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  1. No, youre confused. I read what you wrote. Its kind of silly to think that the teams QB has to wait to take over the team and talk to players. And its wrong. Making calls and telling his teammates that he is looking forward to their participation in camp isnt barking out orders. You thinking Sam will benefit somehow by taking up the fight and attempting to make fun of or insult our new QB is the joke of it all.
  2. Just as it was negative and not all that smart to have page after page of doom and gloom over talk that players would stay away a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Imagine how much sense repeating this same line of nonsense over and over again would make if somehow this years schedule actually turns out easier that one of the easiest schedules we ever had, the 2019 schedule.
  4. What does this even mean? On any level.
  5. You think that means the QB cant talk to players? Because A Luck was respectful in saying the Colts were Reggies team? Because Luck wasnt allowed to talk to the players of Reggies team? LOL Jimmy Neutron, zippy? Making fun of your teams QB while never making sense or adding to that board, how to go through life on a fan site.
  6. I hope hes allowed to speak out turn by the time the season starts. Would suck to see players just looking at each other in the huddle, waiting for a vet to speak first
  7. Well Benjamin signed Still trying to understand how hes notable
  8. Because as much as I admire him, who has Shanahan scouted and developed? Ryan? Kaep? Garapollo?
  9. Jabari Zuniga & Bryce Hall can really make an impact if they get it together
  10. I dont think we agree, its a bad example. Ginn wasnt transformed, he was forced into being a #1 and had 700 receiving yards. Robbie put up 200 more yards than Finn with McCown and Petty throwing to him
  11. You know @Creepy Lurker is the perfect name for a designated staff member who's job it is to read our board.
  12. They made the trade up right after the Lance pro day. I agree, they made up their mind on a pro day. Will be interesting to see how smart they were or weren't.
  13. All the NFLN has been doing is pimping the Jets, talking big & quick turnaround. There is no clear hypocrisy between the Wilson and Lance narrative, no one is talking Lance more than Wilson, youre trolling. Mina was going on and on about Wilson the other day, how hes Mahomes like. Stop the BS
  14. QBs bust. Its comes with the territory, its par for the course Anything else is a waste of time Plus you left off the most likely response. "I wanted....(the QB who didnt bust)"
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