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  1. Take the rest of the year off, hopefully figure out something you do well and come back and help next season.
  2. There were whispers that last season the Jets rushing attack was productive because they were a heavy pass offense and the run simply caught defenses looking for the pass. With the Jets looking more balanced this year there may be some credibility to that thought. If they cant get the run going it will put tremendous pressure on their young QB to carry the team. I think this is very true, the first 2/3's of last season teams seemed to key on pass and TJ and company gouged them for yards in 7 man fronts. Later in the season after Favre could not throw I feel like the running game suffered. (I have no stats to back this up, and the end of the season was a complete mess anyway) This year with a rookie QB and (alleged) lack of a number 1 reciever the in the first three games D's seemed to be keying on stopping the run with 8 man fronts. Though we don't have the three wide recievers to run a spread, and running will remain important to this team, I just would like to see us use the play action pass in running downs and out of running formations more often. I don't think we have done a good enough job in keeping defenses off balance and at times have telegraphed Jones between the tackles daring teams to stuff it...which they have. I also think running play action on 1st and 10 is less pressure on a young QB than throwing out of the shot gun on 3rd and 8. To me a QB carrying a team is what Brees or P. Manning does, coming out in spread formations and looking to pick you apart down field, I don't think we should do this with Sanchez (yet) But asking him to run a few more play action, possesion oriented short passes (say 5 a game in place of runs up the middle) could help open up some running lanes, build confidence between QB and recievers, and earn a few more first downs and offensive oppurtunties to run those TJ pound it up tghe middle plays with success. In the first three games we proved we are committed to the run, I expect the Saints to gear up to stop it, I would like to see us cross them up a little bit early and then start to pound the balland see if the running lanes are there.
  3. I would like to see them do spread formations or mis-directions on 1st down, the hand it off up the middle to Jones could set up a fake up the middle pitch to a reciever in motion. Or put Leon and Jones in the backfield as a formation (don't think I have seen it though that means Richardson isn't there to block) and fake it up the middle and then to Leon to stretch the d. (Parcells/ Herm era Jets had some great looking sweeps and mis-direction plays) Probaly wouldn't work, you don't see much in the way of fakes and mis-direction now a days in the NFL, lb's probaly got too fast. Plus with Jones 8 yards back the play would take for ever to develope.
  4. I can't wait for Pace to come back, I think they are going to scheme around his talent and the flexibility he can bring, especially in the pass rush.
  5. I posted this on another thread, but I think part of the problem in the running game with TJ is how deep he needs to line up, and the time it takes him from the snap to hit the hole. The line are not able to hold their blocks that long against good defensive lines and he gets stuffed at the line. Another frustration is that though he seems to hit holes at full speed he runs so straight up and down that he doesn't get leverage to move the pile when he hits it. I would love to see him lower his shoulder and churn out 3 or 4 yards after contact, but that is not how he runs. I think his strengths are his ability to hit the hole 20 to 30 times a game with the same speed and intensity and his size and speed once past the line of scrimage makes him difficult for many outside linebackers, cornerbacks, and safeties to deal with. When you watch him run, once he passes the defensive line, he almost always angles for the outside and takes a db or lb with him for a few yards down field on the tackle. He racks up yards in the fourth quarter because he and the line are wearing down defenses, those runs against the Texans should not be written off because they were at the end of the game and the d was tired, they are what he does, run hard between the tackeles until that play or two that a defensive lineman is not there to hit him, and then he ices the game with a 40 yard td. Not being able to run against the Titans or Wilfork and the Pats is not a huge surprise nor and indictment of Jones or the running game. My issue is the predictablity of 1st down calls that leave us in 2nd and long. (Much like the original poster) That being said I just saw a piece on ESPN where Merril Hoge (I think), recaps the series where they score the second td against the Titans. In it they set up the play action td by running same formation, same personel, TJ off tackle earlier in the series for little to no gain. Then on the TD it looks exactly the same until the pass for the TD. At times in the second and third quarters some adjustment to this plan via play action on 1st or different (spread) looks might have helped open up the running game. It will be intersting to see what they can do against some lesser defensive fronts in the coming weeks
  6. Running game- T. Jones lines up so far back in the backfield, I swear it looks like 8 yards, that the o-line has to hold their blocks that much longer for him to get to the line, this is not happening right now. Also when he hits the line and there is no hole he doesn't seem to push guys back two or three yards like you would expect a big guy with a head of steam to do, he runs too upright and doesn't punish tacklers until he gets to the second level. There really can't be any misdirectuion with him and Leon in a two back set either because of the depth TJ lines up at and the time it would take to fake to him between tackles and stretch the D with Leon. (Plus you'r taking Richardson out of the run game as a blocker) Too many runs between the tackles on 1st, I think we will have to develope into a more balanced pass/run offense, this team is just not built to be a run first team and good defenses stop it and take the offense out of rythym- In seeing a sample of Greene's colloge games he seems more like a head down power runner, I hope he gets it together enough to get a few 1st half pound the defense runs, and then Jones can come in to a situation where the defense is tired and start hitting the second level where he seems to do his damage.
