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  1. Exactly. Anyone offering such BS should be ignored. It's the way of things. I won't even click on it.
  2. The phils.. Ya think you're sending a nice positive message out there and boom... ya learn you're still an idiot
  3. They just wanna yell at Morgan for dealing with the enemy week 1. lol. We will see. We are allowed 16 players on the PS so it's not like years past. It's fine to use an extra spot for a guy you want to keep around while keeping a Flacco on the team for other reasons.
  4. He's still the only rookie of the bunch so there should be a bit more rope but yeah... It's gonna be ugly if he comes in and throws a 114 2 INT day against the Texans
  5. wow man. That's pretty crazy. lol
  6. Sure, but it seems like JD is doing an 80/20 thing with Draft and FA respectively. He signs guys on 1 yr deals to either prove they deserve longer or just fill the spot until a draftee can fill it. I personally love it for where we are. Once the core is established I think we will see more targeted FA signings for longer term. He did grab Davis and Lawson last year and I would think there will be a handgful of those each year too. . Thanks man.
  7. Sure. It was all over the place from staff to players. OL couldn't figure out who to block. Receivers and backs dropping the ball. Zach's picks. We were in disarray and it's begun to calm down on offense. It will be interesting to see how Zach plays after becoming the 9th passing offense in the NFL.
  8. They're not cutting either of them. Hes on the PS. Not the roster so it's not a thing.
  9. This. A whole lot has changed since then. Also Cavanaugh is now running the sideline. Not Lafleur. Lafluer can be up there in his nerd hole while an actual football player deals with all the player interactions and issues. Let ML just sit up there and work on the game plan. Its what he wants to do. Let Cavanaugh run the show on the field and let Beck and Calabrese sit with Zach and their microsoft surfaces and go over intricacies of the QB position. It's finally close to what we intended with Greg Knapp.
  10. Right. Cuz that's worked for us so many times. lol Draft Draft Draft. Zach will be fine. @johnnysd is right. This regime put their faith in Zach and he needs to be good for us to be good.
  11. I Think a 1st rd tender only makes it $5 mil. If there is even a chance someone would want to poach him I take that risk. Hell, we're paying Trumaine Johnson more than that this year and he hasn't played here since 2019. $3.9 for a #2 who can actually play is not bad at all actually. Im definitely hoping we do one or the other at minimum... well, unless he throws 5 ints against buffalo of course
  12. In his defense that's not why he was considered a good HC candidate. It was because he took 2 fledgling and failing orgs in college and rebuilt them to respectability. As much as I dislike what he's done in Carolina and to the NYJ week 1, we can't take that from him.
  13. And what he did before the season by waiting until the last moment to let the Jetsknow about the changing os his players numbers is just a flat out low blow. Who does that? Technically legal but its a d*ck move and he is now paying for that stuff. Heres a graphic I made for one of my vids showing my real feelings toward Rhule.
  14. Rhule has made some interesting (bad?) decisions thus far. Cut Cam before even seeing him in his system, gave Bridgewater a 3 yr $63 mil contract. Traded him 1 yr later for a 6th and still paid his contract then gave up 3 picks for the 32nd rated QB in the NFL. Passed on Fields, Jones, Trask, Mond etc etc. Took a CB over said QB or even an OL to help the newly acquired damaged Darnold with his first pick. Kind of hodgepodgy at best. We could also add the trades for two more CB's after using his top pick on one this year. But let's leave that out. But the QB thing is really where the pressure should derive from.
  15. hahaha Fair enough. Like the Falcons fans wanting to move on from Ryan every year. They've forgotten how hard it is to find a good QB and whine about his greatness. So get it. But I'd say die hards are closer to having an illness over an accredited positive trait. lol But to each his thoughts huh?
  16. I get it. Im a fan of he unsung (or sung) workhorse. and Even more in favor of that guy who can find his way home consistently as well. I'm all for it but want the actual draft capital to be used in areas where we are devoid of impact potential. Quinnen is supposed to be developing into that guy who demands special attention and makes life easier for his mates. He's flashed but I don't know if he's gonna make it to the heights we hoped. Maybe. And I think he's good, but Im really into consistency. We seem to lack in that area even when we're good. Now, where its gonna get sticky for me is when I advocate for using our first pick on Kyle Hamilton haha I secretly love truly great safeties (we haven't had one in a long time) while still understanding where to use assets. Its a conundrum, but I would probably let out a loud yelp of glee if I heard his name called for the Jets all while being upset that we took another safety so high. What to do? What to do?
  17. Oh I get whatcha mean, but kicking, screaming, whining and arguing while waiting can not be associated with patience. It's being forced to wait and not handing it well. Like being in Jail. The fact that you sat in a cell for 30 days can not be connected with one's ability to sit still for long periods of time. ya know? Then you can look at how fast our base uses the word bust. lol. Are there others who throw that around quite like us? I'd say no. Maybe Philly...lol
  18. Agreed. We have good players but not that terrorizing fella. Lawson had a chance to be that but the Jets. I'm wanting our first pick to be that next draft Lawson or no Lawson. I'd be disappointed if a DT was our pick up there and am hoping for a 4/3 Edge. Zuniga and Huff as the rotational guys is a god scenario. As the starters not so much. The Colts OL had zero issues with our current group plus they looked tired from the first snap for some reason. 4 days between games? I dont know but it was real.
  19. lol. Funny. Its a good trick. Jus ask Becton.
  20. Me too. I keep fast forwarding 10 sec till the offense comes out. hahaha It wasn't just Zuniga though. It was the entire group. Even CJ was way off. When is the last time we saw him get juked, burned and stiff armed (while getting called for a 15 yd facemask) to the ground in the same game? They did stiffen somewhat later but I think that was more due to the Colts O feeling like they had it in the bag than anything our D did. Zuniga is still a work in progress. He came in and had a good first game with I think 30% of the D snaps. ( I might be wrong there) His next game was on par with the rest of the sleepy Defense.
  21. Just because we've been caused to feel years of disappointment and loss does not equate to being patient. If most of us could leave, we would. I did for a season after the 2015 BS in buffalo. Didn't watch one single game that next year. I missed nothing lol Resilient I'll buy. Patient? Not a chance my friend.
  22. Thats awesome man. I haven't seen or talked to him in many years. Please tell him I said hello if you could. I always liked him.
  23. 100% And that's not exactly our forte as a fan base .
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