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  1. try living in pittsburgh and dealing with it. It sucks so bad. I know its just a game of overpaid players, but this is hell.
  2. Trust me, living in pittsburgh and being a jets fan is like being in hell. Cant watch TV, listen to radio, open newspaper or really do anything. They are the most obnoxious over the top a-hole fanbase in the world. I am living in a nightmare since we lost.
  3. I hope so and i see all these plans being made about everyone coming in for the game. bring everyone. the casino by the field is awesome, its very nice.
  4. This week has been hell. Cant listen to radio, turn on the TV, open the newspaper.....nothing but how the steelers are gonna destroy us.
  5. Hi guys first post ever, thanks for welcoming me to the greatest site on the web. I had seen a website posted on here a while back that showed what games were gonna be televised in different regions on the networks. Can someone please post that site again? Thanks. chad
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