  7. Last year we seemed to get two or three sacks a game without ever having consistant pressure on the QB. Last week against the Pats no sacks but constant pressure. I would prefer the latter, QB's probably the former. Taking two sacks on two plays a game and then having all day to pick a d apart on the other plays is easier than never having time. In fact this d creates a situation where the QB is always looking to get rid of the ball quickly, even if little pressure is applied while last year good qb's felt comfortable enough to hold on to the ball until the sack or a reciever came open. I remember so many 7 second reads for QB's lat year.
  8. Thank god we have depth at secondary, it was painful to see what happened to what seemed to be a good defense last year until the Cardinals proved we had no nickle or dime packages. With Revis playing lockdown, and Sheppard playing well (so far) having Strickland and then Lowery ithis is an immense improvement over last year, and makes the secondary the most improved defensive untit over last year. Well that and the pass rush but that is split between the LB's DL, and secondary. Also like the hybrid defenses Rex played aginst the spread of the Pats with Eric Smith as a psuedo linebacker and the rush even made coleman look adequate in covering a reciever for 2.5 seconds
  9. I just want to see if the Pats D can stop the Falcon passing game. They really struggled in the second half against the Jets and I don't see how they are going to cover Gonzalez over the middle and stop run. Use the run to set up play action, hit Gonzalez behind the LB's and see what may happen
  10. Not a big fan of Eric Smith but I like the way Rex uses him as an additional line backer in passing downs and blitzes him or has hime come up on a back or slot over the middle rater than having him get burned down field as a safety. If he were good he would be laying out QB's not just disrupting them.
  11. No Jenkins, no run d, no run d, no 2nd and long, third and long to blitz the helll out of the qb
  12. On offense Both the Texans and Pats came out to stop the run against the Jets. While we do have to run, at times against both teams, and especially against the Pats in the first half last week we were running into an 8 man front that effectively stifled the O. We are not a team that can run consistantly against 8 man fronts, other than the Giants two years ago I don't think any team is. While I don't think we should get pass happy I would like to see 10 to 12 passing attempts against the Titans in the first half including on first down and second and 6-4 yards to go. This puts lets pressure on Sanchise than 5 to 7 attempts most of which come on 3rd and long and also helps open up the running game. On Defense We go big to stop the run, set up obvious passing downs and make sure we have Scott covering Johnson over the middle, and OL's and safeties stopping him in the flat. Relentless pressure is a given, I wonder if the Titans go max protect and throw long a few times ( I believe our CB's have that covered as long as either Sheppard or Strickland are back) and try to set up mismatches with Johnson downfield.
  13. Two points really stand out for me- 1. Jenkins and company have to generate pressure up the middle. When Brady can't step up in the pocket he is not as effective, several times in the first half against the Bills there were incompletions not because anyone touched Brady on the rush, but because he could not go through his progressions and then step up an on his throws. Pressure from the outside does not have the same effect, he steps up or slide steps away and continues to go through his reads. 2. In the Giants superbowl win they managed to do pressure up the middle with their DL, and while I think Jenkins can do this at times pressure will need to come primarily from Harris, Scott, and Rhodes up the middle between the tackles. Here is where disguising and timing blitzes becomes critical. When the Pat's spread and/or go no huddle, Brady actually seems to slow things down at the line, they will set and then Brady will spend 5 or 6 seconds at the line reading the D and adjusting protection. Last year the Jets telegraphed their blitzes at this time, and never seemed to time them right, someone would commit to early and be id'd or would get a late start on the snap. Here is where Rex's scheming and coaching will pay off... imo-
  14. Jets 24 Pats 21 As long as our punting is at least decent and we don't miss the field goal
  15. Pressure up the middle- that is a key to this game (or against any 50 passing attempts per game team) Jenkins, Harris, and Scott must get immediate pressure up the middle, Brady struggles when he has limited lanes to throw in, is disrupted in checking down his reads, and can't step into throws. (As are all QB's, but Brady isn't running anywhere) Even good pressure from the outside has limited effect aginst the Pats, Brady will just step up, or slide step, check down, and hit Welker or Faulk. Blitzes should follow Jenkins up the middle, coming off the edge usually plays into Brady's hands. Also Scott and Harris should absolutely lay Welker out early and give him something to think about when they dink and dunk. (Easier said then done)

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