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  1. I do not see how the redskins will let Cousins walk. I have been reading that they are willing to franchise him again if they have too.
  2. Drafting a Hall of Famer would be the wrong pick?... That was the dumbest post I have ever read.
  3. Bengals looking to trade him. Would love to get him, proven winner and looked solid when he played when dalton was hurt.
  4. Posts like this is exactly why I hate preseason football.
  5. Sorry if it has already been posted.
  6. I actually think Ivory has been dancing a little more than usual and not hitting the holes. Hopefully he reverts back to his sledgehammer ways.
  7. Yeah, I love Mo, but he is just going to be to expensive, especially considering we have Williams and Richardson.
  8. It is time to move on from Brick at LT. He has had a solid career, but he is becoming a liability out there. I believe he is owed 9 mil next year which makes it even more necessary to cut him at the end of the season.
  9. GangisGreen


    I dont really take anything in preseason games seriously, but i must say i am worried about cromartie. He looked awful last night and ot seems everyday in camp i am reading how he got torched by someone. I like cro but did we get the cro from 2 yeara ago?
  10. Any word on playing time for the starters? Especially Fitzpatrick
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