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  1. Maybe our fortunes are turning around after all Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app
  2. 14 in green is still around Im pretty sure. He jut changed his name.
  3. This is a solid signing. I might have preferred hurst but I like it. He's immediately our best TE since keller with his 49/493/5 td last year. As sad as that is Now go get McBride in the draft and make this TE room studly with yeboah developing as well.
  4. Love it. Good for you man! Staying strong! Do we have any issues with the local tribe though? That could get sticky I've seen... ya know....on Yellowstone!
  5. hahaha. A bunch of yawning RVers with marinara stains on our shirts talkin Jets. Or maybe that's just me.
  6. You have my itinerary Max! lol. Always welcome. We gotta make Vegas happen. maybe around April 28th or so??? Eh? EH???
  7. Awesome guys. Thank you for this. It's touching and I'm grateful
  8. Tell em Freeman!!! Tell em right where they eat their eggs!
  9. OH NOOOOOOOO! What does it mean? How can I overreact to this?
  10. BOOM!!! So does JD get any love for this FA gem of a find? I recal lots and lots of angry snickers when this one came down the pike.
  11. lol many people call that developing young players. But hey, call it what you will.
  12. Right on @Lithis the best. I think I thought he was a mod already so this makes a ton of sense. Hung out and sat with him at the 2019 Jetnation tailgater. Great dude!
  13. We're talking about the QB's Jetsrule And they re cut Morgan so thats that.
  14. Lots of talent on the team right now. We just gotta get this young QB thing down. When we do we will be on our way.
  15. progress is progress right? Ya know if its really just his injuries that frighten me. I have almost zero concern that he will develop into a nice player. Maybe not a premier PR but I think he will be a solid rotational piece with upside to do more if he can shake the injury thing.
  16. I saw all the laughing emotes and wondered why everyone was laughting at your first post. Then I read it and knew immediately. If reddit was too negative, you may have a tough time in here. We cornered the market on negative Jets fans man. lol That said, welcome aboard and there are positive guys here too. I hope you're here long enough to meet him.
  17. Thats hilarious that this was the issue. Glad it didn't have to come to blows over it
  18. And they won't. But they can keep up to 16 on the PS. lol I wonder what the actual plan is but they don't have to cut anyone from the team.
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