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  1. Rivera gets fired he'd be one of the first to get hired.
  2. Jet Nut

    Notes and an article

    So the GM decides to make a trade, sends out an assistant to initiate contact and makes the deal, his ass is on the line, and you think the credit goes to the assistant? The deal, the comp, the consequences all fall on Macc but you don't want to credit him? Thats as wrong as It gets and reeks of just not wanting to give him credit for what he did. Made the deal. He did, not Heimerdinger
  3. Warrior? No. I like him but warrior, no way.
  4. So you would have given Snacks the money the Giants did for one year of part time help to the run game? He was let go because of stupidity or because of a stupid contract offer? The list of found talent that comes out of nowhere to star and is allowed to walk, name them. And whos the coach whos letting these mythical players walk? LOL
  5. Jet Nut

    Notes and an article

    This is so wrong and pointless. When you get to this level youre just bitching to bitch.
  6. Jet Nut

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    Running something by him is a whole lot different than making the pick. Chris is the chairman, he'll be in on the face to face meetings, he'll give the ok. In my world it makes it his pick. No matter how much it goes against the "I hate Woody, the guy who knows nothing about football" story
  7. When did you? It's not hard teaching someone the right way to prepare, act etc.
  8. What could we get by trading from the we don't know spot to another we don't know spot held by a we don't know who's behind us looking to trade up team trying to get a player who hasn't declared yet.
  9. What pretty much everyone has worked with him says. you know as opposed to a kid on the internet questioning it. As if QB coach is a ridiculously hard job
  10. I buttfumbled this for blaming the actual buttfumble on the person who had his ass run into. Head first by one of the worst QBs in the NFL
  11. Jet Nut

    McCarthy High on Jets List for HC

    You mean like his brother Chris has been in charge for over a year? Has made all the decisions over that time. FAs, draft, etc. Or how about this. Candidates need to be interviewed in person and woody lives and works in Europe. If you give someone the responsibility and then don't let them do what the job entails what's the point. Other than typical fans who hate the owner stuff. And turning guesswork into empirical nothingness.
  12. I'm not taking the pats in LA or KC
  13. Neither am I. Only thing that would make it interesting is their defense. It's better, much better than the Steelers and the pats only scored 10. This is a ravens team that should have beaten KC in KC. Can dream, lol
  14. If you read what I wrote and wrote this you need help and should run away, you're just making things up Dissonance? Lol

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