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  1. Because? Kind of doesn’t need to show what he can do with players before throwing him out.
  2. That was what they wanted when they hired a HC. They wanted a HC who delegated the units to their coordinator ala Belichick, Harbaugh, Tomlinson etc. How so many missed this is puzzling
  3. I’m hear you, that was painful. Parcells was a dolt for moving on from him
  4. Patronizing and belittling you’re posts? Because I don’t agree that Zach should have been held out? Lots of smart coaches started their starting QBs today. From Mahomes on down. Again the RT isn’t the reason ZW was injured, dumb luck got him
  5. Other than your cliches, where is Saleh lacking? Actual things like clock management, players quitting, punting in game etc. Real stuff. Other than in his one year, with his entire secondary out, most of his DL etc, he had no answers. Curious with what the Jets operated under a year ago how many games would one of,your other choices have won? An extra game?
  6. I know, should have known if he got injured while not getting touched it would be the OL fault and the HC should have realized that while not getting touched Zach could get injured. Did the OL give up any sacks? I don’t remember one. We get threads the team doesn’t practice enough while we get complaints that they shouldn’t play as much.
  7. Pretty much all sports discussion/debates are dumb therefore
  8. Whether you think he can or can’t play, that he wasn’t your pick in the draft has nothing to do with the point of his durability
  9. Which is different from deciding what a draftee will or won’t be out of the draft how? We all have done it
  10. At this point he has one injury on his NFL resume. I get whatever Simms did early in career means squat but there are plenty of players at all positions who have injuries in their 1st and 2nd seasons and then dont get hurt again. The point being 2 injuries means so little you have to go back to HS ball and early in college to make a case for his durability.
  11. He struggled against scrubs and put what 3 points on the board last night You’re the guy who called Saleh trash for punting on 4th and 1 from their own 19.
  12. Funny was watching the game in Florida and had the Eagles stream and in the 4th they were saying that Streveler was hard to defend with his arm and running ability and they’d rather have seen Mike White in the game.
  13. While Wilson hurt his shoulder and thumb one year in college is significant proof of what? At this moment he hasn’t missed a game from the 2022 season and the haters consider it an injury season.
  14. Love hearing positive news when it comes to cancer. Good for you and your family, better for your wife. Puts this all in its proper perspective
  15. He was hurt running and the second guessing is that it’s the OLs fault or the HC. LOL
  16. He was 3 of 5. You have more complaints than incompletions with two being on the same play.
  17. He hardly played in one game and had that one great game against the Bengals. That’s what he did. He has a game in his belt, I’d play him but would understand them handing the ball to Flacco until he proves he’s can’t anymore.
  18. It’s Phil, he’s, complaining about everything
  19. This didn’t buy him time, there wasn’t a chance he was getting fired. Because rolling GMs every 3 years is…stupid.
  20. Because he said more than a few times let’s wait until tomorrow?
  21. Ugh because Flacco chose to chase down a chance at starting?
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