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  1. I know, again with the cheap fantasy argument. Guess firing Macc and Bowles, Rex, Idzik whoever proves that given they all were under contract. You need facts not theories that dont hold water. I could care less about option being picked up if Sam develops. But you predicted he would bust this year. A little different Agree with Morgan 2022 is a different year and if they suck this year and next Gase is gone for sure. We were talking this year, that's the title of the thread, 2020.
  2. WTF ARE YOU ARGUING? I screwed up the order of the two games he missed. Youre argument that he "wussed out". That he missed the Raven game out of fear quite frankly is dumb as it gets. And its really mean spirited and fu9ked up to doubt player injuries. Your claim that not believing your line to total made up shlt is BS and I should blow it out of my ass. Seriously? Youre done? It never started, it was a totally made up, bullshlt theory and dumb argument by a hater right from the start Bye
  3. Totally agree about the GM and about Watson. There were a few of us who wanted him. More that didnt, used to argue with my son over him. But also, this is why Maccagan was fired.
  4. And none of this, not one season since OB has anything to do with Darnold and Gase. Different teams, different coaches, different opponents blah, blah, blah.
  5. I'd bet not one of theses scenarios play out. Not this year at least. We won't be bottom of the league barring major injury, Gase isnt getting fired. And while I was the only one on the board who wanted Morgan and I'm dying to see him play, I doubt he sees more than mop up duty.
  6. Agreed, good point. But while we have had a high turnover, so do lots of other teams and we dont know who will do well with the virtual and reduced live camp time. Fortunately this isnt Sam and the teams first year in this offense, its not like last years offseason where a totally new offense was implemented . Sams third offense in 3 years. But it sure won't be easy and I'm thinking along with Slats that there is going to be a slow start with some sloppy football.
  7. LOL, he only shows to brag. Could come in to defend him, find some reason that this is good for the team. l Was planned by Gruden. Wass like ABs feet.
  8. Though it does seem that he allows the HC to fire the GM, so who knows, lol I do think the model Woody had in place, and many other teams used, was turned over by CJ
  9. Because the value of cash every year goes down. Think about it, what was a million dollars worth all those years ago? Bonilla signed the biggest deal and he was making under $6 mil. Today that would have been 30, tells you all you need to know right there how much more that money was worth back then. You would rather get a million in 2000 than 2020 Plus theres the extra bonus of gaining the benefit of taking that $30 mil and investing it. Even at a moronic 8% return that's lost mils And for even more bonus points the Coupons didnt have to pay out $30 mil all at once, was a slow payment plan that wasn't even felt in their pockets as opposed to $30 mil payment. And even better for them they are paying out the mil this year that's not worth as much as it was in 2000, feel it less than back in 2000, they also would have invested that 30 mil and used the returns to offset some of the owed moneys It sounds odd, but when you really think about it, it was a smart move by the Coupons Again, money today is worth more than money tomorrow.
  10. Because most of us know that being an NFL HC, a successful one doesnt have dick to do with offensive rankings. Heres a clue, go watch the Rex Ryan Jets, those were two good teams and two lousy offensive teams. Has nothing to do with loving anyone, just in understanding the game You keep asking the same question as if it's meaningful.
  11. Come on, Allan looks like shlt and not the kind of shlt that will ever really change.
  12. No my post stressed that its disgusting to accuse a player of faking an injury, especially based on nothing more than you just blowing smole out of your ass. I knew he missed those two games, why the F would I stress one before the other? Youre really reaching now. That you thing Jamal was afraid of playing Jackson really makes you look dumb. You do realize that

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