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  1. another Jets fan in Lower Bucks county! Do you go anywhere to watch the games?

  2. I'd like to see the jets draft Brandon Carter, the o-linemen from Texas Tech, The face paint is a bit much at times, but he is a hell of a lineman!
  3. What a great story, thank you for sharing!!
  4. Couture bullied Vera the whole match, dirty boxed him most of the time, Vera just couldnt break away from the cage, not the fight I expected, but an ending I was happy about.
  5. No we never met, But any fan of the Jets is a Friend of mine!

  6. thank you for the add!

  7. thanks for the add brother!

  8. the Bears brought Cutler in to set records for them...I think the Interception Record is his!!
  9. Xbox 360 Id: Bucko1974 currently playing MOH: Airborne
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