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  1. Jet Nut

    Kacey Rodgers Back Next Week

    Bowles wouldn't say that he was back to calling the game though, just he would be back
  2. You most certainly brought up Goff and posted some stat. He didn't play well against the Giants, screw stupid, mindless stats. He lost to that horrid team. He did nothing in the second half vs the Colts, while Darnold answered every Luck score. Again, quote all the stats you want. As I said, stats are no indicative of how he's played. I like Watson, wanted him. He's not the same QB as a year ago. Your tv people, the ones you brought up were discussing teams aren't surprised by him now, they know how to defended him. Not one claimed he's actually better now than last year before his injury.
  3. He looks nowhere near as good as a year ago. Couldn't beat the Colts after a big lead, let them back into the game then had the Colts hand him the game. And the Bills? With a lead and Allen out he barely was able to win. I'm impressed by yesterday too. And would stay away from the Goff comparisons Funny though that when the talk shows talk about how good Bowles is we say they're clueless. When they call a QB who isnt playing well we quite them.
  4. What else does your crystal ball of doom and gloom say?
  5. Always love the player fell in his lap nonsense. Yeah because he picked a player others passed on. But he picked him. Every player picked by every team who didn't pick 1st fell to them. Otherwise they wouldn't be available.
  6. Proving how numbers can be deceiving. He's looked like a completely different player than before, looks lost and not like a winner.
  7. Would almost want to hear how I'm wrong. why him being a good or bad tv announcer has anything to do with what I said. can't What LT had to do with anything. How saying sometimes people have commitments that take them away is wrong. You to go on and on and keep missing the point. And he was a glorified PR guy on Parcells staff. Not a coach or a player. You really need to have yourself checked our just stick to posting pointless .gifs.
  8. Yes it is, IF they find a QB. But as we all know you don't have one available to you when you do pick. And you won't up with Keyshawn or whoever. BTW, if they find a in qb 2020 or 2021 and he takes the usual 2-3 years to develop there's no sure thing in Saquon being productive. I still don't know what Saquon will be. Don't know how he's generational. Don't know how I would feel for a2nd overall who is a 2.5 per back with a couple of long gainers sprinkled in. Who if he follows the career path of a rb will play half as long or 1/3rd the time of aDarnold. Barry Sanders is an elusive target. One who never played in a playoff game. It's a QB league, I'd rather have a Darnold and a run of the mill 1100 yard back.
  9. Like I said, you have no idea of he had a commitment somewhere else. One time you saw him and know all about him. Enough to make a fooll out of your self by telling the man off for not signing. I've seen it work lots of athletes who do sign. Things come up. What he is as a commentator is relevant on what level? Or that he wasn't LT, who was? Boy you old guys told him. He was better than any LB who played for us. And me, my clothes? Lol, grow up already. WTF is the matter with you?
  10. That is true. Them again they said that about Webb for awhile. Used to here how high the Giants were on him
  11. Jet Nut

    Ereck Flowers

    Which is where the rookie QB comes in
  12. Nothing like fans who think athletes have to sit around and sign autographs until every one is done without a clue what that person has in the way of commitments. I've seen Tiger sign autographs and when he left, saying he has to go, fans who didn't get one complain that he refuses to sign. Best part is JW badmouths the guy and has yelled at Banks over it.
  13. Jet Nut

    Ereck Flowers

    The OL sucks. No RB is going to put up numbers against a good to top D, in a game they're trailing, with a rookie QB and a OL that can't physically beat most teams. Shocking to anyone that he didn't get his big numbers against the Browns, Dolphins and Jags? Why?

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