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  1. Got the notification on this an hour or two ago. Main difference is that it claimed 1 or 2 preseason games would be eliminated. Not 4. Which makes no sense and would essentially turn the first 3 or 4 regular season games into exhibition games
  2. If only Gase made those two kicks. Or didn't rough Allen in the 4th Q Or the negative police understood football as opposed to just whining
  3. As a fan you're supposed to be able to see things the way they really are, not just whine. Name the coaches who would succeed with Falk right off the PS for two day. (Also as usual people that defended the hell out of every single gm move over the last 5 years now shift the blame to the departed gm for everything,). So the answer is take the blame off of the GM you complained about incessantly and pile it onto the new HC. Just need to have someone in place to complain about?
  4. Unfortunately he had similar circumstances in Miami. He did lead a record setting O in Denver. PM was on the downside and had his all time best season. Setting records for PM and the NFL. So who knows
  5. I always knew you did, I ❤️ You too, lol Actually, raised a great son, we both don’t take this as serious as some believe I do. We’ve been fans far too long, get way too annoyed at times with this team but it’s never personal.
  6. You do realize that he had mono? Not only did he have the symptoms; tiredness, lethargy, sore throat, muscle and body aches, foggy head etc but we were playing the NFLs number two D. i would like to see who Gase is with an entire team, including our QB. Because after all is said and done we should have had 20 points in that game and a win going away.
  7. So you cite history and then complain about our history when it doesn’t suit your argument? OK
  8. If you believe the HC IS responsible for everything. It my beer was warm..... If you think Gase I'd responsible for the schemes of the OL you're the one who's clueless. Even more cluelessness. It's not the schemes, it's that the players SUCK. You want to continue to argue and proving to all that you don't know the game, carry on. I made a comment, the team has issues, you want to pin it all on the HC, I get it. So go back to zone blocking, blah,blah, blah. A coach hires a OL coach who's philosophies he agrees with. When the players suck, when the OL coach can't get them to play better than their talent you want to blame Gase. Got it, makes total sense. I guarantee you'll be back claiming I'm arguing or some other nonsense people say when someone knows the game better than they do. Bye
  9. Exactly. Much easier to blame one person over a few OLmen, couple of WRs or DBs not getting it done. I would love to know which miracle HC could overcome this roster, a sick QB, etc and win against the teams on the schedule.
  10. Wa really interesting. Explained how they lined up cadavers, put baseballs over their eyes and hit them with bats to fracture the socket. Crazy visual, lol
  11. Butttttt, but, the ego maniac is pointing fingers. He should be more like Bowles and not blame the people that we all can see aren’t doing their jobs well enough.
  12. Gase signed our K who retired in the preseason? Brilliant. And has what exactly to do with running an offense, the game passing him by? Or that he has no one at QB his fault too? Why can’t he get Falk yo play like Brady?
  13. That’s what I’m guessing. We bitch and moan, rightfully so, that Macc ignored the OL and it sucks. Then blame Gase because he’s the HC and the OL sucks. Guess the QB is his fault too
  14. Funny, Revis, a better player than Ramsey, was accused of faking illness, holds out for money and is hated here. Ramsey wants out, refuses to practice because he didn't like being scolded by his mean, bad HC and we want to trade every combination of players and picks for him.
  15. So trade your best player for a pain in the ass annoyance, to you know, improve the team. Brilliant strategy

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