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  1. And he’s still the reigning pro bowl LT.
  2. Didn’t Rodgers skip last preseason too? And the year before?
  3. Actually it’s a different injury.
  4. Digesting my Becton defense? He got paid what pro bowl Ts get paid. I’m not getting the bitching and moaning over fill the spot of an injured player with a pro bowl player and having to pay him. I have no idea how it gets beyond that.
  5. Tanny has been picking Tampa to get to the SB this year because, wait for it, Todd Bowles is a great HC. Better than Arians and similar to Belichick. Best line of the morning, what the difference between Bowles and Belichick other than SB wins. Now that’s smartly done.
  6. On what planet do you live where a T who made the pro bowl a year ago, his fifth signs for less money?
  7. Mac Jones not playing in the preseason opener for the Pats tonight. Matt?
  8. You can’t scream bust after an INT, bad pass or bad practice and then claim it’s only practice when he practices well.
  9. Then why do you keep watching Don’t you get he’s not putting the game plans and the X’s & O’s out there for you and the whole world to see. Because that wouldn’t be smart
  10. Says the master of the neg rep. You F’d up and are giving me shlt? Nice job
  11. Find the thread I started that isn’t a reposted article Go for it
  12. Yeah, that’s what I would take from this. As I said, find a stitch of proof that Bectons injury has anything to do with the CS, would have been avoided before blaming people. I made a simple comment
  13. Starting threads isn’t one of your talents
  14. I saw the videos. I said he’s been in pain. He added a brace because of the pain. Injuries happen. Bones crack.
  15. What are you talking about? You think his legs were bent out by stress and then poof, one broke? And someone needs to take blame for it?
  16. Lol, Mets i have no idea, they’ve said his knee has sore and there’s been pain. Doesn’t mean can’t be related but to me being sore doesn’t lead to a broken/cracked/chipped whatever bone. I’d agree a whole lot more if it were a soft tissue, ligament type injury
  17. The NFL Is fine with her findings it’s her discipline that they have a problem with The NFLPA negotiated this CBA, they wanted investigations handled by outside counsel and wanted the ability to appeal all decisions for the benefit of their players. That was what they wanted and negotiated. What’s good for the goose…
  18. I always remember an interview with ex P Dave Jennings where he said the worse you draft the mores holes you have to fill with FAs. FAs tend to be lesser athletes and/or older than draftees which can skew your injury totals higher We fit that bill over the last 10 seasons.
  19. And that could work or it could backfire if the team he prefers going to signs someone else.
  20. And of course how would you know from your computer what Mitchell is or isn’t? Maybe he can play meanwhile Ickey has struggled and has been pushed to G where we’re fine
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