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  1. I read Fant played well. Then also read hes played poorly Read Lewis has played well And also have read Lewis has been to blame. Amazing how OL play is graded by all of us
  2. Well lets see if you can understand, guys like you dont so. The HC should be fired because of a lack of wins. But the roster is devoid of talent, the job of a GM. If the GM doesnt get talent the HC to win, why are you firing the HC? Im not serious about keeping Gase, but your reasoning isnt why. Do YOU understand?
  3. Its impossible. Join Shea or whoever he was in believing 4 wins over two seasons was better than seven in one. Go for it.
  4. No, I dont get the point of picking a vid of a 6 yard gain and complaining about an OL on the play. Youre right. And didnt see 3 plays
  5. The point is we're complaining about one play in two games with the video. And it gained 6. I'll take those misses on every play run play
  6. I looked at the video and its a 6 yard gain. Thats all
  7. Youre right, he shouldnt have held firm to get more money. Im sure we all would leave millions on the table
  8. You have to make up your mind. You go back and forth Either Douglas is tanking by not signing players, not wanting to win or hes inept. Which is it?
  9. So, following your brilliant post, if JD marched out a garbage roster why does Gase need to get canned?
  10. You keep reading Ws & Ls and telling yourself that fames tied or close at the half. That 4 wins in two dont count, close scores at the half do yet 7 actual wins dont. I'm done
  11. And you do realize we're talking about worst JETS HC's? Updated: All-Time Worst Jets Head Coaches List
  12. What does any of that have to do with the incompetence that was Kotite and the fact that you have no clue how bad he was?
  13. No you dont GOTCHA Youre just wrong, dead wrong. You dont know if Sam is or ever was a FQB or if hes ruined.
  14. Members 18,536 49,139 posts All of them no some of them yes some maybe.
  15. Can you stop this nonsense, Kotite has two seasons worth of incompetence. Gase won 7 games in year one, thats 3 more wins than Kotite had in his entire career here. Theres it is in a nutshell The Gase hire isnt working, we get that. The need you feel to call him the worst every also doesnt work.
  16. Got to say, I dont think for a minute that Gase is here for the long haul. He could have if he turned things around but its not going to happen. I think its pretty apparent that the Jets are going to blow this up and rebuild with Joe Douglas the lead in all of this
  17. Really? SO all 63 are a part of the future here?
  18. Right because its readily apparent you didnt suffer through the Kotite years and actually are trying to make a point that one game < 2 years of Kotite
  19. So your prediction of 0-16 makes him worse than Kotites actual 1-15 season Wrong, as of Kotite is the worst, not whatever you dream up.
  20. No kidding, all 53 on the roster and the 10 on the practice squad are not part of any future here. As if thats news to anyone. And as if every team in the NFL doesnt have players on their roster than arent part of their long term future. This isnt news and a completely pointless argument that you feel like bludgeoning to death. Right before you cry that someone answered your post
  21. You sign players to fill in, thats what you do. I still dont get how you can complain about Gore when he played well. Whats the point. Hes not here other than to do what he did, fill in for Bell until Perine is ready. Ballage is a bottom of the roster STs player, so what. Daily argument? WTF is the matter with you? You bring up a topic and if someone doesnt agree with you you cry that theyre arguing with you and cry over it, calling it a waste of time. But you'll reply. Again and again
  22. So youre saying, because youre sure, that Kotite would have helped Darnold. Anyone who thinks any Jets HC is or was worse than Kotite didnt suffer sitting in the stands during his tenure. Period

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