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  1. And this is where you lose me. You had it man! I was 100% bought in to watching face paint hang man get earned. But nooooo. here ya go. 10 min later and you show that you really jsut wanted to play dress up. I'm disgusted!
  2. hahaha. Well it's good that I'm going there specifically for the HOF then huh? I tried to get into the HOF game and the ceremonies, but I[m grateful for what I access I could get. I can't wait to see if they stick me in a closet or not. . Either way I'm psyched about it. I have some interests in Akron too so this enables us to nail both down in one day which is pretty cool. Where does your girlfriend live again?
  3. i love that. this is good SJ. I appreciate it. I am going to consider that stuff when I'm recording the content. I'll be sure to spend some time collecting any information they have displayed for that era a well. Good stuff.
  4. I think he will end up being a first ballot. it might be close, but I think he will get in. Mangold is also someone i think will get legit consideration.
  5. isn't that just the worst? And he's also the rightful owner of the single season sack record, but that argument falls on deaf ears sadly. I don't recall one Qb laying down on the field so Gastineau could increase his numbers.
  6. Yeah but i'm quite the talker. i can make a segment on Salami into an hour long diatribe.
  7. ya know, I'm not afraid of this being a big thing for too long, but I agree. From the fan persepctive it's just like CAN WE PLEASE JUST START ON A POSITIVE NOTE MAN???? And especially if you're going to the first practice. Seeing Zach is sort of a big deal! Come on JD!!
  8. hahaha. Well that didn't take long huh? I'm thinking of doing a segment on Jets players who either should or will be in the HOF at some point. D Ferguson made it past the first rd of voting this year so he's got a shot to get in later. Mangold, Revis, Trumaine Johnson, ya know... those types.
  9. Hey everyone, Just wanted to take a moment and let you in on a little something we've been cooking up at JetNation. We have been granted access to the Pro Football Hall of Fame for an opportunity to create and capture content from within the Hall itself. We have a few ideas for some content, but I wanted to throw it out to you guys and check if there are any topics of interest that you'd be interested in seeing. We will obviously check out all of the Curtis Martin, Joe Namath, Don Maynard and Kevin Mawae set ups and provide you all with an inside look, but is there anything else
  10. He fits in perfectly here. This is going to be RB by committee and that will afford his fresh legs the opportunity to maximize his strengths. I used to care about "Our Guy" winning the rushing title or gettin 1000 yrds etc. Now I don't care if 4 guys have 500 each. As long as it leads to wins. Carter will have plenty of opportunity in this offense.
  11. HAHAHAHAHA. That's a brilliant pull right there my man! Just brilliant
  12. Interestingly you can add the Ravens to that list. And that's where JD comes from. The future isn't written, but we have a good chance to see sustained success here with JD. He's done a bang up job creating capital out of players he didn't want. He created an entire draft class worth of additional picks. That's a pretty good start
  13. I hear ya but In fairness we don't know if he was lowballed. All we know is that his agent went crying to the press because he has no leverage. I haven't seen too much about Maye being greedy and I think most people would like to retain him. But our GM is being smart. We get Maye for $10.6 this year. Then we can tag and trade him for a 2nd-3rd next year. JD is playing the long game and Maye's camp can';t do anything about it. what they should do is take the guarantees and likely incentives that were in the offer.
  14. Agreed. And the thing to remember is that this is the eval year. Lots of young players and a first time regime. I think we will be better than a lot of people think, but growing pains and speed bumps are gonna be weekly for this group. JD just needs to see how he needs to use those 11 picks next draft. Letting the coaching staff develop and use the wealth of young players we have now is the order of the day.
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