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  1. Anderson also wanted fewer years, hoping to play well and get the money he wants in the next deal. Its not the same deal or apples and apples. Or him not wanting to be here. But thanks, dont know if Boomers insight is right, hes the only one who said this but could be
  2. Please someone link to any report that claims we offered Robby a 4 year deal for any money. I missed that one.
  3. You dont want to be engaged, thats on you. Because you apparently dont like me. Its a message board, this is how it works. You could always just put whoever doesnt agree with you on ignore and only see the posts agreeing with you. You have JoeWillie disease, but at least hes a Jets fan. Youre not Oh and I dont dislike anyone
  4. No, like lame horses, they were taken out back and shot.
  5. Please copy and paste the posts that have Joe Douglas Jesus or the greatest magician to ever live. Who are those people?
  6. Please, we dont lose out on more players than any other team, thats the point, not that when some player went to a SB type team or that a player stayed with his team. Throwing number scenarios as opposed to actual examples is telling
  7. Don’t know how in all these years people can’t get this. A couple of weeks ago as a prelude to ripping them I was told that they aren’t even allowed to run the family business. Just because. As if this was even remotely true
  8. Meh, hear this all the time and we sign FAs. The Browns have. Lions. You offer money, players come.
  9. Saw that too. Takes a special type of whiner to believe this. I know a respected, retired Dr. involved in the race for a vaccine, hes been involved in testing and his indications are the same. He also believes it will be available to all soon
  10. Angry? Not angry, mad or fighting Uninformed? What’s to be informed about? Really, seems to be opinions at work here. Brilliant Whatever makes you, the only one arguing with everyone feel good.
  11. Good luck trying to get FAs to. One to the team. Good luck trying to get players to break their asses the following season. It all sounds good, sounds easy. It’s not. That’s not even taking into account all the times players who seem like 1’s don’t wind up as 1’s or become busts. Too many unknowns. Tua
  12. No one other that a moron would trade Darnold for Fitz. No one. And to say thats because Jets fans overrate his worth on the trade market, well after all the Jamal haters swore up and down that his fans overrated his trade value, that the Jets would be LUCKY to get a low round first for him, well you get what I'm thinking. 1 game to win isnt the value of signing a developmental player, another pointless comment to try and make a failed point
  13. Because what both of you arent getting is you can sit players who are deserving to play, who signed here to play so that you can play this little game. You cant do it to players in the middle, the Perrimans of the team who are in the middle of their careers and dont want to piss away a season of playoff or better eligibility to lose for the 1st pick.
  14. No they dont take on purpose, thats what fans believe. Playing your heart out isnt the same as losing on purpose. Dolphins were tanking for Tua, never happened. Jags are tanking, doesnt look that way from here. If we have the worst record, then we're in good shape with TL or trading out for a boatload of picks
  15. As long as arm strength, ability, talent etc arent part of the evaluation process. Wow, a million year veteran is playing better than a 23 year old with less than 2 years exp. Fitz is better than Burrow. Hes better than every kid QB without experience that a he has. No one would trade their kid for Fitz. Tell is, which team would trade Darnold for Fitz? I do appreciate the mindless comment that anyone could run this offense as constituted. When you claim that White or Morgan would be better at running the offense it is pretty funny

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