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  1. Over the last 16 years? Nevermind, he probably didnt see Eli, Big Ben, Rivers, etc etc. He never had cable and all
  2. It has been a long time since we had a HC from the offensive side of the ball. Made me think, it's really been since Kotite? Wow. And does he even count, Walton then?
  3. Propaganda? Lol, because it got the papers what, clicks? It was in their best interest because what?
  4. History means squat. Your Giants were a discrace as bad or worse than any other team, ever. You don't believe there were boycotts, good for you son. It mattered to the point of being covered by every outlet. The Ginats went from the late 50s to 86 without winning. Pick up a book, read up on your team and then do the same with the other examples I gave. WTF does a Ginats fan give a hot about the Jets?
  5. Giants had a 20 year run of the most embarrassing football from ownership down to their FO. They had a 30 year run without a championship. They literally had Rosell threaten to take the franchise away from them, forced them to hire George Young. They had fans boycott their games. Hired planes to fly over GS with banners ridiculing their team and HC. Your team went over 40 years without winning anything. 49'rs went about the same until they won. History means nothing, thats as ridiculous as it gets. Whoever ran a team 30 years ago, whoever coached them, whichever players they had, have absolutely nothing to do with what goes on years later
  6. Agree. Except that RBs dont usually have a 8 year life span. But like you said, even with a 8 year span when you factor in a 3 year developmental period for Jones, what do they have time wise together? Would have made much more sense to start the developmental process. Another factor is if youre really lucky and SBarkley is a top of the charts RB for 4 seasons then you'll have to dump a small fortune his way, right when you need to be finalizing your roster for a serious playoff push. Ass backwards IMO
  7. Sure you do. And you respect Jones I guess. You know, a young FQB. LOL Why the hell would anyone respect Gettleman, hes done nothing. Well other than being a "world class talent evaluator" OMG, thats funny
  8. Where did this come from? I dont ever remember hearing this until Macc was fired here.
  9. I agree here. I bet some throw away comment became an overblown argument used as part of the reasoning why he was surprisingly and undeservedly let go.
  10. He let Landry run for the money and Ajayi was a knucklehead who butted heads with the HC and expected to somehow win that battle. Not as widespread as some have made it out to be. I remember all the overwhelming number of players who backed Gase and his coaching compared to others. Time will tell
  11. Curious, how have you decided hes the most talented? To me youre confusing production with the Steelers with talent. Any RB is going to produce more tangible numbers than a DB. Either way they both grade out at or near the top at their position Doesnt make him more talented. Its not a bad thing to debate which is more talented though, much better than having only one player in the discussion
  12. There isnt a camera angle anywhere that shows the ball was already over the receivers head. Doesnt exist because it didnt happen that way
  13. When was the last time this happened to us? Having a hard time remembering.
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