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  1. Gase being the worst was wrong the first time you posted it and now that for some reason you turned this into a thread, its still wrong.
  2. Is that a six yard gain we're analyzing and criticizing?
  3. You cry that we suck and then cry that a player who played well is old. Who cares, every team I've ever watched has an older player who's a stopgap. He wasn't signed to be the lead back, everyone knows that. I cant believe he played as well as he did, hes a marvel not a problem or anything that JD has to be held accountable for, thats silly. Almost as silly as whinging about JD because Mims is injured, Perriman twisted an ankle and others injured or who opted out. Yes we're rebuilding and yes we should have realized that it wasn't going to get done in one offseason,
  4. Gore played well, was signed to be the #2. Hes not a problem.
  5. I'll go with the countless others from Romo to Warner, Aikman, etc etc who dont have an issue with his mechanics. You can stick with this one and call him garbage. I'll give him, oh I dont know, a full season of play and time to throw before I decide
  6. One more time, no I dont think its a problem. When rushed and pushed around and there isnt and room to step into a throw hes thrown off his back foot. Just like every other QB I've watched play the game. Does he from time to time do it thinking hes being pressured more than he is, yes! Mistakes arent bad mecvchanics, bad mechanics are when you consistently dont throw correctly. Hes also played fewer than 2 full seasons, not three. Doesnt that mean he will fix the fact that he sometimes isnt patient and rushes? No. But doesnt say it wont get fixed. We should all hope it gets fixed and we dont need two number ones to get a QB
  7. Wow, a tweet from a cop on twitter who's a fan. And you can name a QB who hasn't thrown off his back foot, ever? On missed passes? Investigative material
  8. It is not. There is nothing with his mechanics that are a problem. Coming out of school he had a longish loop, its gone, was gone by the time he has his pro day. His release is fine and when he can set all is fine with his mechanics. I didnt say he was Mahomes, you know what I meant. Mahomes passes off his back foot ints incredible, when someone else does its bad mechanics. And it is fanspeak because you dont hear "experts" analyze and complain about Darnold mechanics, just fans.
  9. He was a highly touted QB coming out of HS. He doesn’t have bad mechanics, that’s just fanspeak. QBs throw off their back foot or throw jump passes and whatever crazy pass we love Mahomes for and now complain about Darnold throwing. He was bad against the Bills. Wasn’t bad mechanics, It was a bad game
  10. He wasn't recruited as a LB. LOS ANGELES – Mike Darnold noticed their glances. Steve Sarkisian, Clay Helton and Marques Tuiasosopo were standing apart on Howard Jones Field, observing a high school quarterback named Sam Darnold complete one pass after another on a midweek day in late June 2014. USC’s summer camp had turned into an audition for Darnold. The coaches took notice. “I remember those guys looking toward each other,” said Mike, Sam’s dad, who watched from one sideline, “and thinking this is going well.” Sam Darnold, who was entering his senior season at San Clemente High, needed to impress. USC had not yet offered him a scholarship, and he had a limited track record. He had played only 12 varsity games, with only five starts at quarterback. He missed most of his junior season because of a broken foot. That made his throwing session in front of Sarkisian, Helton and the others on the Trojans’ staff all the more consequential. It afforded them a rare chance to watch Darnold. Making the pitch About a week before the camp, Helton called Jaime Ortiz, the football coach at San Clemente High. While the Trojans had not extended Darnold a scholarship offer then, they kept recruiting him, still in search of a second quarterback for their recruiting class. Ortiz received the phone call before one of the varsity team’s workouts. He handed his cell phone to Mike, who was nearby. Mike recalled the pitch. “Are you still open to considering us?” Helton asked. Mike explained that Sam had recently narrowed a list of the schools he was considering. Plus, they were about to take a five-day trip for the end of the month for visits, using a AAA travel agent to handle the tight schedule. But Mike said he’d talk to Sam. The call ended. They’d talk later. “As I’m walking away,” Mike said, “I’m thinking, ‘What an idiot, of course we’d consider.’” Indeed, there wasn’t much to mull over. Sam went to the camp before his trip. They managed. “It’s USC,” Mike said three years later. The decision paid off. Darnold’s performance left an impression. “Sam, that day, is just really brilliant,” Helton said. “In that type of atmosphere, around USC coaches, really good players, he did what he does. He just put on a show.” Afterward, Sarkisian invited Sam, along with Mike, his mom, Chris, and older sister, Franki, into a room outside his office in the John McKay Center. “I want to offer you a scholarship,” Sarkisian said. Chris was in tears. After leaving the football complex, the family stopped by a cheesesteak shop on Figueroa Street, across from the Coliseum, near an onramp to the 110 Freeway, before heading home. Mike broke the news to everyone behind the counter. Everyone within earshot heard the proud father.
  11. Got publicly ridiculed and blamed by Zimmer when his offense in Minny sucked?
  12. I dont think he was entirely to blame for Gase, think Macc was heavily involved. I would expect JD to be as heavily involved and hopefully hes better at find a HC than Macc was.
  13. True but that was after a lot longer amount of time and of course more importantly, without the Lombardi
  14. No offense but doesnt #1 contradict #2? LOL But I'm not so sure that the support from CJ isnt as strong as some here think it is given the entirety of comments
  15. Again, I said the media was been saying that Brady wasn't the same due to lack of weapons. That was in response to another post stating QBs make WRs not the other way around. The Brady comments fit No one is arguing anything here, I dont argue anymore. Im done defending what was the narrative by others, not me
  16. Its amazing that fans actually believe that good QBs never throw off their back foot and that every back foot throw is a bad pass
  17. Hear you, but we've only looked hideous for two games, plenty of time to cement ourselves as the worst.
  18. And? An unknown QB helps sell us the unknown HC somehow? On the plus side, its not Gase
  19. Given I wanted the Jets to take Watson over Adams, I agree. Doesnt make Darnold a bad pick
  20. Ah, I remember all the Darnold mock ups back in the day By 23, toss him away for the next sucker

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