to his HC position. And that's not to mention there will be an actual QB coach as well. Seems crazy bit sam was missing two coaches while under Gase. The HC should just meld all of the departments and make the big decisions. Gase had the Jets believe he could do that WHILE being the OC and QB coach. So dumb. But I feel pretty good about those names. Especially Kafka. That is the guy who is most hands on with Mahomes. Not Bienemy
  11. Imagine that. Thats such forward thinking I barely know how to absorb it.
  12. Or it could be that Salah wants less than they want to offer. It's very possible that they want to pay him more than he wants which could get sticky .

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