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  1. We're two games in. Lots of 0-2 teams today. Only one is the worst, has looked the worst and is a total embarrassment. For that, theres no competition, we're the worst of the 0-2. The Giants are nowhere near as pathetic as this team is
  2. So after all the hell Gase gets, deservedly so, for calling out units, players etc for plays not working the answer is to kill the QB who all in all played well given what he had to work with? Darnold wasn't the problem last Sunday
  3. Darnold had a much better day and game than Gase did. Gase doesnt get off with that excuse
  4. Same here. I'm off to the next man up as we hear all the time. Its great having a bag of tricks but you have to know how and when to use them. I remember being told a long time ago that some really good coordinators never make it as HCs because it take a lot more nerve to make certain calls as a HC than it does as an OC. I think we have that right here. For whatever reason its not working and im now thinking its time to move on. We deserve more than what we're getting.
  5. And all of this has nothing to do with the media etc all sending the message that Brady was down because of a lack of weapons. Thats all
  6. By everyone covering football. Right or wrong that was the message I can stay at home and find all the posts where the Jets ruined Sanchez because of a lack of weapons. If you dont have WRs who can get open, having a better QB isnt going to make them get open. If your WR cant catch a pass, a better QB isnt going to make Herndon magically catch that EZ pass. This isnt a case of only decent WRs who could look better with improved QB lay. They suck and cant do anything on the field.
  7. And the same old guy has been picked to have a turn around season because of the Tampa WRs. That he moved to Tampa for that reason. Brady outplayed Cam. Youse made my point.
  8. Last year Brady was excused because of his lack of weapons. Others have too. Saying something simplistic to complain about a QB like they make WRs as a blanket statement to explain off our shlt group is too simplistic
  9. You do realize that Perriman has been a bust his entire career and you’re using him as an example off of a full game? Like Anderson Or that Crowder had his career best season last year with Darnold?
  10. We don’t have WRs close to any of the WRs you listed.
  11. You know what CJ has done in his life? I don’t. Plenty of owners worked their asses off to become highly successful and amass huge wealth who suck at running franchises in all leagues. Never mind he was handed a team a total mess and has been in charge a short period of time. None of this is to say it will turn around under his watch, just an observation
  12. He got his money a tried and true way, he inherited it. Just doesn’t make me mad or jealous or critical of him That’s the difference between the way we think here. He doesn’t need to have gotten his billions by my requirements. Nothing more and that’s not a defense.
  13. And that’s a cliche that doesn’t hold true anywhere else.
  14. He makes people like you google him and complain that nothing written up in google makes you a complete zero. He makes people like you hate the guy and call him a clown for no apparent reason other than he has a hell of a lot more money than you and here's the rub, his parents left him more money than ours did. Makes me so mad that if someone says the above, it means theyre defending them.
  15. Hes already said hes not going back to school, is going to the NFL after this season When was the last time a top college player, a so called generational player, especially a QB said he was coming pout and then stayed to avoid a city? When did Lawrence say he only wanted to play in a region or for a team?
  16. Who is going to make this group of WRs better? No one is, I get the cliche that great players make the supporting cast better but that doesnt apply here IMO. The cast has been hideous. We hear how Brady the GOAT had nothing around him last season and its used as a reason for his drop off but with Sam its the reverse?
  17. Right and gets piked by a different lousy team. He going to a bad team.
  18. You can see his eyes, where hes looking? I cant. Should he have seen him, probably. Do I think he saw him and decided not to throw it to an open WR? No, I dont. We bitch that he tried to squeeze one in that gets picked and then complain when he plays it too safe. Its easy playing QB watching from home on TV sometimes. Anyone claiming Sam plays chicken shlt football is just complaining to complain. Its never been his game to play chicken
  19. That was so three years ago. Keep up, new QB to tank for only to want to dump after a bad opener in week 1 And for bonus points, joke how "Jets" it will be that he decides to stay at Clemson only to see he state its his last season, no matter what
  20. A fair evaluation will have to wait until Darnold has the simultaneous luxury of a healthy backfield, receiving corps and offensive line. It's hard to find a less talented supporting cast entering Week 2.
  21. Fans. Whine if a player tries to make something happen and gets picked, whine if he tucks the ball and eats it. I'm going to assume he didnt see Crowder. Complain that he didnt, thats cool, saying he lost guts is kind of off

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