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    in the process of justifying why I should make my son into a Jets fan LOL
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    Fake spike. We were dancing in our seats about an hour prior to that while we were beating the hell out of miami for first place.
    We won 4 games in the next two and 1/2 years after that.
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  1. Love Wesco. Everyone who hates this kid is just doing that they do. Just like so many other players who just needed a min to get up to speed. he is a crushing blocker and has better hands than people think.
  2. Oh man. That's tough JetNut. I'm sorry to hear about the turn. I'm with ya man. For whatever moral support can offer, I'm with you!
  3. Agreed. The OL is being built with like minded players with similar strengths and skillsets. I've said it before and I believe it to be true that JD is attempting to build a unit instead of a collection of players. Mims is an huge addition as well. We have not had a young receiver with his potential in a long long long time. If we shook off the injury bug and got it all out of our system last year, that would Go a long way toward getting things going.
  4. hmmm I would need to know the time before hand but the idea interests me.
  5. tell me about it man. We spend a lot of time outside so that helps. That's really the goal. To FORCE us to go outside for larger stretches. We spent all day Wednesday sliding down a natural waterslide in North Carolina and it was amazing. Then we come home and basically clean up and go to sleep. 200SF is still small though. no matter how much sugar I pour on it
  6. That's one that I almost added along with Gase being responsible for JD being here. but the vid was going to be too long and I chose to keep it to the character stuff. I still kinda regret it but oh well. hahaha Gase's first drives really are strong. It's a positive but it also exposes his weakness where in game adjustments are concerned which is a negative. I always think I should have done every vid differently after the fact so why should this one be any different.
  7. I ended up choosing number two but in fairness my son sorta took hat #1 before I had much time to do anything. lol Thanks man .
  8. Well just wait and see when I throw out the Case for Dowell Loggains next! hahaha I'm serious.
  9. Well said dude. This is pretty much my take. I'm no Gase Fan to be clear, but I am also trying to see where there may be reasons to be hopeful. Last year was an absolute train wreck for so many reasons and we more than doubled our women total from the year before. There's something to hang our hats on if we try and see it.
  10. Lil O you know I love me some Bryce Hall. When we passed on him in the 3rd I thought he was gone. Then again in the 4th. When we were on the clock in the 5th and he was still there I couldn't believe it. When I saw that pick come in I yelled to my wife "holy $h*t the Jets took Bryce Hall!!!" My wife answered. Who's that? And I knew all was well in the NY Jets world! If not this season, he will absolutely be our starter in 2021. He may need this year to heal up fully and Get back to form, but I don't have one doubt that he's our starting CB for the next 4 years and longer if we're smart. Love the pick! Love the signing! Love the thread! Love those little crunchy things inside Carvel ice cream cakes!
  11. I have heard that too. I don't know how much I like that logic as an overall plan, but it's possible. I think the Jets/Gase like the guy. And that's fine. Gandy golden was a guy I really liked at that spot and even though Peoples Jones slipped much further I would have loved to grab him there. There were some really good OL prospects there too. I get it. And I loved the draft overall. Best draft we've gotten to watch in many years. in 2018, as a hopeful Macc supporter once he didn't have Bowles around, I was mystified with every single pick. Every one. From Quinnen to Polite to Edoga all the way to Bless. Not one pick made sense to me and seeing JD navigate through the board this year was amazing. I've gotten caught in conversations about the one pick I didn't like (well, I didn't love Davis either) but that shouldn't imply I am un happy with the draft. I liked the entire offseason actually.
  12. haha that's an interesting take on Jamal. I like it. yeah man. We're getting a bit more conversation on YouTube, but I don't know how much people are gonna want to Say about this one. It's ok. We just wanted to Get something out there in the event people wanted to try to have more of constructive chat with the NFL piece at the forefront as much as possible. It's hard though. This topic has become pretty polarizing unfortunately. It's weird. My buddy is a Passaic cop and a Jets fan and he has the virus. Just ended his quarantine and he's ok. My sister and brother in law work on the front lines of this thing in NYC and it's been very hard. But here in the countryside of VA very few if any are taking it seriously. There is a greater contingent of defiance than there is caution. It's just one of those things. People have strong feelings and I don't know what to think about anyone's response. Our attempt to keep it to the NFL experience has only the purest of intentions, but if it doesn't land as we thought it might that's alright. The next vid is "the Case for Gase". Let's see if people remain as quiet about that crap hahaha Thanks for the comment and your thoughts. I have similar feelings as you do and think there will be a lot more data compiled by the time NFL teams have to take the field. That will be helpful as fas as our little football bubble is concerned and that's a positive I'd say. Good stuff man. Thanks again.
  13. of course not. I was pointing out that the earlier years can be slippery to rely on when the most recent was as piss poor as Morgans was. In truth it's not even gonna be that big of deal if Morgan fails. I wouldn't even think the word bust applies. It's a 4th rd shot with house money as you said. There IS logic there. I just don't agree with it when so many really good WR's and OL were still sitting there. That's all it is really, his 2019 sucktitude aside.
  14. Meh. Your boy Hackenberg had 20somethign TD's in his earlier years. It's more about the last year. There are variables such as the talent around him as always but he should have ben lighting up the USA conference if he had any legit potential. Again, I;'m with ya on wanting him to succeed and I've even tired of hearing myself knock the guy at this point, but I maintain that there were better picks to take and that I have little faith in this particular fella. Now... ifs he does end up a legit #2 or even that mythical trade that so many are already counting on, I will have even greater faith in JD than I do now. It would be great if we finally had the GM that can see through walls. Ya know? Morgan for Prez!
  15. This was a tough one to make in all honesty. Refraining from throwing my random emotionally charged opinions of the day out there proved difficult. The subject was important, but I'm not so sure how I feel. I sincerely wish all of my JetNation brethren well through this difficult time.

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