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  1. Yeah because Vick has proven over again that he's a smart one. People took Jaws opinion, a much better QB that Vick, about Clemons and fans fell over each other defending Lynch because Elway made the move up tomget him. As imsaid, enough of your constant pimping of Mahomes, why can't you just let it play out, why are so insistent that he's a cant miss QB when he isn't.
  2. What does this mean, that's he's a franchise QB? Or a once in a lifetime arm? Or that he wished he had a quicker release? Or maybe since he was paid to work with him he's throwing the usual bs teachers throw out on student.
  3. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Long time ago, possible. Swore he also broke a finger or hand. Could have been non throwing and didn't miss a game. One knee, Osi season, etc, we've taken out quite a few players.
  4. No, it's because you flood threads with the same story over and over again. You keep calling him a franchise QB when he's a 3rd now. Now you're trying to sell him a once in a lifetime arm, lol. I'm the one aggravating people? You keep posting how special he in every single way because he went from a mid round pick to a 1st after the season ended and there wasn't any competition. Arm strength, scrambling ability, franchise QB, video of him throwing a pass to a uncovered receiver on an empty field. You've posted enough nonsense, let it play out instead of insisting you know better without any proof
  5. Not really. Unless you love Mahomes, think he's number 6 talent. Hes not
  6. True but the eye test will tell you if your D isn't good on its own or being dragged down by a lack of offense, too much time on the field or lost of bad field position. Again, I thin there is an understanding that we're in rebuild mode and playing for the future. Think that's why Woody as labeled Bowles safe for this season
  7. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    He broke his hand against the Jets in the preseason, before 1983, think it was on Kleckod helmet, I was there
  8. I'd think getting rid of dead weight vets that didn't put in a solid effort will help. Their starting D has looked real so far this preseason. If they can keep it up, ifs it's an indication of what we have the d will be top 10
  9. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Thanks, forgot that one.
  10. Making sh*t up? No one would have or did pick him 6 or earlier. If he was a franchise, can't miss QB he would have. Hes not close to a once in a lifetime arm, you're the one making shlt up. He has an arm, so does Petty, so does Hack, so does Lynch, so does Jones. All means squat when a weak armed QB like Montanta, Young or Matt Ice would be dream QB comparisons. love that you find it nonsense that he's number three, hasn't started a preseason game while you derail another thread with your Mahomes nonsense. Three were taken because of desperation, none of these 3 get selected as high as they were if there was an average draft class for QBs
  11. That you expect to cry over a missed QB whomshould have gone 6th is what too many died when we passed on Lynch. A year later it's not like last year when the pro Lynch fans blamed Macc for passing on a franchise QB and used the idea the Elway, how was given a pass on being a great QB expert because he was a good. QB, how could he not know more than Macc. So he wasted picks to move up for a QB Macc didn't like enough to pick. Haven read on post where anyone has said Macc knew more than Elway with Lynch. You cant blame him for not drafting a franchise QB when there hasn't been one that he's passed on
  12. How do you come to that conclusion? No one has played against a real defense and one that has gameplanned for them. Mahomes is number 3 and the others are getting their first play with 1's, none have been named starters aywhere Trubinski going so high, Mahomes going that high as a developmental project tells you how little there was to choose from. Put these guys in next years draft and they sink like rocks
  13. 1-15 didn't get Hue Jackson fired. itsmall about expectations. When you look at a team that is predicted to be bottom of the league bad talent wise how do you blame the coach. If they play hard and try he's safe as can be
  14. Quarterbacks and the number 12

    We were having the conversation the other day. So y greats wore the 12. Too many are retired limiting its availability which may have led to the single digit craze. Never used to see 3s, 4, 5, 6, etc
  15. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Broke his hand on a helmet and a knee another year. He was called soft and then turned it around becoming Mr Durable. It was early in his career, you are right