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    '98 Home playoff game against Jville. Watching the Jets come back against the fins on MNF.
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  1. Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    Gruden cutting people left and right.
  2. Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    Clive can play. He was a machine in college. Flashed some in Oakland too. I'm excited about this.
  3. Orange Bowl Miami vs Wisconsin ESPN

    We suck.
  4. Fireman Ed is in the house tonight.
  5. Why is this game on fox?

    I read somewhere that because CBS has the doubleheader today and the Giants are on at 415 they didn't want the risk of one game bleeding into the other.
  6. Not sure if anyone just caught the Miami Syracuse game but we're playing on the same field tomorrow and it was getting torn up. Players were slipping and falling all game. They laid down some new sod this week but it got soaked all week. Gotta imagine it puts more focus on the running game tomorrow. The footing is going to be atrocious regardless.
  7. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    I think the kaaya hype was stat based. He looked good on the books and got better every year. You can amass some serious stats as a 3 year starter at Miami. He never really won the big games though and seemed pedestrian most of the time.
  8. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    Yes. Drafted by Detroit (former canes coach Al golden is on their offensive staff) and then signed by Carolina (Ken Dorsey is QB coach). If he didn't stick in those two places..
  9. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    I've watched Brad over the years extensively. He's not an NFL QB. He's statuesque in the backfield, can't feel pressure, and locks on to receivers. Arm talent is mediocre. Based on what I've seen Petty and Hack both have more potential in the NFL.
  10. stadium security or lack there of

    I actually had a nice Pats fan apologize and agree with us after the review. But she was from LA so maybe doesn't count?
  11. stadium security or lack there of

    Don't forget violent video games and movies.
  12. Why do our punters always suck?

    Our punter also happens to lead the league in completion percentage and yards per attempt, if I'm not mistake. Some people are never happy.
  13. Interesting Read on Marrone

    You say what you want about everything else, but leave Publix out of it. Those sandwiches are amazing.
  14. The Official Jets vs Dolphins Game Thread

    Sure are a lot of fins fans in th crowd today.
  15. "Adams played 75 snaps, but only 19 came at safety, which led to some of his struggles against the run as he had to face Buffalo’s offensive linemen in the box." - PFF Didn't see this discussed yet. Is it because the lack of talent at LB or just game plan? I don't see why you'd draft a safety talent like Adams to not play him there.