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  1. And that’s wrong. I said pretty much every scouting group etc and like it or not….not every pretty much. You can rewrite history all you want How do you know JD had ZW at 2 the entire time? Because you’re back to reading minds? No one knows when he decided on Zach but regardless he was t the only one
  2. Yeah, it really has made a difference. Nothing worse than not getting the proper amount of blood flow and oxygen circulating through your body. Effects every aspect of every minute of the day You’re right about sitting on your ass, you recover much slower of you sit around.
  3. It’s amazing, placed the valve in yesterday and woke up feeling better. Thanks for the well wishes, it’s appreciated
  4. Is t this revisionist history? It wasn’t just the Jets, like it or not pretty much every scouting group or so called expert had Wilson rated as their 2nd QB. So that was my point in bringing up the others
  5. Any player having success elsewhere would struggle here? Any player? Who said this? Who said every draft was good? Every GM? Really? Check your notes. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Shocking Question. You joined this July. Since July it’s been one HC, one GM, one QB, etc. How are you such an expert on what I’ve said? Either you’re full of shlt and just making it up or you’re one of our banned posters who crawl back and slip through without being caught. Yet.
  6. Yeah, the class boob thinks I’ve been exposed.
  7. Obsessed? I could care less. Actually in the hospital the past two days, have a shiny new aortic valve in my heart. I know who I wanted and liked. I know I missed Mahomes. I don’t have to defend liking Watson
  8. https://seahawks.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=175390 LOL at this thread
  9. Really? What would make him an outlier? To get better and develop given proper coaching and support?
  10. No, those are the fish in the background, not the Rams
  11. So youre a mindreader or a soothsayer. Why would they keep Lawrence but the Jets wouldnt keep ZW? Just because. Jones is the least talented QB in that draft. One season on a stacked team, not having to do more than dumping off doesnt change that.
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