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  1. And he wasn't the Favre we'd even be making comparisons to at that point. 18 TDs and 13 INTs, 3200 yards, not quite Favre like.
  2. Favre wasn't Favre, at yes, 22. He also wasn't Favre until his 4th season So yes, its lame to compare anyone in their 1st or 2nd season to a HOF QB and for the reasons used, but it really isn't insulting if the time frame used. I do agree, the use of imagination when it comes to developing QBs is a little to liberal. We all do it though.
  3. While most criticize him for not being Favre. Favre wasn't Favre until he was 25 and in the league 3-4 years. Doesn't take into account how terrible the roster is around SD. Somehow gets lost in the translation. You're right, people just need to be patient
  4. Agree. While I cant be sure, I'm thinking the QB, the one who is studies the O more than anyone else is usually the one who has the play right. But you never know
  5. Agree with most of what you're saying other than Vick was a so so QB who was more excitement than MVP game winner and Flacco as an over the hill QB loses out of course but for all the LJ hype he still hasn't achieved anywhere near what Flacco did in his big season for the Ravens. As I said its an interesting conversation and only time will really determine the answer.
  6. After the initial onslaught it was closer than the score. It means their K left 4 on the field. A missed PI to Anderson, a missed muff away from being closer than the actual score. At some point in the 3rd Q they put up the stat, both teams had 207 yards of offense, exactly the same number. Not so much the game was close as not a 21 point blow out I'm agreeing with BScott
  7. No it's not, LOL. Do people stay awake trying to come up with "big indictments" of a CS? We lost 8 games by one score or less a year ago. And? Feel better with those 4 wins? While as @#27TheDominator said not trying to win games but keeping it close. And I love the "made no adjustments" cliche. With this roster, his QB only being able to throw while running around for a chance to pass, without more than one option to throw to etc, etc, what changes are available? Run Bell where?
  8. And anyone who watched the game knows the game was closer than the score and that they played hard to the final whistle Pretty much exactly what Bart Scott and others were saying post game
  9. Whats so head scratching when a 22 year old who's barely over the one season mark throwing 3 INTs over the course of 5 or 6 games? His INT last night wasn't head scratching, we don't even know if it was on him or his TE. Its over played by the media right now. He's thrown 12 in a season where he's played ill, played one horrible game with 4 picks and played almost the entire season with most of his weapons being bottom of the roster types and the leagues worst OL. No time to throw to WRs who cant get open isn't a recipe for low INT counts
  10. I don't get the stretch, no one has won with a QB who is more RB than "QB". None have lasted 1. There is no guarantee you get even 3 years out of LJ. Lets not forget he got injured during the playoffs a year ago. 2. You're assuming you're going to get 3 years of MVP play. 3. You normally get more than 6 years of play out of a top 10 QB. Why cut him off at 6? 6 vs 3 MVP years is kind of an unrealistic comparison. 4. Who ultimately was more important to a team, RGIII or Cousins? What did Vick win? Interesting conversation without an answer right now, how it plays out will be answered.
  11. You mean all those RBs who are built like LJ? The ones who are more valuable leading an offense as opposed to running the ball? You don't get that LJ isn't built like a RB and his position is much more important than a RBs?
  12. OK, you scared me But come on, a Palmer, who doesnt run is suited to come back after a knee. Running QBs who tear up a knee and have to stop running, never are the same. I used to to love Bert Jones and he was the first of many who once their running ability was taken away their games were done. Jackson isnt a RWilson who is a passer with legs and picks and chooses his runs. Jackson is a RB who passes. Hell, he has more carries than Kamara
  13. If you and anyone else believes that he would lead the league in any passing category if he couldnt run like he does thats good for you

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