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  1. Different times and different world. None of which has anything to do with the point. Belichick is viewed viewed at worst as one the bst ever. Period. You want to argue about QBs, offenses whatever go ahead.
  2. Hes not the face or an organization, in a high profile position, the HC. Hes an OC who doesnt call plays. In the shadow of a top HC. With a shaky past Race isnt the first thing that comes to mind
  3. No one has ever said that there is a list of preferred teams, has ever even hinted to the teams so saying the Jets weren't on the list is wrong. And guessing who might be on or not on the list is actually laughable when its sold as fast. There is no list And even at that, the player being traded, Watson can change his list at any time.
  4. I have no doubt that Sherman to the Jets is already a done deal. He'll essentially be Salahs Bart Scott for the Jets
  5. Other than he didnt know he would want out before they dumped his WR, didnt pay any attention to their best player and had no idea that Saleh would become the Jets HC when he signed that contract for one thing? But more importantly, the Jets arent weren't added to his no trade clause, have no idea why you keep saying this. The no trade clause is just what it says it is, he cant be traded anywhere without his approving the deal.
  6. Has nothing to do with we need CBs. No one is saying ignore the offense, its not one or the other. We dont need to use the 23rd on a RB.
  7. Nothing can ever out do the feeling of being cheated out of a SB appearance through flat out cheating like the Mud Bowl game orchestrated by Don Shula.
  8. What does it say? That we dont know what happens when someone interviews, dont know what is in their background so we go straight to the race card?
  9. Just in case the six other times he said it you didnt catch it.
  10. CB is not a luxury position. We need corners more than we need runners as of today. I want to see Ty Johnson and Perine in this offense more than I want to pray that we have the corners to stop teams from making chunk plays
  11. Coaches dont change kickers, bad kickers kick badly. Its so wrong to keep whining about punting, it wasnt bad. The thing with specials, you need talent there too. Lower picks have to play STs and they are the reason STs play well. Lack of talent elsewhere and start 5th and 6th string draftees that usually play specials and use them at CB, wherever and specials suffer

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