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  1. It’s an issue because he was held if of a practice?
  2. Before seeing him play guesses are meaningful? I mean it all sounds good but I want to see it. On a field. Against players
  3. I don’t think worrying that he may not being a top 3 QB is a good use of time or anything to carry on about. Thinking Alex Smith has the same players and skill set as Mahomes is a horrendous analogy. Darnold isn’t a dink and dunk, limited physically QB like Smith is. The thinking that only Mahomes can win is wrong and a waste of time and energy
  4. Yes, hes an amazing coach. OMG, hes so great Another crappy thread started for no good reason.
  5. Now that sounds good as fans should feel. I hope we beat the shlt out of the Bills on Sunday
  6. Why don’t you run back to the other geniuses at threesollarbills.com and share a laugh over being trolled and getting sucked right in like the rest of the group who come here before our games
  7. It’s not the right day for this.
  8. Two of the 5 never were playing and the other two are part time/depth players right now.
  9. You’re frustrated with a 23 year old FQB with less than 2 years on the field? And no talent around him?
  10. Stopped right there, makes no sense. If it doesnt make sense its not fact without opinion.
  11. Oh look, my negative thread of the day. Discuss.
  12. One thing never said the other never has happened. Root for the Seahawks to lose. Get over JA, you wanted him out and hes gone.
  13. Best part is we post and discuss how bad the team is, all the underdog games and predictions of losses and then follow it up at some point with Gase sucks
  14. He put up pretty much the same numbers in 2018 with the Giants as he did with the Rams in 2017, only in 13 games vs 15. He actually had better numbers with the Giants given the games played. Dont see what the significant drop off.
  15. Incredibly pessimistic who thinks hes being realistic. Sorry
  16. What else do you have in that crystal ball?
  17. Im glad it was me, I was starting to worry about you! lol
  18. Manish strikes back to the beat guys who didnt back his exile and who apparently dont like or respect him. Poor Manish
  19. Yeah, thats what happened. You actually believe this? LOL, Manish knew a deal was in place.
  20. Heres what I dont get. The NYDNs circulation and readership has been in a tailspin all the years I used to read it on my commute and on, DYoung, MLupica, RCimini, MMehta, theyve gotten worse and worse, harsher and harsher and doesnt seem to me that the confrontational beat reporter approach isnt really working, is it?

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