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  1. Agree, game 3 sounds right. He went out in week 6 so 2.5-w games, sat out 5 games so played another 6 we’re missed short passes weren’t the problem
  2. According to a couple of fans who got this on their own, not from fact
  3. While Flacco and White have shown nothing other than their not viable options while playing backups
  4. Back to,Zach, you shouldn’t lose your job because of injury.
  5. ALSO, how many games were these dirt balls an issue? He was ok after coming back from his injury. So what was it the 1st 5.5 games then he cleaned it up in the 6 games he was back. QBs will bounce an occasional pass, they all do. Especially young ones. Consistency in their mechanics and patience cures it, why I think the numbers changed after sitting 5 weeks and over the last part of the season
  6. I don’t know where you keep reading that ZW is missing the mark more often than not as opposed to he has passes that have been incomplete. Sure some have been bad, some are dropped passes and most have come while under extreme duress. It’s practice, lots of things go wrong, especially when starters and backups are interchanged. I don’t know where you’re getting the he had no pressure part of all of this, he’s been under pressure on just about every play, seems to have had to get out of the pocket on every pass. Practice, that’s how they go. Backup OL and backup WRs getting extra snaps. He had a good one yesterday, let’s see him gear up towards the regular season and at some point string together more good days than bad. Season isn’t going to suck because of a bunch of incompletions in July
  7. How many of his passes have been disturbingly in accurate? I used to go to camp every year and watched countless missed passes. Never did it bring out the complaints that some keep posting over. It’s as bad as the assumption that what he’s doing in a leisurely practice just has to be amplified in games. He skipped passes early on a year ago, happens when you aim the ball, trying to be perfect. After he was injured it was over with. QBs miss passes, not only long passes, short passes too. Happens. We only hear about Zach because of the early misses by a kid who was one of the most accurate passers in the history of college ball his last season at BYU
  8. You think Kraft would have or should have cost his team 1st and a 3rd for getting a tug job, a suspension and a 1.5M fine for something done with consent? Or what is a hell of worse than what Watson could get for forcing himself on someone.
  9. Players are protected by the CBA and a union that would fight a suspension of a player who was videotaped beating his fiancé. Huge difference unfortunately
  10. What’s going through Tua’s head? They’ve tried to dump him twice. Once for an old man with limited time left and for a serial rapist. Then they talk out of the other side of their asses that Tua’s their guy.
  11. That would suck. Especially since that was never a concern before But doesn’t change my point that media coverage based on tweets aren’t what we were going by 16 years ago.
  12. That was the point. It just didn’t compute or fit his narrative. Or both
  13. Pretty accurate analogy the point of which you missed. Unless you think ex players should get national gigs just because, not because they proved they can do it on a lower level like SNY
  14. So we’ve never seen a football practice, never saw players moving in and out of positional drills and take a knee.
  15. Exactly. It’s like pitchers in the baseball exhibition season. They get shelled and then you find out they were working on a new pitch
  16. When did either Brick or Mangold have a camp where they were coming off a lost season where they didn’t play for a year? Do you think the amount of coverage and it’s Twitter tone is the same today as it was 16 years ago? We’ve taken a tweet that said Becton was breathing heavy in between sets to he tapped out after a half hour.
  17. Bart Scott started on SNY TV and had turned it into an ESPN gig. If its so easy why don’t you apply. It has to be at least a little more satisfying and prestigious than starting threads on a message board
  18. Why is it a joke? He’s taking a step up in his career. How is that being a “high on his own supply”? Whatever that means
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