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  1. I hope its like INDYs tailgate from last year minus the tazers!! CANT WAIT!!!!
  2. Yeah NP stubhub has been up and down with prices. Good luck hope to see you out there
  3. Got 2 hard tickets in section 523. $700 that's what I paid for them
  4. I have extras for 523 and know a few other jet fans in that section. Also these are the hard tickets
  5. 523...putting it on here bc I dont wanna sell to steelers fans...have to make this look like INDY last year for the AFC game
  6. anyone looking for tickets because i have some extras...few people bailed on me last minute...just trying to get back what i paid $350 each have 6 together...good for a group...email me @ t_murf19@yahoo.com
  7. Me and about 10 of my friends are looking to go to the MNF Jets vs Pats game on Dec 6...I was wondering if anyone else is trying to go and where a bulk of tickets can be found so we can sit together. I remember seeing package trips to cincy and indy last year around playoff time. This game may shape up to be very crucial for the AFC east or maybe even the AFC playoffs. please post any plans and ideas...THANKS
  8. Question: I got the same email from the JETS but apparently tickets are on sale now for season ticket holders and go public at 4:00....I split my tickets with a family friend so I tried to go on and in the promotional code I typed in my account number on the ticket but that didnt work....does anyone know what to put in the box to open up what tickets are available?....I dont get opening night so thats what im trying to buy...thx
  9. The point of the video is to show that you cant replace that....Its to show he deserves more money...the offers the jets gave him were jokes and thats why he laughs...mangold and harris will get theirs...revis should get his before them because this year hes the lowest paid DB on the team...I def dont think hes being selfish at all...I just believe he wants what he deserves and has earned! Understandable that they are a team but why did REX cancel practice to have a meeting with everyone involved in the JETS organization to get this whole thing right? Answer: Because REVIS is that F*cking im
  10. This video just somes it ALL up....this kid is a freak....NO CORNER can top him
  11. Like many Im here in INDY with a few Jet Fans...now my question is what is the final decision on where everyone is going tonight? post some spots and lets come to a consensus as TRUE JET FANS!!!
  12. indygirl what would you say would be the best BAR to convert over to a JET BAR where we get the whole JET NATION to go to this bar SAT night?..DO I HAVE ANY TAKERS?.....LETS GO GREEN!!!
  13. sounds great and thanks again Ill keep myself updated to find out the details on this tailgate...Im F'N fired up already
  14. My buddies and I aren't going by the bus due to our schedules so we are flying...you think we can join on that bus tailgate...will pay the cost and what not...rather be with JETS fans than Colt fans
  15. I think rhodes can def do it and your right Gonz scored bc the jets were in a goal line zone in which they F'd up...also he did a awesome job against Winslow too even though the game was a blow out....im expecting big things from 25....its that little Sproles SOB that worries me
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