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  1. This was posted 4 hours ago: League Worst Defensive DVOA After 3 Weeks
  2. No one plays their starting players in their preseason games anymore.
  3. With every team given how little teams play as a team in the preseason.
  4. Kind of explains his drop off in the SB where he actually was harassed and hit. Which wasn’t an issue in the AFCCG. Thanks for agreeing instead of carrying on to the claim that pressure on the QB doesn’t lead to a dropoff in QB play. That’s comical.
  5. Which one, the accusation that people are making excuses for SW when no one is or that the OL was an issue for Flacco?
  6. So Mahomes, Brady etc weren’t good ones in their SB losses. It was poor QB play, not the OL. Not injuries to KCs OL. LOL, everyone blamed their OLs, credited the opposition, no one blamed Mahomes or Brady until today. Guess you’re preempting a defense in case someone uses it to explain away a bad ZW performance.
  7. You’re reading what you want to read if you think my claim that under pressure QBs don’t play as well as they do in a clean pocket is me making excuses. It’s a given, not just for Zach or even the Jets. It’s why the Jets and others will sell their souls for a pass rush.
  8. 100%. If pressure gets to him he’ll struggle. Doesn’t mean he shouldn’t be able to make plays. I’m on the same page here.
  9. Didn’t say Brady didn’t win some games, said they don’t perform as well. Pulling out wins when struggling isn’t saying you can’t win. Just the chances are lowered. Are you seriously claiming QBs don’t struggle more under duress? Is it making excuses? Sorry, it’s football 101, get to the QB increases your chances of winning
  10. Yet Brady, the all time GOAT and Mahomes the current GOAT couldn’t prevail. It’s not an excuse, QBs struggle with pressure, it affects their games. Thats a fact. That’s why teams try to get pressure and why it’s not an excuse, it’s something QBs have to deal with. Just if he’s constantly being hit it’s going to affect anyone’s game but it’s part of the game.
  11. Neal looked worse than Mitchell last night.
  12. What’s the #1 reason people have given for Mahomes losing to TB in the SB? Brady losing to the Giants? It’s not an excuse, QBs struggle more under duress.
  13. It’s not excuses but it is a fact, QBs being hit and harassed don’t perform as well as with protection. Brady struggled in games he was harassed and Mahomes did in the SB when his protection broke down. Its why we scream for our DL to sack and harass a QB. it’s not an excuse, you can still play or win even
  14. Yeah, that one pass again. Can’t get over a QB throwing an interception
  15. But you just did make it up. The OL was an issue for Flacco and will be an issue for ZW or whoever lines up under center
  16. Who care what these releases say? Especially the ones someone posted as a joke. Players don’t play without a doctors clearance. Doctors clear players and coaches go with an extra week off all the time.
  17. The same people who said we should have taken Evan “The Turnstile” Neal? He was a horror last night.
  18. No shlt, the doctors are the ones controlling the timeline of his return to the field. There’s no spinning by anyone but you and the others who just can’t seem to accept that and want to turn it into something larger. And of course concerning.
  19. Curtis Martin played with a cracked spine. Richard Todd played with broken ribs. As have others. How many players have you seen get knee surgery and play when their doctors say no? Some injuries have little risk of further injury and it’s a matter of pain management. I surgically repaired joint need stability or it fails. This is a pretty simple distinction.
  20. Unfortunately Shephards injury history kind of points to his body being the issue, not the turf. Knee injuries suck but they happen.
  21. We’re now in a fantasy world where a player with a knee injury, who had surgery doesn’t need clearance to play? All he has to do is say “put me in coach”? After surgery? LOL. It’s like a movie. Player has surgery and limps onto a field and wins one for his teammates. Say whatever you like about Wilson as a QB or drafting him but accusing him of being soft, not working hard is pretty weak. Nothing about him points to someone who isn’t itching to get back in.
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