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  1. I want you to know that I don't disagree with anything you said here, other than to say that I do agree with the decision not to blown it all up, but still get rid of Bowles and his crew. I also want to make sure I add, that if macc was let go, I would have disagreed, but in truth I would have understood. The basic difference is I add the positives to the mix where I think many others fail to see them through the smoke of the failures. Or they don't see the moves as positives. Either way. I will also support the idea that the players who have left, Hanson, Stewart and the like not being able to succeed elsewhere is by far the strongest indictment of Macc's player selection. But we usually elect not to include the good stuff. Such as the attention to the trajectory. Can anyone debate the idea that the player selection in the draft has been improving? It is getting more difficult to throw the players in the toilet as we move forward. (small consolation for the rough earlier years) Last years draft has some potential gems in Darnold, Herndon, Cannon, Nickerson and Shepherd (who I love). I would have chosen more OL, but that is what it is. I also think Macchiatos does well with trades and UDFA signings. My time is fragmented today so I'm losing most of my clarity of thought and my vigor to continue the defense of my stance.I keep having to come back and try to re engage my train of thought. It's unfortunate because I liked your post. When opinions are well thought out, I enjoy discussing them. Much more than just the slippery slope arguing can be. I'll come back later to write more in response to your points. I appreciate your post and your stance. I'll get back later.
  2. Ha. That's GreenBeans The S is what separates us. Other than that we are all but Identical.

    Trevor Siemian visiting jets tomorrow

    No need. Webb all day!
  4. I would not sir. I would happily trade with them this season to get their picks for #3, but I would not give up next year's capital. I would the that. Just like how much I hate not having a number 2 this year. I wouldn't give Darnold back for it of course, but it still blows.
  5. That's not what I said and saying it over and over won't help to make it so. What I am saying is that Bowles and Macc reported directly to the owner. Many of the players selected are obviously to get bowles the specific types of players he coveted. The original subject was Lee so I will use him as an example again. Not that Bowles was the GM. A good GM can understand what players will help make the coach succeed in addition to trying to accumulate the best players available. The problem is that Bowles is a terrible HC, Rogers is a terrible DC and we had 3 OC's in 4 years. That makes the job pretty difficult. I just spent a half our writing a diatribe to @JetFaninMI on a similar topic and will say it briefly here. I do not LOVE Macc. God knows he has done a worse job than we would have liked. So many poor decisions! I simply look at the whole. Can I be wrong? No. lol Of course I can, But I don't see it as black and white as many others do. I like the offseason so far and look forward to the successful draft we are about to have. Will it be Gase and Williams who make that all happen or will it be Macc and Macc alone? Hmmmmm I would venture to say it will be the collective. Macc making the choices based on what will put his coaches in the best position to succeed. Let's watch. Are you ok with the offseason so far or are you unhappy about the additions?
  6. Ugh... I will explain something to you... again. I'm not a Macc lover. I'm actually quite critical of him. I'm just not a torch wielding mo mo who can't see the overall picture. The truth is I saw plenty of reason for Macc to be let go. I would not have been upset, nor would I have argued too much about it. I may have entered into discussions concerning one idea or another but I would have seen the reasons for it and been ok. If he blows this draft, which he won't, I will lean more toward to opposite side as I stand now. One Major problem I had with letting him go was that no one could come up with a single option to replace him that made much sense. The number one reply was Heimerdinger to replace Macc which is just laughable to me. And I'm not saying I don't think he's an asset. Only it's not a good idea to promote the number two of the guy who is failing, if that's how it's seen. My point about Bowles having input, and why Macc most likely was not fired, is that CJ knows exactly how much influence Bowles had and which players were to get Bowles, or the OC of the month the guys they thought they needed to succeed. There is a reason he wasn't let go and Bowles was. That said, I am fully aware Macc has made major flubs. Hack being the most glaring. The difference between Macc and Bowles is that Macc has shown many positives and progress. Bowles and his staff were clueless turds who got out coached almost every week. No player development, poor game planning and mgmt etc etc etc. I've debated this ad nauseam and admit I can see why people feel the way they do about him. I see progress. You point to Herndon. That was a slam dunk 4th rd pick in his last draft. His last draft netted Darnold and Herndon who have obvious impact. What else is there is Nickerson, who I like a lot, Shepard who I love(I watched him every game and the stats don't tell the story) and Cannon who has all the potential to develop into a fine back. He shows so much potential. It's a solid draft. The year prior netted some good players too (adams, Maye, Legget, Jones) among some major failures . There is consistent progress though. I understand why people feel otherwise, but I like those players and feel like the coaching regime had zero in the ways of development or proper positioning. It was a joke. So... in summation, I do not LOVE Macc. I simply don't agree with the blow ti up mentality when there is an upward trajectory in addition to a shortage in viable replacements. You can't see it. Cool. I do, because I'm smarter than you. lol That was a joke. Let's watch and see. I hope I'm right. We will talk more of this I imagine. I promise not to gloat when things turn around. Hey... how are you feeling about the offseason so far?
  7. Riiiiiight. Lee was a Macc pick. I see. Bowles was unhappy about the pick. Got it. Once again, I'm not saying anything about Macc being a brilliant mastermind who was hamstrung by Bowles. I'm saying there is much more to the story than Macc sucks. It's not either or man. It's not black and white. My point was that Macc was trying, and poorly, to build a team for his hot garbage of a coach. That is the truth. To which degree either side of the discussion it leans is up for debate. You bring up the contention between the coaching staff and the front office. Did you even consider that the rift was not all once sided with coach being upset the GM didn't get players for him? That the roster was built poorly to try and get players for the numerous OC's we had ( ex:Adarius Stewart for Morton) and weird hybrid guys for Bowles like Darron Lee? I also struggle to think it was solely Macc, to the dismay of the pleading defensive backfield minded HC, to pick safeties in the first two rounds. We will see as this moves forward whether or not Macc still picks odd players when there are more obvious choices to be made. I'm fairly confident that we will see a dramatic turn beginning with this next draft.

