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  1. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    This is wrong. For Teddy and Cassel
  2. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    After the season ended Zimmer said Teddys not ready to play. He said that Bridgewater still has more recovery to go through. He later said that the medical staff still has concerns over the knee, I hope you're right and he becomes tradable. He's not playing more than a handful of games at most here. It's Darnolds team.
  3. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    You're mistaken. He couldn't practice, they let him in one game to ease his mind. He attempted 2 passes, none complete. Those are hard facts that say nothing about his ability to play this season. Hate your opinion? What is this? I don't agree. Hate? Nope, why? I just think you're being overly optimistic at this point. Nothing more.
  4. One scribe also put out a report that Baker didn't look good enough to even compete with Taylor for the top spot so might not be a comparable scenario.
  5. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    Funny, he doesn't look better. He didn't magically become a better qb. Has always been more productive than what Teddy has on paper. And you're ignoring my point, he was fine through non contact camps, can't stay on the field when playing the actual games. Its over, you think TB is somehow going to become 50% better than what he was before a devistating injury, one that no one knows he can even come back from. And want to argue as if it's a fact.
  6. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    Fitz threw for almost 4 K, Teddy 3.15K. That's not essentially marginally better. Fritz threw 31 TDs, the number you said TB would need to hit even though his high point is 14. Less than half of Fitzs number. Again not close to marginally better numbers, they're worse. His injuries haven't come close to being tested in a football situation. He's played catch with WRs. Hasn't played a down of football. You do realize that Bradford, every season he blew his knee out was miles past where Teddy is today. And never had the amount of damage that Teddy had.
  7. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    He made the Pro Bowl because he showed up over someone who wouldn't. Under 3k his first season and 3.15k his second with 14 TDs per isn't a pro bowl QB to me. And seriously, the point is he has never come close to putting up numbers like you threw out as obtainable so why, after injury and missing seasons, should he have a chance today? I don't dislike a healthy TB, just don't see him as the kind of QB who will put up those kind of numbers.
  8. You're blaming him for not getting yac yards on this catch or others like it?
  9. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    Sounds good except for the fact that the game manager never threw for more than 3100 yards or 14 TDs before his knee injury. The if pigs had wings they could fly approach doesnt quite work
  10. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    Maybe you should go back and read what I wrote. I said I don't remember one article that said Teddy was the best QB.
  11. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    Would like to see one of those reports where it was said he looked better than anyone. All that was said is that he looks good and its a nice story. So far. Dont remember one Teddy was the best QB in OTAs and camp.
  12. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    Well he has referred to Darnold as a weak armed QB, along the lines of Chad & a TO machine.
  13. Jet Nut

    Hackenberg visiting the Pats

    Agree. But once you build a team like the Pats have had the last 15 years, its a lot easier to give up on picks.
  14. Jet Nut

    Case for Teddy?

    I think the point is that this is silly because there isnt a chance in hell he goes 4000+ yards, 30+ TDS n under 10 picks while winning 10+ games.
  15. That was never the question or point. Joe Walton sucked as a HC but was a good OC and O mind. Calling Bowles O Jeff Fisher like is silly. And he's nowhere near as bad a HC as you're making him out to be. Not only has his offenses never been sh*tty outside of year two when everything went to shlt, he's not anything like Rex's O and has never given anyone cause to call him Rex like or a running HC. It most say it and are dead wrong. Then again outside of some who loved Parcells here I've never seen a HC liked by Jet fans. Weeb included. Fans would rather blame one central figure than what's usually the real issue. A lousy roster.