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  1. We're exempt from HK this year because we have a first year head coach.
  2. jetscanes331

    BREAKING: Jets going to hire Gase

    Wasn't my first choice from the start, but I've warmed to him lately. Either way, he's our coach now and I believe he's a good answer. We have our offensive coach we've wanted forever and someone with a good track record of QBs. Let's get after it.
  3. Looks like it ran late. Confirmed he's already completed his first game as NYJ head coach (we lost on a last second field goal due to poor clock management)
  4. You can quote me on this It either means something or it means nothing. But probably nothing.
  5. It appears our compatriot is claiming that the end of Monken's interview hasn't been announced yet. Which he is extrapolating to assume the interview is still going on. Which he is implying that he will be hired as the next head coach. Congrats Monken. (Sarcasm)
  6. Has Rhule even had an official interview announced yet? I haven't heard anything about it besides the fact that the Jets like him.
  7. jetscanes331

    Chris Herndon Rookie Highlights

    Herndons biggest plus is his ability after the catch. I think he'll be a reliable second and third down option who can pick up first downs when we really need them. Those extra yards he's capable of grabbing will be really important.
  8. I mean give me another tackle like Brick and I'll be happy. 10 year starter at any position is a win.
  9. Worried his ceiling is as a RT or inside guard.
  10. jetscanes331

    Rex to the U

    Please God don't do this to me.
  11. Can't go wrong with canes tight ends Except Kellen Winslow Jr. Very wrong. Very wrong indeed.
  12. I'll be there and actually have two extra tickets. Let me know if you're interested. Go Canes. Also to address the earlier post - all our prospects are on defense. Willis is the best one but all 4 (JJ, MJ, and other JJ) are studs. Joe Johnson in particular is a beast. Michael Jackson is the type of corner that I think will get better at the next level - he has the size and skills and just needs to be developed more. Jaquan is a playmaker who seems to be around the ball all the time. All 4 are big parts of the reason that Miami had a good defence this year. I think you could also see Shaq Quarterman go pro out of the LB spot. Think he'd be a solid 3rd rounder.
  13. I'm not sure if anyone is at the game but the parking lot is already madness. Normally when we're here this early we have no issues. Never seen it this busy at 1015. Gonna be a great game day atmosphere
  14. jetscanes331

    Is there a sunny side and a shady side at MetLife?

    If I remember correctly the sunnier sections are on the Jets side of the field. The last sections to lose the sun in the fall are generally from approx 104 (and 204, 304 etc) to 116/216/316 etc. The higher up you sit the more sun you'll get, but the windier it is. The lower bowl is generally less windy (and always feels about 10 degrees warmer than outside).

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