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    Right. As much as I would like to think we could take care of most of the holes this offseason, if it’s not there then don’t force it. It won’t hurt to have $15-20 mil roll over next season. We can use it on one year deals. I wouldn’t hate ansah, but giving anybody like that longer term deals is dumb and not worth ruining next years cap for the sake of spending it this year v Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  9. I’m surprised Tomlinson was able to be resigned With the intense market he found out there. Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  10. Who's taking anything personally? If there's one thing I don't do it's take anything with the Jets personally. I was responding to your introducing our personal differences. I was talking about the Jets player(s) and coaching etc. I'd say if anything was personal at all, it began with you. Your personal feelings and confusion of said subjects aside, I am not giving Macc a pass. I'm putting down the pitch fork and looking at the whole picture. Something many Macc haters, you included fail to do most of the time. Macc was learning on the job. Something every single first time GM will have to do. He made terrible picks and idiotic mistakes. Being a director myself, I have to routinely evaluate recently promoted individuals in new roles. Whether or not they show progress and if they learn from mistakes. I also include specific environmental facts as well. I look at the Jets operation as best I can from that vantage point. Hiring first time GM's and coaches comes with dumb mistakes. If you hire someone who has never done the job and then fire them for making mistakes, you will never build a solid org. That's a fact. You evaluate the entirety of the process. You don't blow it up every 4 years and hire yet another unproven GM to cut his teeth in the same way as the last guy. You will more than likely experience the same rookie mistakes with the new guy. Not smart and its why the Jets have sucked so much over the years. My point was that many of the players picked, Lee as the purest example, were attempts to get a terrible coach his players. A coach who had equal access to the owner as the GM I might add. If you cannot see that, then this "discussion" is over. Once again, Macc made some terrible picks and choices overall. I can include that in my overall thought process. But I can also see pretty clearly where there were attempts to get a coach specific types of players he wants to coach.
  11. I can understand the logic here. It is sound, but I don't agree. KK took the HC job of the Cardinals because it got him into the NFL. Not because he loved Rosen. He was just fired from Texas and took the OC job at USC. Not to diminish the role at USC in any way, but he wants to be a HC. This was a fantastic opportunity. This is his shot. Whether or not he has the level of input needed for AZ to draft another QB after they picked Rosen last season is unknown, but if can get his QB, a guy people are saying is a nightmare to defend against, he's going to do it IMO. I could see what you say happening, but only because the org may not want to cut ties with Rosen so quickly. Not because KK doesn't want Murray. The GM's job is kind of on the line this year and he may not want to eat that pick if they can't get real value for Rosen. Also consider he can add a Bosa type of player to the mix. It may be too much pride to overcome. The Giants come to mind as legitimate suitors for a guy like Rosen and they have 2 first rd picks. They could give AZ #17 for Rosen and still get a blue chipper at 6. Getting their QB of the future to sit behind Eli for a year and whoever else they want at 6. Not too shabby. Then AZ can get Kyler Murray AND a LT or C for their terrible O line. Not too shabby there either. Something like this looks like a win win to me. More so than keeping a QB who may not seem to fit with KK's electric fast paced style of offense and getting a pass rusher. This is a big decision and his HC coaching career in the NFL depends on it. I think he goes with the QB he openly covets.

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