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  1. Reread what I wrote, sounds like you misread it. I said the Browns shouldn’t make fun of the Jets given their final records. Didn’t say a word about you or criticized you. Wasn’t piling on
  2. WTF did I say that was childish. That if the Browns spent less time making fun of the Jets and playing hard they might have won more games than the Jets? Really? That was childish? You’re taking this defense of the Browns too far.
  3. Maybe they should have stopped making fun of us when they played us with a 3rd string QB and concentrated a little harder on winning. Maybe then they would have won more than the Jets.
  4. And the record of 10 others on defense, 11 on offense and 11 STs players is not exactly a convincing argument and shouldn't be hung on any one player. And really proves nothing about what the record would have been without him.
  5. Chargers would kill to have a 22 year old replacement like Sam.
  6. Guess I'm in the minority here but to me todays game, the passing game, is so much more interesting and fun than run left, run right, run up the middle football of he 70s
  7. Forgot, its every tweet becomes its own thread time of the year
  8. You didnt, you said Kalil was worse. And I don't agree. Macc had plenty of time with Winters and signed him. Not the same as taking a shot on an ex pro bowl player and totally crossing your fingers in taking a chance that he can be what he was the year before. How are we taking money away from this years cap on Kalil? He isn't on the payroll That sucks buddy, I remember those well and feel for you.
  9. Winters pay in 2020 $7M, total investment $29M Kalils pay in 2020 $0.00, total investment $8M Similar signings
  10. Total Bullshlt. Start with the bullshlt needed to try and convince people the situations were the same and have that shlt drip into trying to also convince then that a 3 year commitment is worse than a 1 and done deal that monetarily had no negative consequences to the team. Sorry, no ones is buying that bullshlt. 😁
  11. If were doing units, The Doomsday Defense or the Steel Curtain. Sack Exchange and Gang Green for our Jets
  12. Yeah, a lesson I positional value. Proved out on a Jet board.
  13. Because on no level is Kalil as a one year band aid, out of desperation has nothing to do with overpaying a player like Winters for 3 years? Because he was trying to fix the mess at C that Macc created? Because everyone thought it was a sound move at the time and has no negative consequences moving forward?
  14. Retiring is hardly an exodus. He's in his 70's But will hurt them so I love it
  15. Any analysis of Sams ability to throw long has been effected by the inability of the OL to hold off defenders long enough to allow a deep passing game. When he has had time Sam to Robby has worked pretty well. Thats all I'm saying
  16. 2nd greatest. Close but not as epic as the thank god we hired Macc and Bowles thread.
  17. Thanks, should be a sticky thread until December 13th, from then on known as Jamal Adams Day. Or @T0mShane day for short. 😜
  18. What would they call it if Hacks accounts were hacked? We'll never know, no one cares enough to expend the energy to hack his accounts
  19. He was mocked as the 19th or so best player. Bowles once coached someone his size so we ignore that and go with its Bowles pick. I get the logic but its not like he went against the chalk for a Bowles player. And doesn't change the fact that the pick just didnt work out. To put it mildly.
  20. Bad example given Lee went to the Jets pretty much exactly where he and his talent level were mocked. We have no clue that Bowles wanted Lee or anyone else at that spot. Coaches input should come in the way of letting their GM know what kind of unit they envision, could help determine what TYPE of player taken, if there is an option to what left on JDs board. Not to make the pick for him, tow different things.
  21. Totally agree. This was hinted in interviews when Macc was fired. In the rush to call CJohnson a boob it was ignored. Once the word got back to CJ that the "building", as he called it, had issues with Macc, that communication broke down this last year during the draft, he came to the conclusion that Macc had to go.
  22. Not actually seeing how a strong armed QB who can make every throw needed would benefit one or the other. He could make both work IMO. Not to argue semantics but Robbys not a free agent. No one is yet, FA period is March and I think Robby could sign with the Jets tomorrow if they wanted too, right?

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