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  1. Being a Jets Fan living 5 minutes from Gillete Stadium is tough to say the least. Having to listen to these blowhards on Boston Sports radio is even worse. I usually listen to 1050 but since it's Pats week I like to get there take on what's going on up here. 1. This week couldnt be any better because the sky is falling for all of these patriot fans. Every caller is pointing fingers. Blaming Brady and Belicheck. 2. Ex Patriots QB Scott Zolak hosts the 10-2 slot on the Sports Hub as well as Patriots Game day show and is on the sideline during the games. He brought up an interesting point saying that Brady has recently been wearing a compression sleeve on his throwing elbow, insinuating he may have tendinitis?? They say that explains his lack of accuracy in past games. I dunno, just a thought I figured I would share since I haven't heard anything about him being hurt anywhere else. What do u think?
  2. I live up here. They just said on the radio that none of the starters will see any time tonight. Here is to hoping they still get dismantled....
  3. I'm actually a transplanted NYer that lives about 5 mins from Foxboro. Outlaw BBQ is now "Chickie Flynns", It is the same building and I believe that they still sell parking spots. From my experience in past games, if your group isn't together getting off of 95 and onto Rt. 1, you probably will not be able to get spots together as Route 1 is a complete f'n disaster on game days (let alone this game, there will be a little more juice). The guy that mentioned meeting up in Providence is probably the most accurate. My brother who still lives in NY is coming up for the game, but we don't have tickets, we will be trying to grab a pair that morning (hoping they will drop) because right now the best we could find is about $160 a piece. If you have two tickets that you would like to sell...please Message me.! Good luck with the tailgate, and Go Jets.
  4. I went to the first game at the New Meadowlands. MNF vs. Baltimore and thought it was going to be the time of my life. My brother and I sat 5 rows up in the top deck. Jets on defense, first defensive third down of the game and we get up and tried to make some noise (yell....cheer...no profanity whatsoever) and create a homefield advantage like we used to do at the old stadium. We were screamed at by the fans behind us to sit down. We thought we were in the twilight zone and tried the same thing again on the next third down. Again we were yelled at by multiple people behind us. They told us that they paid good money for their tickets (like us, and everyone else in the stadium that night). Some savage with a vein popping out of his forehead from anger actually told us he would come down and beat our asses if we didn't sit down, because he was there with his wife and wanted to ensure her a good time..... Between that and the 50 minutes it took us to walk down those ramps and get from our seat to the exit of the stadium, I realized it was not worth the arm and a leg we spent on tickets. The fans up top made for a miserable experience, and unless I am handed seats in one of the lower levels, I will refrain from paying for tickets for up top...... No better seat then on your couch, steps from the fridge...
  5. All they said was that a short term deal may get done this weekend being that the Jets worked out some deals to have more money for Revis. (Kellen, cutting Holmes, O'Connell; everything you saw on Hard Knocks last night.
  6. Can we just wait until after the Monday Night game to start talking like this. It's preseason, teams get better over time assuming no devastating injuries. Lets just watch and wait. I'm really not ready for this crap this early...
  7. Kerry's sentence didn't even make sense....What exactly was he trying to say?
  8. Do people here really believe that the stadium will be silent on MNF? I couldn't imagine such a thing no matter what the price of a ticket would cost. You're out of your mind...
  9. From the way he was answering questions and his overall stature up there on the podium he seems like a pretty cool guy. How that translates onto the field is a whole other story. I am totally supportive of the trade and how he is getting a fresh start in NY. While listening to the presser I couldn't help but think: Could he possibly be that big of a monster..or is it just the Cleveland Press portraying him as one and running him into the ground from the get go. Either way I'm excited and I hope he scores on Monday night. If you saw the Jericho Cotchery interview....J.Co might be the happiest guy in the league right now, judging by that smile he had on his face.
  10. So I live up in a small town next to Foxboro. I was listening to the "Toucher and Rich Morning Show" (an Opie and Anthony rip-off) on Boston's new sports station this morning and they actually had a small segment in the show saying "The Jets Defense is absolutely Insane and scary." They also said that they hated to admit it but the "Jets are a really, really good team." They were harping on the fact that the Jets stopped the Saints on 4th and 1 several times and were laughing there asses off Bart Scott going over to Sean Payton and talking trash after a stop on fourth down. (I didn't see this happen on TV but I guess it did.) I'm originally from New York but I saw this as the bright side for me because Sports Talk radio is absolutely terrible and all these Chowder Heads are completely arrogant and biased. Nice to finally here some respect for the Jets.
  11. Wow. Those are bad. I'd even choose the old "puke orange" Buccaneer uni's over these circus costumes.
  12. I agree with you. Once again JETS fans hating anything and everything that is a good thing for them or their experience.
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