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    Jet Heaven, We win the SB every year.
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    Umm, I'll go with the Jets
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    IT Director/ Jet SuperFan

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    Been to just about every home game since I was 8, endless memories...
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    They were my Dads, now they're mine.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    Dan Marino fake Spike, I was young and on the verge of crying, haha.
  • Who is your favorite member of the NY Jets flight crew?
    The one in green
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
    Not that I know of
  1. I have so many questions, mainly WHY WHY WHY??
  2. Make sure its been mentioned here, the Contract that is on the table just covers total compensation, once they agree on that then they will talk guarantees, I don't know where SLATS is getting that false info.
  3. Happy Birthday- Alecsmith2009 (26), manimal (30), stealthman56 (54), Tballlz63 (30), sis813 (38), *62 (48), twinjetfan (20), vilma51 (28), Verde, njdevmgr (35), kall2 (54)

  4. Cute??? Mine isn't cute damn't!! LOL

  5. Make it cute like urs, with some fancy text. Use your imagination! Thanks

  6. I like the Wizard of OZ. (Name that Movie)

  7. Love the new pic!! lol- Sorry I've been really busy with work this week. So anything special or just a pic of Keller? background wise, any text, stats, stuff like that?

  8. Experts?? LOL You act like every single person involved with the NFL believes this. Chad was in his second year, in his first her he got to learn from one of the smartest QB's ever. I'll side with the QB that wins when it counts.
  9. That's common for safeties though, that's their job in fact.
  10. We better prepare alCROtraz for inmates. Any willing to offer cockmeat sandwiches to the prisoners? lol
  11. Actually he wants a butt-load of guaranteed money not necessarily $16 million per year.
  12. Hell and No. What makes me wonder is we basically know what the Jets offered Revis. $100+ million with little to no guaranteed money that but guaranteed would kick in, in the future. If Revis' camp felt their deal was fair I'm sure some type of info would be released.
  13. What did you want again? I can't seem to find it??? lol

  14. So um any word on that sig?

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