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  1. Far too often. There has to be blame placed somewhere. And preferably to the fewest number of people. One is best. Not one of these internet Dr can provide proof that 1. Anyone on the Mets should have pulled Becton or 2. That his knee was damaged for playing with pain or the knee was damaged and then he was limping in pain. But we need to place blame.
  2. Because I’m talking fans saying the GM sucks after that fan was dancing over the pick. Just like if you give the answer that some give the we’ll see answer when discussing young players and then come back with I never liked him, they should excuse themselves from the conversation.
  3. Yeah, looking back at draft picks, after the fact makes it easy to like or hate picks. I love when people like a pick then complain later as if they were against it even more than the weak. TBD while being negative approach.
  4. How can you not feel like you took another punch today? But I’m still excited for the season, why shouldn’t we feel the same
  5. Now tell me what you’re talking about? What does eating crow have to do with my post? I was commenting on his pointless post that someone could spit in Salehs face and apparently Saleh wouldn’t care in his mind. So what exactly does this have to do with Becton? Should take the time to read before throwing shade. Francis, we’ve all done it
  6. And you actually want others to believe that because you do?
  7. Taking it to the extreme opposite of Joes post doesn’t make your take any smarter. Blaming the GM for a player who is injury prone is not all that smart
  8. Anyone you can come up with for a knee injury? Becton was criticized for taking himself out of a game for a ding he felt in his knee. Now he’s being criticized for not complaining and opting out for a -win in his knee? And let’s blame the HC and CS while we’re at it? He got injured, it happens
  9. That’s like saying you would only trade Mims for a 2nd. Not a 3rd. Because the Bears made a mistake by wasting a 2nd on Jenkins we should too? When he’s had a year to disprove the idea that he’s worth a 2?
  10. And USC moved him back to G, we drafted him as a G. Not saying he couldn’t fill in but think they don’t really want to move him from LG to RG to RT.
  11. So @derp + @kdels62 = @Facts Who knew?
  12. No one ever said you don’t pick an OL early. No one. Ever This past year yes we shouldn’t have over Sauce. As a rule, no. If you need one and Ogden is there he could go #1
  13. He’s coming off a knee injury and surgery. He not playing every day. I know he doesn’t get the Becton treatment but given his history why should anyone assume he’ll be there all season like a year ago.
  14. How many NFL teams have backup plans for the loss of both of their starting Ts? Yeah today it sucks.
  15. I know he played some T but he was a G. And was drafted as a G to play G. He hasn’t played as a NFL T that’s a different deal altogether
  16. While I get being all depressed over losing out RT it’s too early to accept that Zach’s season is over, that he can’t get to where we want him to be on year two. We can have Zach improve while the D also improves
  17. C. Making it a two choice option is a fail. Sauce was the right pick. You don’t get to go back to April because a T was injured in August.
  18. Would AVT have had to be a T before he could go back to tackle? Then then who plays G? A rookie? Doubt they weaken two positions to fix one
  19. And of course a better defense, field position, fewer points and deficits aren’t a real help to a young QB, any QB.
  20. LT is the more difficult position. And still that’s wrong
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