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  1. Yes, we can be real about it. So you say that his INT's this year mean nothing because they came against inexperienced QB's? So what does that make Sanchez? Give him some credit, he MADE plays on the ball, they weren't just given to him. He has about 57 INT's altogether, so the guy knows what he's doing. Another thing, please do not overrate McNabb, he definitely throws INT's. A starting QB should NEVER get benched for playing awful, which he has done.
  2. He's a 5 time pro bowler (his last in 07). He's also the leagues active leader in INT's. Anyway, can i have some of what your smoking? Maybe it'll make Sunday get here faster.
  3. You my friend, are worried about the wrong things. Your busy looking at the opponents we've defeated, which has nothing to do with how we'll do against your team. We've had the #1 offense for the past 3 years, so these 3 teams you speak of have nothing to do with it, we're just doing what we normally do. Our defense(ranked 10th) is the reason why i think we'll go far into the playoffs. We have a new coordinator and much better players in our secondary, which was has been our Achilles heel for years. So with that being said, honestly speaking, your offense does not scare me. Your defense may
  4. My bad, misunderstanding on my part. But your right, it will be awesome. Im ready!
  5. So are you implying that we don't have the #1 Offense? That's not a challenge?
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