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  1. By most. He was ranked below Zach. Think only ESPN and their QBR ranked Fields barely better. He also had more around him. Personally I don't see where anyone can claim Fields was what we thought he was and ZW wasn't. That's pretty funny actually. All that extra OSU experience should have given Fields a head start and it's not evident anywhere.
  2. You mean like when Papa does Boxing?
  3. Takes a shot at "us" ouch
  4. Was there to. The Shaffer beer shows moved from Central Park to beside the Intrepid. Must have seen the Ramones 35 times, feels like it was more than 35. Always fun, always knew what to expect.
  5. Gabba Gabba hey Joey! Miss those nights at CB's.
  6. Your actual words were when will woody break the lease and move. It’s not just break the lease and move. But you just can’t move on.
  7. Agree other than I would think they would want their own stadium which will take another substantial financial investment, even with a sweetheart deal from NY. On top of the nut left on the tab from Met Life.
  8. I get they lease the land and can opt out down the road. But they invested the money to build the stadium and would either have to walk away from it or sell out their half.
  9. Strawman? I said the Jets own half of the stadium and you said they LEASE it. They dont. Losing or owning the land doesnt change it, they can walk away and eat the billion dollar investment, which would be stupid or they can sell it. You dont understand leases or straw man arguments.
  10. Just don’t see him being cut. They’ve gone out of their way to explain his health issues as a reason he struggled along with repeatedly talking about his talents and that they still believe in him. I can’t see the advantage to cutting out trading him unless a better player is brought in
  11. You are actually arguing that they don’t own the stadium and can walk away. Good for you. I’m not doing your urge to argue something this ridiculously wrong
  12. The two teams own the stadium. They dont lease the stadium, they own it, equally. It cost almost $2B, you arent walking away unless someone takes over their half ownership of the building
  13. So if fans of the other team travel to see a Jets game they cant get into NYC to do NY things if theyre in NJ? Theyre trapped. Cant get out of the toilet of a city like Hoboken or Jersey City and go to the game and get into Manhattan? But they can from everywhere in NY State?
  14. Pretty much 0 chance that they'd showcase Mims and then trade him. For one they still believe in him or hold out hope that hes talented and circumstances worked against him in the past. Secondly who would want him? If he shows enough to draw offers why wouldnt they hold onto him, he fills a need they dont have in a WR right now. Throw in hes inexpensive and I dont see a reason to trade him this year
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