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  1. Not as risky as getting in the ring with Zibikowski, that buffoon bailed on that venture pretty quickly.
  2. The patriots cheated for a decade, coincidence? Belidick as a gm is laughable, if Brady hadn't fell into his lap at the same time he had the games best spy ring rolling he'd be coaching the UConn Huskies.
  3. The "Anti-U" guys never try and take out opposing players knees.
  4. Wes Welka is wicked cool, he can tell foot jokes for days, wicked pissaaaaah eh Danny?
  5. Hopefully Belicheat can teach tiny Woodcock how not to fumble the ball.
  6. Elaine Benes thinks that dancing is awful.
  7. All the evidence was burned in a back yard bonfire at the Goodells, the Supreme Court had nothing to go off of.
  8. Clay Matthews can get away with it, Giselle's lap dog can not.
  9. Welka is old news, all the insecure white chowds now love them some Woodcock.
  10. And 20 years from now people will have no problem with Barry Bonds being the home run king. Patriots cheated for an entire decade, if Goodell ever really got into how severe it was the league would have been turned up side down, coaches got fired, players got cut, gamblers lost fortunes on Belicheat's crooked ways. Goodell had a BBQ with those tapes for a reason. If it were no "Big Deal" as these poor sap patsie fans like to believe then there wouldn't have been a Nixonian cover-up.
  11. The team with the highest payroll in the NFL this season, The New England Cheaters. Do your homework
  12. I guess you missed when Goodell was asked why the Broncos didn't have a first round pick taken away. Goodell stated that UNLIKE THE PATRIOTS who had GAINED A COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE FROM THEIR FILMING, the broncos had not. Loser.
  13. Hilarious, Goodell destroyed hundreds of tapes, fined them a half million dollars and took away a #1 draft pick for no reason. 70,000 people could also take steroids, guess what it's still CHEATING. I know it hurts but them the facts, patriots fans are pathetic.
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