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  1. Your team has won 11 games over the last 4 years and lose to us regularly without a QB. Why are you here talking trash?
  2. SOJF starting a thread about thinking like a SOJF?
  3. Dementia,or brain disease? Nope, they didn't know years ago. They knew about chronic arthritis, bad backs, bad joint issues, trouble walking, standing, siting, getting out of bed, early death. So, what does players that didn't know in the 40s and 50s have to do with a player who retires at 25 or 35 in 2015 knowing the risk when they decided to pursue football as a well paying career? All I said is that players assume the risk when they play, know all about them when they play today. Their choice. You're on to a different topic. I didn't ridicule anyone.
  4. For one, they all knew the risks when they decided to pursue football. They've lived as big man on campus and as a pro they've made millions. Most wouldnt make in a lifetime what they make in a season. You make it sound like they were forced into indentured service. Just like you make it sound like all walk around as half crippled suicide risks.
  5. Not disagreeing with most of what you wrote but that wasn't Manginis team. Start with Sanchez at QB, Guys like Scott, Leonhard, Bray, later Cro etc, Cincy let no one win. The Jets were killing them at the half and then they benched everyone. A week later the Jets blew them out in Cincy. The Jets were the better team.
  6. Actually he didn't say a word about Rex, he was talking about the Jet locker room being more accountable. Thin skinned Rex needs to grow up and raise his boiling point. He sounds like a jilted girl when he keeps rehashing the Jake Amaro slap to ththe face he had to endure. He's as wrong as it gets, needs to shut up
  7. Or maybe he put it to Colon and the team and told them that's it, no more talking about teammates. One comment hardly makes this team the same as the blabber mouth group under Rex. We'll see
  8. The point wasn't whether Rex was or wasn't a racist, the point is can you imagine the response if the same comments were made about him. The main point was your guy opened his big mouth, pulled the race card forcing Kelley to respond. A simple "I've moved on, McCoy is on a new team, I wish him luck" wouldn't have worked as it would have for Rex.
  9. He called him a racist. I'd go back at McCoy too. Can you imagine what Rex would do if someone called him a racist? Death threats to the player and his family?
  10. Why would he be drinking meals through a straw in his 50s? How would taking a year off help?
  11. Waiting for the "you hit one of our guys we'll hit two of yours".
  12. Yes, rant. rant (rănt) v. rant·ed, rant·ing, rants v.intr. 1. To speak or write in an angry or emotionally charged manner; rave. 2. To express at length a complaint or negative opinion: "He could rant on the subject of physician-assisted illness" (Paul Theroux).
  13. What is your point that he was asked a question so he's not to blame for going on a rant? You don't even know what he was asked but you're lecturing us about what he was asked do he just answered. Can you find a question about the Pats? Because he just had to tell us about the Pats as he always does. You're right about one thing. This defense is tiresome.
  14. This is your argument? The reporter didn't know what they were talking about? He didn't know then"him" Rex was talking about? Lol, ok. You love Rex, he didn't say what every news outlet is reporting. we get it
  15. I see two that could make significant contributions. Only one other than those two I'm sure even makes the team
  16. Hopefully Amaro and Pryor can develop, I think they'll at least contribute. Really want to see Pryor in his natural position this season. But even if they work out like they planned what about the rest of the draft? 10 picks and we have a special teaser from the bottom of the draft and maybe a 4th CB who is injury prone? It's actually hard to waste that. Many picks in a deep draft
  17. Well got to admit, it's always sunny in Buffalo. Your QB issue isn't really an issue that can't be overcome, your good team will bet better,-become really good because you want them to, the players you added are all better than what you had, Rex will be better in Buffalo than he was with the Jets and no one else will improve as much as the Bills have. You do realize this is what you've said over the course of a few posts
  18. That's a small part of the actual quote. That would have been enough but Rex can do enough, he has to go further. Because as he says he has a chip on his shoulder. You left out "we ain't hiding, etc". Anyone ask him if they're hiding? NO. Did anyone ask about the Pats? NO. All other teams? NO Where was he asked about Amaro? “I couldn’t care less about him,” Ryan said of Amaro, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “That doesn’t mean anything to me. … [The hard feelings with Amaro] will be decided on the field, and we’ll see who’s got the better team.” Ryan said the comments put “a chip on my shoulder” for the Bills’ two games against the Jets, such that he needed help with that. “I know what’s been written about me and other things, so will I have a chip on my shoulder? Absolutely,” Ryan said. “And it will be fun. I know one thing: We ain’t hiding from anybody — New England, the Jets, anybody else. We’ll take on all challenges, and I’m looking forward to it.” Again, part of this is just Ryan’s schtick, and it’s working, since the Bills are selling tickets at record pace since he got the job. And if it takes continuously jabbing with a fairly anonymous player to keep them in the news, it’s apparently worth it to Ryan, who has now brought up Amaro at least four times.
  19. At this point you have no idea that your team will be better than last year. There's much more to improving Han adding players. The Jets were 8-8 with a rookie QB struggling big time. They added players and got worse. No one in the division added as many quality players as the Jets. Means nothing until they play the games.
  20. This is not what you said, you said it wouldn't happen. Couldn't. BTW, every team on your schedule added players too.
  21. Actually he used three plays to highlight the improvements he saw in his last 6 games. Geno played 13, 6 is almost half the season, not cherry picking plays or 20% of his season.
  22. Can't use he quite as a defense. That's the last thing a coach can do.
  23. You don't want to believe it. I'm going by his words. He said they would get Amaro. Don't know what else his words could mean. BTW, this is Rex, you will find yourself having to defend and interpret words in ways which don't make him look bad. How many times did you have to interpret to defend Marones words?
  24. No team anywhere can say no one will lay a whipping on team. It's the NFL any team can surprise you.
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