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  1. So it’s a list of players who impressed the Jets. And then he gives us a list of players he was impressed with. Writing at its finest
  2. Who did the Jets lowball that walked away? And every FA a Jets GM doesn’t overpay then becomes a low offer? To save cap space we don’t need to save? When we signed Fant he was overpaid. Think about what that does to your argument.
  3. CS, Saleh and LaFleur both said that Flaccos been great, has really been a mentor to Wilson. That anyone believes you have to have been an all time great to be a mentor just doesn’t have a clue what a mentor does.
  4. And how does he conclude that either unit will be better than the other? His expert eye seeing proof? No. Camp? No. Preseason games? No. A guess based on what, the draft?
  5. Jeez, you say it all the time. You know like when you said all Jets fans talk whatever shlt you accused “them” after drafts. Chasing you around with downvotes this past year? LOL you’re kidding or highly confused. I’m the Strawman? Get over yourself In the mood to tell people what to do and then argue? Try someone else. As I said thick skinned.
  6. Right after you stop posting “what all jets fans do or say’? Kinda works both ways, lighten up
  7. A little thin skinned, there was no swipe.
  8. I know you enjoy telling everyone how we suck but 14 playoff teams in the NFL is brand new, hasn’t been the case the last 22 years. 37% isn’t quite 44% 22 seasons without a playoff series win and you suck epically, much worse than the Jets over the last 22 Neither team has much to celebrate though
  9. Everyone makes the playoffs in the NBA and they weren’t really competitive last season. They’re not a young and up and coming team.
  10. So basically reduce the chances of getting a bigger contract by missing time due to injury. SF lost a huge part of their team. Bosa and their starting QB in week 2, along with other key members of their roster
  11. Playing out of position and with little around him had no effect on his play
  12. Same here. I was brought in by my fathers fandom. I brought my sons in just as I was. I started bringing my oldest son when he was 6. We had lots of great afternoon watching and rooting the Jets on, either at the Stadium or on TV. We’ll be at the fin g e together for that reason
  13. I had Jets season tix for 37 years. Anyone who was a fan from the late 70’s and beyond hated the Dolphins, they were the rival team you looked for on the schedule every year, Shula was the Belichick of the era. Living in FL, I would never even consider rooting for the fish. It’s not illogical to remain a Jets fan. Sunday ticket gets allows me to watch every Jets game down here just like in NY and there is a Jets bar located near by that is packed with Jets fans in their Jets gear rooting the Jets on every Sunday. Nothing illogical, the lazy way would be to root for the local team but logic has nothing to do with fandom
  14. The just make the helmet white when the best part of this uniform is the helmet is interesting. Who cares, I’ll love the uniform if they win. Uniform isn’t that big a deal to me.
  15. Let’s complicate it by looking for some pseudo psychological reason why we’re loyal fans of our team. Really good fans who don’t run away in droves through hard times and aren’t band jumping fans whenever the team is good.
  16. Used to be any team can sign a player off of your practice squad provided you keep the player on your active roster.
  17. Feeney just signed a 3M per deal. It’s fully guaranteed and his cap hit will be $3M if he’s cut. Don’t think he’s going anywhere Bowden might be a casualty, his spot could go to Wesco as a TE/FB Dont see Mims being traded for Montgomery. CS thinks Mims has talent and the return would be minimal if even possible, even for JD. Are we allowed to post hot women from old TV shows or will you get pissy like skeptable? Asking for @munchmemory
  18. He was a pro bowl player in 4 of his 5 seasons in Baltimore. Nothing about the guys says he dogs it until it’s a contract year. Wrong guy
  19. Shhhh, he actually believes people have legacies to protect on a message board. Humor him.
  20. Now I get why Alan Luden went all to young.
  21. From working at Orchards of Asia Day Spa.
  22. Betty White back in the day….
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