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  1. He’ll never be forgotten by the fans who today would have you believe that there were hordes of fans who wanted us to draft, wait for it, Mahomes. somehow that’s become we don’t have Mahomes and Adams is to blame
  2. I started. Bye. I’m done with you and your arguing after a win. They won but I don’t like Adams personality. STFU. Prick. What else did you call me? Bye
  3. Yeah, I’m whining. That’s what you call it when someone sees a win for what it is. As opposed to the whiners who want to tell you what you saw didn’t happen. Guess it doesn’t fit the narrative leading up to the game. im so sorry you don’t understand the game today. We covered celebrating during a loss in the days of B white shoes Johnson through K Johnson and loads of others. So cry all you want. I could care less what he celebrates. He’s the best player on D, the Jets only pro bowl player. Piss and moan all you want. Whatever you want to complain about. One more time. They won. He balled. Your whine is stupid. Stop arguing with me, you have no point. Go back to wherever it is where they don’t understand football. So you can STFU buddy, come back when you have a viable point. Not this bs Know what the first sign is that you’re a dickhead? When you type this shlt cursing away like a loser At fans celebrating a win and the stars who got us that win. You’re miserable, FUAH
  4. Do you think it was PI? I don’t. And that negates the play to break up the game tying 2 pt conversion how exactly?
  5. Same here. After awhile joke gets lost, if it was ever a joke. Hey let’s write something stupid to get a response A troll
  6. As long as you don’t count the plays where Adams saved the game. Like the last play with the tie on the line.
  7. Moving Adams would be a huge mistake. Period. He’s as good a player as you would expect to get at that spot and we act like you snap your fingers and are guaranteed to get equal value from the 14 or whatever pick as we got at 6. How Jets like would that move be. Not a GM in the NFL who trades Adams today
  8. Your history of threads says it’s useless info
  9. Or after getting destroyed for the dumbest thread imaginable he changes to the master of sarcasm.
  10. Come back when you’re right or move on, pal. You’re totally full of shlt, none of those things happened anywhere but your mind, pal. Find a clip of Adams celebrating down big on the 4th. Clue don’t waste your time. Yeah, he’s the whiney child. We won, su already
  11. You’re an imbecile if that’s what you believe son. Your posts are a start, your threads finalize it
  12. 1. Every time I have a brain fart I don’t start a thread 2. You wish you were even close
  13. A role call of the all knowing. Funny reading
  14. There should be a minimum IQ to start threads. This and others would be a thing of the past
  15. And for some reason you felt the need to make yourself look clueless by pointing out that one of the stars of the game, a huge star, wasn’t actually a star. Kind of telling for more than a few numbnuts who have felt the need to dismiss Adams game.

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