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  1. Genius? You said three years. And your comeback was this year? You mean one game? Arent toughness and balls kind of the same? LOL Jets fans
  2. Exactly what I said, some have to curb their whining to reality, its got enough on its own
  3. Not making excuses, because seems like whatever Gase is preaching isnt getting through right now but Darnold hasn't played a full season with the HC. And the Dallas game was really good. Redskins game was. Raider game.
  4. Darnold hasn't even played two full seasons, has played one game in year 3. Close
  5. Goi argue with someone else. I know what I said, I said he wasn't a done deal at 6 if we were there. I said he wasn't chalk over a QB and you gave me the Cots. OK, brilliant. 'Argue away but you sound pretty silly at this point I added WTF for a reason. Youre angry and ranting, bye
  6. Sams 1sr game in the NFL > Burrows 1sr game in the NFL But youre right, 1 game careers are enough to judge.
  7. No it wasn't. Sam didnt campaign for anyone. Now youre making it up
  8. I don't see the copyright icon next to his name.
  9. No one knows this, a guess at best. I've also heard fans say it was Darnold, Rosen and Allen. At another time it was Allen they wanted, then it was Rosen. But the one thing we all knew, every expert, every commentator, every article, YouTube video, every piece of media you can think of predicted, with confidence, the Jets were taking a QB. NOT a G
  10. You think cursing makes your statement? No one of consequence had Allen over Darnold, I'm saying it again. And I don't care that you think it. You can take you're someone told Shefter or whoever that Allen would go first, and yes TAKE IT TO THE BANK and whatever other smokescreen they got Shefter to provide and believe it. I hope you didn't put money on that take it to the bank promise. Of course the Colts didn't take a QB, they had Luck, didnt need a QB. WTF does that have to do with me saying the Jets weren't taking a G at 6. Is that your brilliant argument or is that the i just feel like arguing and think I just dropped a mike line? The Colts line was pointless to what I said the first two times you said it and still is. No shlt, the Colts aren't the Jets, I get that.
  11. Oh, wait, Adam Schefter said one personnel directer told him that Allen would go 1? So that throws the whole Allen was 3rd all along out the window. Because you know, that one could be put in the books. Nothing better than disproving almost every ranking list or mock drafts for leaked inside info.
  12. Youre not going to even attempt to make the argument that a G would have been taken if the Jets didnt move out of the 6th spot are you? And are you really trying to make the argument that because Nelson went before Rosen so therefore he would have went to the Jets before a Rosen or Jackson? You really are spinning your wheels here. The Jets wanted a QB, that Nelson went after the Jets moved up is irrelevant and a bad argument. Yes, it was cut and dried. If the Jets stayed at 6 they were takin g a QB, they had to
  13. Are you just not reading on purpose or in the mood to argue. I said Nelson isn’t going before a G Argue away.
  14. Bit said that Nelson was the consensus pick if we didnt move up in the draft, I said not over a QB and it needs to be explained? Thats the point. I'm not arguing the rest, I've heard college broadcasts where they talked about him having a top NFL arm, I've heard a Tiki Barber rave about his elite arm talent, I've heard the same from Romo. It makes no difference there isnt a throw he cant make.
  15. Yes, but the comment by bit was he was the chalk pick if we stayed at 6. I said not over QB. No one was talking a G over a QB. Of course it gets blown out for something more. Funny we shouldnt have taken the best player in the draft, twice when it was a DT or a S, but with the G we didnt take, yes I love after the draft debates, lol
  16. It quoted the player he was being compared to, I pasted "Walter Football had this Player Comparison: Logan Mankins. " I copied and pasted it. Word for word. Was it not the player comparisson? Dont get your balls trend in a knot, its not that big of a big deal.
  17. Sam has prototypical hight at just under 6' 4".. He has an arm that puts him in the top 15%. Sam can make any throw. Sam can throw on the run. Her was the top QB prospect for a reason. If you dont understand the position, just stop.
  18. Exactly. Allen was all about his arm strength being a selling point. Came with the caveat of being a shotgun arm but he had the best arm f the group. But as said, it was a three legged race for 3 years and the only change was how distant 3rd place was. It kind of like all the so called fans who wanted Mahomes going into the draft
  19. Apparently you do given you have what three posts or more defending Manish? Are you related?
  20. You went way too far here Walter Football had this Player Comparison: Logan Mankins. Bleacher Report: NEGATIVES —Positional value may drive Nelson down the board further than his ranking. —There are few negatives, but one is limited athleticism. Not saying he wasn't good or highly thought of but he wasn't a off the charts prospect if Im remembering correctly. And as it turns out hes one of those prospects who actually develops and is better than advertised. And as you have said, hes a G, you have said you dont use draft capital on Gs. And yes I was around for Pace, Ogden etc
  21. It was Darnold, Rosen and Allen were the top 3 for almost 3 years. It pretty much stayed that way right up to the draft. Nelson is a G, Bit has said you dont draft Gs int he top ten.
  22. He wasn't at the presser, he read the tweets and stole them to look like a beat guy And Manish has done it countless times since losing his press credentials, wasn't the only offense

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