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  1. I think Brees has at least one from Tomlinson when they were with the chargers
  2. he should be fine its his second practice as a pro, other pros always says that the speed of the games and even practices are much more intense he just has to get used to it which he will
  3. Mcknight should have to work out with Gholston, he might be an awful football player but he sure knows how to work out
  4. Drew Brees Height: 6-0 Weight: 209 Mark Sanchez Height: 6-2 Weight: 225 dont talk about being to small to be a "bigtime NFL QB"
  5. The other players around him last year made it a lot easier for him to get open we had coles and cotchery all year so he was being left pretty much uncovered down the middle and with favre able to get him the ball quickly all he had to do was run which he is good at other teams were covering him with lbs which he was able to burn everytime now with sanchez being young he is not able to see things the way farve did and on top of all this he is just not getting open
  6. i agree it might be helpful for us, but its never good seeing someone get hurt
  7. yeah i agree with most other people it will just be a fine and probably community service of some type
  8. they just said lower leg injury and he will not return
  9. yeah im watching it to and thought the same exact thing
  10. Yeah he is still very young and he played one of the worst games I've ever seen but does anyone think it would help if he had someone to teach him a little about being an NFL qb or would it not be that helpful?
  11. i wish i could answer you but thats a good question i was wondering that all game
  12. thank you i agree with everything you are saying the D won us 3 games and let one slip away, we are in first place and our offense showed they can play and put up points when they have to clowney came up big and so did braylon and thats a good thing to see
  13. not only did braylon look good, but we got better use out of leon and we got to see that once clowney shuts up and plays he can actually be a good looking player, after this game i think clowney is going to get his chances in this offense. Like everyone else is saying the D played very very bad but our three other wins are because of the D the let one game slip away and i dont see it happing again any time soon
  14. Originally Posted by dolphinron "When we beat the jets monday night it will now be a division race!!! With us being the favorites!!" well someone there thinks so
  15. not only will this be a big upgrade but now cotchery will be covered by the number 2 DB so he will get open a lot easier
  16. remember when one of our main offensive weapons was a screen to leon?? we have not seen many of these this year, there have been a lot to stuckey but not to leon anyone have a reason for this?
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