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  1. Thats a $1.8 million dollar grin???? Says who, brain dead OBJ?
  2. Says the guy who cant read. I clearly said until Ficken got hurt he was our only kicker. Then you called me a liar and proved you have no clue
  3. That was it, he brought in 3 players in 5 years to discuss. Good or bad?
  4. Not one QB I mentioned ever played 4 games in a preseason, as Saleh said, not one starter played in week 4 As I said, I'm not leaving Zach out there with backups trying to grab a pelt. You dont seem to hear what I'm saying. Its not a big deal the CS will decide but do continue to argue.
  5. Nobody but me? We'll see if the CS agrees with you and gives Wilson a full half, I'll be surprised. Hey who knows, I could be wrong here but I doubt it. I'll bet I'm not only one who thinks its kinda important to get Morgan some playing time. Dont remember Burrow or Herbert force fed, Murray, etc. What did Darnold play in his first preseason game, a couple of series? Then a Q in game 2, little more in 3 and that was it? Thats the usual deal. I dont see the Giants playing their starters for a half, I'm more than likely not playing our starters a full half. I dont want Wilso
  6. We hate our owner I get it. Every team hates their own owner. We need a central figure to blame, its what we do. Hes a bad man if not we can always just blurt things out, right or wrong
  7. Man, are you really going to continue arguing that the backup QBs dont need to play in the preseason games? Because I'm not continuing this mindless position you've taken. Theyre players on the team, need to play just in case and because Morgan needs to grow into the backup position. I'm not getting the argument or your point.
  8. Whats he had 4 90 min practices? I'm not sure a vet would be ready today
  9. And was Castillo not brought in because Ficken had a pulled thigh or some other muscle? He just likes to argue even when hes dead wrong.
  10. Since the Johnsons bought the Jets they've won more playoff games than Jones and the Cowboys. Have been to 3 AFCCGs. Bills went 16 years without making the playoffs. The 2 playoff games they won a year ago are the only two wins in the last wins in 25 years. I'm guessing the Fins have a similar history since 2000 Its a pointless argument, its what have you done lately
  11. You do know the Giants didnt own a cent of Giants Stadium. And the Jets own half of Met Life. Stadium envy is odd, I never felt like a second class citizen at GS anymore than I felt like a second class citizen at Shea. Where we really were second class citizens
  12. ALL by Jimmy Johnson who the owner hated seeing get credit and dumped. Not sterling ownership. Hes worse than Woody now, hes played GM for 20 years and has what, 2 or 3 playoff wins? Hes done nothing since JJ left and that group JJ assembled faded. He gets all the credit in the world for bringing in JJ. But that was 1989, a long time ago. Before Johnson bought the Jets
  13. Dead serious, you said we're still a revolving door and I said they made one kicking change. Holds true no matter what they did 2 or 3 years ago. We had one kicker last year when he was healthy
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