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  1. when has gotten abused by Lawson? Lol, you’re making it up now. You’ve defined moving the goal posts. im reading things like this: by Jim Cerny August 4, 2022 at 9:58 AM PT Two weeks into 2022 New York Jets training camp, several players have stood out on both sides of the ball, some more surprising than others. Wide receiver Elijah Moore has been electrifying. Defensive linemen Carl Lawson and Quinnen Williams have been monsters. Veteran backup quarterback Joe Flacco is drawing raves. And rookies Sauce Gardner and Garrett Wilson have not only fit right in, they’ve stood out with their solid play. Some of these standouts are to be expected, others not as much. That said, let’s take a look at some of the pleasant surprises on this Jets roster so far in camp. No. 1: Mekhi Becton That Mekhi Becton is in such excellent shape and drawing rave reviews from coaches and teammates is likely the biggest surprise in Jets training camp, at least so far. Of course, that expectations were so low for Becton heading into camp really should be the bigger surprise. He’s an athletic freak, with massive size (6-foot-7, 365 pounds), quick feet and brute strength. And he was a first-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. But he has been injury prone his first two seasons and played only one game because of a knee injury in 2021. Rumors abounded that he was out of shape, perhaps over 400 pounds late last season and into the offseason. “Lazy” and “fat” were more often used to describe Becton than, say, “stud.” Saleh didn’t seem thrilled with Becton’s conditioning level at minicamp, though he chose his words very carefully. Becton, though, surprised most by arriving at training camp in terrific shape and in a very positive state of mind. He readily accepted a change to right tackle and, by all accounts, has excelled on the field during team drills and 11-on-11s. It’s still early, but Becton seems on the way to fulfilling his goal of making his critics “eat their words” about him this season
  2. There where too many to blame for that loss, not just Gastineau. He was an awesome player in his heyday and as much as any defensive player a reason for them to get to that game.
  3. You called him fat. He’s not fat. You called him lazy. He’s not lazy You guys said he won’t play. He’s playing. Well How much more wrong could you guys be to this point? Enough to move the goalposts I guess. Show some humility and admit you were wrong and be happy for it
  4. He’s already proven you wrong. You want him to prove you wrong again? Then what you’ll admit you don’t have a clue? And it’s you. Not “all of us” who confused an injury with being fat and lazy because it’s just funny to high five each other over fat jokes like calling Becton “bacon”. Witty
  5. Not me, I responded a comment that was terribly wrong.
  6. Wow, the Northman sucked and Obi-Wan was pretty awesome.
  7. Happens during every HOF games as long as I remember they talk to that years inductees
  8. Remember the game and ceremony well. Namath’s #12 retired next the Jets beat Shula and the fish. Perfectction
  9. It’s a bogus twitter account. Fitting that the narrative comes on the heels of 2 straight good practices and a 8-8 passing day
  10. Stop trying to explain football to these people I was talking to someone inside 1 JD today and she said for the first time in years the players hang after practice to put in extra practice time These people actually don’t think
  11. You people actually letting the girls know they were out is a Jets and Woody thing? Ill bet anything the jets wanted cheerleaders, hired a dance company to employ cheerleaders. They decided to do away with them, informed the dance company and they dropped the ball.
  12. Or aren’t they anymore? Guess what that big white bubble is for. Nah
  13. Can’t agree. Doubt there are many 60/40 teams. Even teams with talented backs pass more that run the ball. We didn’t hire a discipline of the Shanahan system, thought of as a young mind in the mold of his brother and his GB offense to play ground and pound
  14. 6-8 passes outdoors. That people watches. Nothing indoors or after practice
  15. Tell me how many passes you know he throws a day. Then to the point, what will another 6-8 passes on a given practice do for him. Thats all.
  16. Yeah, no one agrees. It makes sense because camp isn’t planned out to wear players out. If he has problems it’s not going to be because he threw 8 passes instead of 16.
  17. So you believe they go out onto the field, throw a few passes and then go home?
  18. I need facts, not intuition
  19. Yeah the same tweets we use to start threads like this and others dealing with QBs
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