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  1. Pretty much no one had Allen over Rosen. For 3 seasons Rosen was right behind Darnold as the top QB prospect. Nelson wasn't a chalk pick over any of the QBs. Hes wasn't a cant miss, cant pass up OL.
  2. The defense was torched by being over aggressive and the Bills taking advantage of that aggression. I'm not complaining, I'm pointing out what happened. No one adapted to Allens weaknesses, they attacked the Jets weaknesses and aggressiveness. I'm not opposed to Greg Williams as HC, I'd take him in a second if he could get a real OC in here who could get Sam and the O moving. But the Bills game wasn't the game to use as a reason why any more than blaming the offense on Sam or Gase for that game. If you dont have WRs, dont have WRs who get open, you wont ever be a viable offense in this NFL, thats just the way it is
  3. I'm trying to figure out who youre complaining about Gase or Williams. Wasn't it GWs at fault for not recognizing the Bills were going to use the Jets aggression on defense to their advantage by going with quick hitting short passes and by running Allen?
  4. He had the most tackles and TFL on his team. Keep telling yourself that those plays dont lead to wins, that they mean nothing. Has nothing to do whether he should have been traded, he had to go. But hes a player and all the whining about Jamal does make him less of a player. I never said a word about whether he was worth keeping over the picks he brought back. Now just hope that the picks turn into players Maye had a good game, for a box safety, He does nothing, 0 INTs, 0 Pass Deflections, cant cover, and only had numbers because of Greg Williams.......
  5. Adams line, 12 tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 2 QB hits
  6. Say what? I said hes fired and gone. I dont harp on it, we got what we wanted. Woody has had nothing to do with he Jets in the last 4 years. Chris owns the team also. The Woody excuse is old and doesnt fit
  7. And now the fans are pissed off All pointing to how ridiculous it is to think getting pissed will lead to wins. Anyone who thought the Jets were going to go out and beat the much more talented Bills team should be pissed at themselves
  8. Again, Robby last year week 1 Bills at home: 3 catches 23 yards Your post is what's wrong with this fanbase
  9. Robby in week 1 vs the Bills last year: 3 catches, 23 yards Its not one game that he'll be judged by
  10. IF SF is pissed and looking to beat someone up, shouldn't the Jets be at least as pissed? If we lose that wont be the reason, that theyre the better team, with more talent will be the reason why
  11. We hear what we want to hear or more importantly what we believe Watching NFLN this morning and they're discussing who's better, has done a better job Darnold or Allen. All the so called experts and ex players, Michael Irvin, Warner all said that you would think Allen from the outside because of the Bills having been better than the Jets but its Darnold who is the better QB. SO the narrative is different than the "everybody" hates us theory that some fans see everywhere
  12. Better question, why are you being so defensive? If someone else caught it before doesnt change anything for Sam or the 2019 season, thats all. We dont even know how he caught it, its not only transmitted through relations.
  13. Players rotate, the number of plays has nothing to do with roster depth chart. Sometimes a player is listed as #1 just out of respect due to seniority, This isnt a big deal, its all about who gets the most play
  14. No, hes leaving room to spin around 180* if Bell has a Bell like 2020
  15. Ive heard of this happening plenty of times, hammy injuries are common place and worse, sometimes theres not much you can do. Think Jose Reyes.
  16. And? Youre point is what? He caught mono, you have no idea how and wonder who else has caught it before as if that makes a difference somehow
  17. Oh tell us Dr fusion, how did Sam catch mono? You do realize that it doesnt have to happen through some irresponsible kiss. You know the kind of thing every normal person goes through. You get mono through a cough or sneeze, or by sharing a glass or food utensils with someone who has mono. So how is any of this, even getting it from kissing irresponsible or careless? The real question is how is it an excuse?
  18. What does that have to do with anything? Quinn opened the door and screwed up the SB. But Brady took it and ran with it. I hate the guy but to complain that he got a gift there or in Seattle hes still got more SB rings that most organizations have in their histories. This is a bad argument to hang on to.
  19. All kidding aside, nothing would be better than to put the RT and LT position to bed for the next 10 or so years
  20. Yeah, he should only have 5 SB rings. He sucks
  21. Whats his injury perspective? He has a hammy? And? Youre really comparing a hammy to a couple of knees and whatever else Smith tore?
  22. Is this the real @FidelioJet??

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