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  1. Pretty accurate analogy the point of which you missed. Unless you think ex players should get national gigs just because, not because they proved they can do it on a lower level like SNY
  2. So we’ve never seen a football practice, never saw players moving in and out of positional drills and take a knee.
  3. Exactly. It’s like pitchers in the baseball exhibition season. They get shelled and then you find out they were working on a new pitch
  4. When did either Brick or Mangold have a camp where they were coming off a lost season where they didn’t play for a year? Do you think the amount of coverage and it’s Twitter tone is the same today as it was 16 years ago? We’ve taken a tweet that said Becton was breathing heavy in between sets to he tapped out after a half hour.
  5. Bart Scott started on SNY TV and had turned it into an ESPN gig. If its so easy why don’t you apply. It has to be at least a little more satisfying and prestigious than starting threads on a message board
  6. Why is it a joke? He’s taking a step up in his career. How is that being a “high on his own supply”? Whatever that means
  7. Well. Onside ring the Jets had one 2 win season and a 4 win season what kind of win percentage should we have expected.
  8. So if there’s a shlt storm over the rumored 6 game suspension?
  9. We know who you and others like you are. You don’t fir the description of those slats is talking about. I come here to hear other opinions or to speak my mind, why I disagree. Many can’t handle that though, gey sensitive or defensive whenever someone who disagrees and then get pissy in return elevating a discussion into an argument. Often beginning with the homer accusation. I know I get accused of being a homer. Funny thing I it’s viewed as a negative and better yet I rarely praise a player to that degree. It comes from taking the I won’t trash a players abilities until he proves he sucks. If I say Zach needs more than 1 partial season to proves he’s a bust I’m a homer. If I say I’ll wait until Becton needs to play again before I say he suck etc I’ve been called a homer. From people who find it acceptable to say they won’t acknowledge someone’s talents until they show it first. And not for you, but It’s a quite insulting take to suggest people who disagree with your takes are dumb and they shouldn’t count as a defense for posts Bronx
  10. 2 NCAA Championships 1 Gold Medal !1 NBA Championships Top 5 greatest player ever Greatest winner ever, any major sport and a class act RIP sir.
  11. The No. 1 rule of training camp is don't touch the quarterback. In fact, that doesn't go far enough. Don't get in his way on a rollout, don't swipe at the ball and don't even pretend like you're going to lay the lumber as a joke. Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Jordan Phillips got a little too close to star signal-caller Josh Allen on Saturday. As Allen rushed up the middle during a two-point conversion, he was bumped by Phillips. Allen then turned around, walked up to Phillips and shoved him. Naturally, chaos ensued. Here are a couple of different angles of the altercation: Some love training camp fights while others view them as a distraction. Mike Garafolo of the NFL Network reported that Bills defensive linemen were "buzzing around" Allen during practice, as apparently tensions were high. Allen, who signed a monster six-year, $258 million extension last August, is coming off of another big season, as he went 11-6 as the starter and threw for 4,407 yards, 36 touchdowns and 15 interceptions while Buffalo made it to the divisional round of the playoffs. The Bills are entering a big season, seen as the Super Bowl favorites at +575 according to Caesars Sportsbook. However, we can guarantee you they won't go very far if something happens to Allen in training camp.
  12. That wasn’t the point of @slats post. It’s the treatment to those who still believe, who think less than one season isn’t enough and get ridiculed for it.
  13. Difference between Bart and Lucas is Bart makes more sense. I liked Lucas but he could get on some pretty dumb rants
  14. Define save the season? If Zach sucks enough to cause you to go with Flacco there isn’t a thing Flacco would be able to do to save the season, it would be over. This season with Zach and a roster this young and inexperienced is about growth not playoffs or some arbitrary win total
  15. Really? You think the team becomes more attractive to FA if that team is impatient, dumps out of a QB selected 2nd overall in a draft and in less than 2 seasons? That’s the kind of team management wants to project to FA’s? Let’s remember, 95% of the time FAs are FAs because they want to be paid and go where the money is, not to a team because they couldn’t show patience with their QBs development. This is all pointless, there pretty much no chance on earth Zach doesn’t get this year and if he shows anything next year also to prove himself. He’s not getting dumped because you don’t like him
  16. Wow, one game in college, while under duress, as what a freshman, is pretty good foreshadowing of nothing actually.
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