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  1. haha i can relate man. i never know what my wifi situation is gonna be on my travels. Sometimes its great, but sometimes its almost 56K type of stuff lol
  2. Ben Banogu, Jose Borregales are at the top of the list imo.
  3. Agree on all counts Sarge. I think ben Banogu might get cut from the Colts and I would snatch him up without a second thought. he's fallen out of favor over there and I liked him coming out. Change of scenery and some Saleh lovin might be all he needs.
  4. Hey everyone, Just wanted to let everyone know that we have begun the weekly JetNation watch parties for the games. It's like hangin out with friends while we watch the new look NY JETS try and climb out of the weeds in 2021! Last year it ended up being the only thing to keep my head up. I don't know what I would have done without it quite frankly hahahaha I'll be hosting and we like to have special guests pop in each week. Come and hang out with us. Here's the link to the stream.
  5. if nobody means me, then yes... Nobody is going. hmmmmm. I don't know if that makes sense.
  6. Jesus H Christmas. Look at that OL.
  7. I wonder how many of these injuries would keep guys out of actual games. My hope is that a bunch of them are of the precautionary variety. Although in todays game players will sit out of games much quicker than the old days.
  8. We had our weekly Watch party on JetNation's Youtube page. It's a good time.
  9. As hard as it felt to see the defensive line (the strength of the team) gashed as much as it was, watching Wilson develop has been a nice change around here. I think the CS is handling him very well nd bringing him up the right way. I'm prepared for the bad days that are undoubtedly coming down the pike, but it is clear that we have a nice opportunity to develop a young QB into someone who just might be here for a while. Great notes as always @KRL Its appreciated.
  10. Like my father used to say...everyone's a tough guy. The internet only exacerbated that fact. I have deeply entrenched feelings of what tactics should be employed to take care of a guy like that but alas I'm old, tired, peace loving and I have no idea where he lives. Wait... what were we talking about again?
  11. This is me. Right here. While I will obviously find thousands of additional words to use t describe this feeling, nothing more need be said. My poor son.
  12. RIght. It's more a problem for us than it is for him. He's developing well and the GM and coaches love him. It's simply fans who hang on every word the beat or twitter puts out. One bad tweet and it's over lol I loved that JD had the balls to take Becton over Wirfs with his first ever pick. And I liked WIrfs too. Everyone needs to breath around here
  13. Right. Now that's where some concern should be directed. Clark can come back after week 3 I believe, but the point is still the same. These guys were 3rd and 4th rd picks who JD was counting on to develop. I happen to like all 3 but you know the saying about availabilty. They have not really offered that and it's a shame. Becton? Mims? Not concerned in the slightest.
  14. Crazy. It's cyclical isn't it? And everyone seems to forget about the big freak out sessions that were almost entirely unwarranted. James Farroir, Terrance Mathis and Demario Davis are 3 excellent examples of guys who this fan base called Jags who went on to have excellent careers elsewhere. Sometimes it take a min for guys to become who they will become. One season, or a few practices are no reason to give up on someone who obviously has talent.
  15. I did see some stuff quickly I twitter for Becton was called "An Obvious Bust" lol. Hopefully everyone can calm down a bit and allow process to be process. I'm not concerned in the slightest about Becton or Mims for that matter. Now, Cam Clark, Zuniga and Ashtyn Davis are guys I have some concern about. All 3 have. not been healthy long enough to see anything.
  16. Ahhhh yes. I see. I can't wait to see what happens if Sam has a good season. Quite a few that are waiting to pounce should that miracle happen.
  17. Why is that a problem for Becton though? He was considered a boom or bust guy and looked very good in the season last year. I don't remember can't miss being tagged to him but he came and showed up in the actual season. He looked fine in the preseason game too.
  18. Right. The thing for all of us to remember is that this is a practice. The Jets are there to learn and work on things they couldn't by themselves in Florham Park. Every single "sack" of Wilson or TD on against our D is a positive at this point in the preseason. It's a beautiful thing that we are up there working against a team that was in the championship game last year.
  19. Yeah he's a goodie. The thing I like best about him is his work ethic and discipline to do his job in the face of potential glory. He will remain in his position 99% of the time. The only reason he slipped is because of that injury and the inability for teams to meet with him in person due to covid. An absolute gem in the 5th. I'm really encouraged to hear he did well vs Adams, who is simply one of the best in the game currently.
  20. no middle ground. That's a good way to say it man. If he comes out and plays well today there will be talk of HOF. Aint that funny? thanks Lith;
  21. What's the matter with you? Is this real or a joke?
  22. Jeesh. Straight from Mims to Becton huh? I wonder if these are the same folks who wanted D'Brick cut his first 3 years or if they are too young to remember it took him a minute. Jets fans are nothing if not terribly emotionally based. Thanks for the quicky UltraJF.
  23. RedHogs would be the best imo. Pay some homage to the history of the team, have some fun and keep the Red part of the name intact. Unique too. The others are kind of the same old same old. Presidents? come on. lol
  24. I was driving literally all day. Can I get a quick synopsis of what a sh*t show means in yesterdays thread?
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