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  1. Sorry Keith but I have to agree with Larz here (no offense Keith). I'm expecting the normal we hate you you hate us smash mouth game between these two teems i have come to expect. Not at all expecting this to be easy and in fact this game scares me. To many memories of needing a game late in the season and having our Playoff hopes squashed by the Jets.
  2. I think he is the guy. I just think you guys need to be more patient with him and give him time to develop. You should give him 5 or 6 years at the very least.
  3. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers as well.
  4. You guys really should think about promoting Tony Sparano.
  5. "Can we now start rooting for us to lose every game?" Yes you Can! I know I will
  6. I just wanted to let you guys know That all of you in NY as well as anyone else that will be affected by Sandy are in my Thoughts and Prayers. Be smart and stay safe.
  7. Ok, to get the full story we have to first understand how and when the “Hot Sauce” comment originated. It’s a comment first used (in regards to this incident) by Bard Scott when he was still a member of the Baltimore Ravens in regards to injuring Reggie Bush’s Ankle. Here is the quote: So the quote is nothing new and both times it was used in reference to injuring Reggie Bush. Right after the Play while Bush is down with an injury and the trainers are being called Laron Landry can be seen applauding. Also Calvin Pace told the media, Now I don’t think the h
  8. Your just reading part of the story man.
  9. Actually I didn't. Consistently under performed and was horrid in coverage. He has a local Radio show down here and I refuse to listen to it.
  10. Only in Jetland can a player like Aaron Maybin who has a total of one tackle for the entire season be applauded for talking Smack lol =)
  11. It seems you're the only one here who actually read the article. Good job.
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