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  1. This is a fictional account of the Jets, nothing is how it happened. I get it, you’re so tainted by hate, calling someone ignorant, that it’s not worth it
  2. Peterson was well respected. You’re also making my other point, that a winning run changes the entire view of ownership. KCs ownership was clueless, now they’re the Hunts You have no point, they were hired elsewhere, that’s what I said
  3. So you waste this years draft to trade the pick to use the picks, if you get them back, a couple of years down the road? No
  4. Actually you have no case. Its not your team, theres no rule that he has to hire an experience HC just to prove the point. Most hires are rookies. Look around. I know what you believe about Woody as a businessman and thinker. I also know that none of it is based in fact and most of it is based on the fact he inherited his money. We've been down this road before and we know that we dont agree.
  5. So, Parcells wanted the job but didnt get offered the job McCarthy wanted the job didnt get offered the job. Gase took the job And all those who we offered the job to who turned it down because of Woody? Come on with this
  6. The dreaded strength of schedule excuse Because as we all know, using teams winning percentages from a year ago are a sure fire way to determine strength of schedule
  7. And? Both Harbaughs, Reid in Philly, Gase in Miami, Belichick in Cleveland, Shanahan and Gruden in Oakland, can go on and on with rookie HCs. And for all the crying about the clock under Herm he somehow made the playoff more than he didnt. Lots of HCs are bad with the clock. The idea that a HC, with limited opportunities turns down a NY job because they think they know something about the owner is pure fantasy. Almost as big a fantasy as he won't give control. Because in England hes been controlling things and has a history of controlling things. I'm sure you'll come back with Favre, maybe and Tebow, without proof. The rest? In 20+ years? Its amazing the things people who hate him come up with
  8. Arguably there is nothing that says thats true. KC hired Herm. Cleveland hired Mangini. Herm made the playoff what, 3 out of 5 seasons? Mangini, one out of 3, one more if Favre doesnt rip up his shoulder?
  9. Thats total nonsense Woody didnt do a damn thing to give anyone that impression or how this works with the reports Parcells wanted to stay on or that Groh would take some pair of balls to complain about anyone given the way his coaching left us out of the playoffs and hardly could make a case for whatever point youre trying to make other that you hate Woody Woody never passed on a Harbaugh, Rex could have said no. Love the idea on one. He lost the Baltimore job, they liked him, just like Harbaugh better and Rex should have, if he thought Woody was a problem, moved on. So could have Herm and Mangini. Should have if your nonsense story was true. Like your other imaginary points. After one year of ownership, Herm should have turned the job down? Because why exactly? You actually wrote this?
  10. No he can’t, you can’t easily replace a FQB drafted 2 years ago for a #1 pick in the 2021 draft. No one is moving out of the one spot if they need a QB and they probably will, it’s usually why you’re picking 1st. If not the cost to move up will be too much for a team that just isn’t sure about their QB as opposed to doesn’t have a QB. Huge difference
  11. So you dont think that Sam is a potential FQB, because if he is you dont do it. Makes no sense to do it if you believe. And its apparent that JD does
  12. Sitting on a park bench eyeing little girls with bad intent. Snot running down his nose greasy fingers smearing shabby clothes. Aqualung.....
  13. Reports were that Parcells wanted to stay, first as a consultant and then as HC if the Jets would pay him then the ungodly rate of $8 mil per. Woody passed given all Parcells wanted was to retire, man in the mirror and all. Funny the man in Parcells mirror lied to him and was cool with taking jobs he didnt want if the money was right. Groh went to Virginia to be the HC and more importantly to coach his son who was going there as Vs QB. So if youre right, why did Herm, Mangini, Rex, Bowles and Groh sign with the Jets? Or do those who sign not count, just those 2 with their weird circumstances
  14. Because theyre football players and to get to that level most play because its in them, a part of them. Nothing about Mosely has led us to believe hes in it for the money. So, yes, I may be the dumb one here but when someone tells me they have a child and theres a reason that COVID scares them to the point where they give up millions, I just believe them at face value. Nothing wrong with those who want to believe hes all about the money, somehow, but I'll go with Moselys words
  15. And I'm older than both, and just like both, none of us have anything else
  16. COVID brain, wrong post, wrong answer, wrong head. LOL, my bad
  17. You think for a second, after all the shlt Belichick took for running out on his mentor, with Parcells sitting right in front of him, I believe a word he says about why he left. Had reservations about the job, not about working for Woody.
  18. Yeah, I get we dont know how much better the OL will be but no one seems to thing it will be marginally better. And marginally better would give Sam more time and room to operate. I guess I just dont get the idea that JD passed on all these great OL that were available. Who were these beasts that we missed out on? Conklin? Becton has all the makings of a better T Yeah, if im Sam Darnold I do think that JD helped the OL.
  19. Was he talking about Woody to someone else and I quoted the wrong post or am I losing my mind totally?
  20. Really? Hes a FA that was signed to the practice squad and will never dress for us that the Cowboys drafted in the 5th round. But wait what?
  21. What team do you root for? We made the playoffs 4 of 6 seasons at one point and then 2 straight AFCCGs. Yes, its been one bad year after another for too long but dont make it into only 3 good seasons.
  22. You cant turn further away from what was reported at the time of Belichicks deal with the Pats. Parcells was going to be retained and Belichick didnt want to coach under his shadow. Kraft gave Belichick the keys to the city and couldn't pass that deal up. After the Belichick fiasco Parcells offered to stay as HC, at his price and Woody decided to move on, the ship had sailed.
  23. Deeper. If Mike White is the break out player and all he has to do is play 4 games to quadruple his production, that means Sam, Flacco and Morgan all went down 😳

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