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  1. Just checking, we are holding our own penises, not each others. Not that kind of kumbaya moment. Right?
  2. Sounds like Jamarcus. Even if it wasnt, lets blame him. No one would ever challenge it
  3. I dont think theyre actually allowed to give them playbooks
  4. Exactly. Theres no reason Jax cant announce their pick. If they did, then it flows from there, if the Jets have their guy they could announce their pick based on Jax pick. Next up SF could do the same, etc, etc. It used to be allowed before the slotted contracts we have today so that teams could start negotiating with a player and if no agreement seemed reachable they actually in theory move to another player.
  5. If we draft him will you please go away in anger? Asking for a horde of friends
  6. They were at Mac Jones pro day and then pulled the trigger on the deal a couple of days later
  7. The NFL doesnt want teams and players announcing their interest. Jags could say theyre taking Lawrence and the Jets could then announce their taking Wilson or Fields, it doest change a thing other than the NFL wants draft night uncertainty
  8. And let me guess, you break out into uncontrollable dance?
  9. I was for taking Allen and caught a lot of grief. I know all the crap I took for saying those off the chart physical traits were too tempting. At best Allen was the 3rd or 4th choice for most. I went back and forth with one of our long time posters who thought I was crazy when I said comp % doesn't = inaccurate
  10. I was just pointing out the differences between what the different "experts" rankings We have no idea how these QBs will work out. Mahomes is a top QB, its unfair to go on about how any college QB isnt Mahomes. Lawrence isnt Mahomes. But he may turn out to be as good, no one can be so sure. And so could Wilson no one knows for sure at this point. Just like no one thought Allen would be and he sure was a year ago.
  11. Thanks, wasnt sure But do remember, most on the list have Fields pretty much 2b to Wilsons 2a
  12. I dont know what's worse. The people that compare Wilson to a NFL best like Mahomes to pump him up Or the people who use the comparisons to a NFL best like Mahomes to slam him.
  13. Theres too much in what he doesnt say. Whats a league source? Who the hell is leaking this kind of info with any accuracy? You think a Jets source is leaking the idea that they turned down a 1? The 49r's want everyone to know that they really wanted Wilson? No one knows what was said other than JD and Lynch. They arent sources
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