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    in the process of justifying why I should make my son into a Jets fan LOL
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    Staying the entire game of the midnight miracle
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    Fake spike. We were dancing in our seats about an hour prior to that while we were beating the hell out of miami for first place.
    We won 4 games in the next two and 1/2 years after that.
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    The one with the nice ass
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  1. lol That's funny point man. I would love to be able to spin this into a bad thing for Cleveland, but if I did......what would that mean for our new shiny toy? I feel so conflicted.
  2. I can see clearly that you actually read my post. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app


    OTA VID Darnold going long to Quincy Enunwa and Robby Anderson! The ball is looking nice and pretty up there. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/ota-highlights-sam-darnold-goes-deep-to-quincy-enunwa-and-robby-anderson


    And here's the guy I really am most excited about. I believe his presence led to the quick decision to let go of Legget. Expect BIG things from this one right here. Trevon Wesco https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/meet-the-fleet-te-trevon-wesco

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    It’s the jets fault. It’s truly unbelievable how embarrassingly we have sucked for so long. Ex: Butt fumble was followed by the geno smith round the back fumble safety. Can’t make this stuff up. Now we have this crap. Joe Douglas seems like the only way out for me. Anyone else is gonna have to fight with Gase and it will certainly end badly. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app


    Indeed. I was screaming for OL during that pick, but I am happy with Polite. He actually has top their talent and could be the steal of the entire Draft. I agree. It's high time the Jets were the beneficiary of such a player. It's been far too long.
  7. I'll buy this. When guys who have been around are slackers, it can be an ugly trend for new guys coming in. KO said it in his interview that he questioned whether or not he was doing too much when he first got here. That's not a good thing to hear, but it explains a lot. I forget who said it about the Pats. Maybe Revis or Ellis. Not sure. He said when you're on the outside, you just don't like the Pats, but when you get there you realize they just work harder than everyone else. That's huge. We have had Rex, who I loved, and Bowles. Both were "players coaches" who didn't have any accountability. Thats not good. Job security is a bad thing in professional sports. These guys need to be working for their lives every day. This is a positive I can see coming from Gase and Williams. I don't think anyone feels safe around here. Hopefully that leads to harder work and better results.

    Joe Douglas is the guy

    He might. Next year's QB class is supposed to be stout. That could be enticing too.


    Maybe 1 Jets drive is the Carrier???
  10. My favorite thing is when Jets fans talk about Jets fans as if they are not Jets fans. What's equally humorous is the attempt to minimize opposing discussion points by the addition of labels and blanket statements. Opinions are fine until met with non conforming opinions. Then the labeling begins. That's something children and politicians do. So I will remind everyone that this is a NY Jets message board. We come here to discuss points on one of the least important aspects of our lives. Truth is I spend far too much time here myself. We are all damaged Jets fans No matter how much one would want to exclude themselves from that group to make a point. Sorry. But to play the game I will add a few points from the mythical Jets fan group, that you somehow are not apart of for your purposes, mentioned in the OP. I'll add that I am primarily a Homer Jets fan in most instances. Here is the potential problem with one of your main points, Adam Gase had a personnel issue with the two previous orgs he has been with. Not just one. Two. Here is a random headline I just found on a Denver site. Adam Gase is apparently one of the league’s biggest whiners. It’s no wonder he didn’t get the head coaching job in Denver… Sure we got an offensive minded coach with experience and that counts for something, but you do realize that he was not our first choice. He was one of the coaches we wanted to force on Matt Rhule. We wanted him to be our OC and he was willing to take that job. No one else wanted him as a HC. We all know about the Miami stuff, but we've chosen to make it the Fins problem and not Gase's. I get it. I do it too. I want the guy to be successful here. But it does seem that Gase has a major personnel based issue everywhere he goes. The idea that he came in here and immediately had a problem with everyone in the building. (Macc, heimey, Williams, Bell etc.) is absolutely reason for concern at minimum. And the hiding from the cameras during the draft is... what the hell was that? Macc needed to go. Fine. I'm good with it and I'm in. I have the timing issue and wish they gave a new guy the 3rd pick and all that, but oh well. That is what it is. But Gase coming in and basically gutting the house, while potentially warranted, is more of the same for him. We just have a weak owner so it worked here. It didn't work with Elway and Miami fired him. If we pay attention to his track record it is prudent(while fans have no say) to at least question the moves he makes. I do not trust this guy, yet I want very badly for him to be the next Belichick. It can happen and I'm rooting for it. The thing I'm not rooting for is for this lunatic to consistently have issue after issue and I'm not sold on his ability to build a team. It's a concern. You talk about the talent brought in this offseason with Bell being one of the names you mentioned. Well, if Bell wasn't locked into a guaranteed contract, Gase could very well be trying to get rid of him. That's the guy we have. We wouldn't even have him if Gase had his way. So come on. Anyway, I can't wait to have the GM. I am hoping it's Douglas because he seems to be a guy Gase can work with If we can't discuss this stuff here, then where? Where are we supposed to go to talk about this stuff? WHERE I ASK YOU??

    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Gotcha. So you have labeled a guy who's played one full year a JAG. Ever heard of guys learning the NFL game and improving through coaching and all of that? TO be clear, I don't really care all that much. The point is he will certainly make a roster and I would argue that he has much more upside than Thomlinson who blows, and Sterling who will most likely be out with concussions again. We have Herndon, the scrub Gase likes and a Rookie basically. Truth is I am big on Wesco and this helps him get on the field so I'm ok. But come on already.

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