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  1. Happy Birthday @choon328. Many more!
  2. One whining that next years two could become a 1. If we win a SB. Let’s bitch. Hope we don’t win one, then we’ll have to pay up.
  3. And we don’t have any evidence that holding out and not giving away a 1st is a bad deal. In fact it’s kind of goofy to think it’s a bad thing. We don’t have Rodgers yet and only have Wilson but I believe it’s only March and the season doesn’t start until September. By my calculations that’s 6 months away or plenty of time. There’s no rationalization defense mechanism in action. Just pure common sense. I don’t want JD to overpay because some fans want him to get Rodgers done just because
  4. Nice piece. Not shocked that the two media insider quotes insisting the Packers have the leverage are coming from local Packers coverage
  5. Sources, Joe Douglas initiating talks with Baltimore to acquire Lamar with Rodgers talks at a standstill
  6. Jets have a lot of talent and a really good play caller. It’s not a mistake, he’s the kind of receiver every team in the NFL has, he’s nothing special
  7. Where did I say we’re not allowed to comment? Or where did I disagree with an opinion? I would just think after you say no one cares it’s not fitting to show you care enough to post multiple times. Missed the LOL?
  8. I don’t care about those not discussed by his behavior or his half assed explanations. Rodgers is a much better player. Bottom line. No one cares that he’s older than Rodgers. Moore made it clear, it’s all bout him and getting his numbers over team success. And at the end of the day you’re in Cleveland. That’s banishment from every angle.
  9. Nobody cares yet you commented 5 times on the 1st 2 pages. Lol
  10. You mean all the “how Jetsy, we have all these high 1st round picks and the draft sucks” posts? Or all these picks and JDs 1st draft sucked posts?
  11. Yup. And aren’t after the owners meetings and before the draft pretty much the same things? Good idea though, I cast a vote
  12. Because Cleveland is where any player would want to go. Just for the privilege of playing with sexual deviant Watson over HOF QB Rodgers. That’s a lease on life for sure
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