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  1. I'm not sure if anyone is at the game but the parking lot is already madness. Normally when we're here this early we have no issues. Never seen it this busy at 1015. Gonna be a great game day atmosphere
  2. jetscanes331

    Is there a sunny side and a shady side at MetLife?

    If I remember correctly the sunnier sections are on the Jets side of the field. The last sections to lose the sun in the fall are generally from approx 104 (and 204, 304 etc) to 116/216/316 etc. The higher up you sit the more sun you'll get, but the windier it is. The lower bowl is generally less windy (and always feels about 10 degrees warmer than outside).
  3. jetscanes331

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Impossible to predict where he goes at this point. Wait til Qbs on teams heading to the playoffs get injured. Someone will want him then.
  4. jetscanes331

    Welcome Chris Herndon

    Watch his highlights vs. Syracuse and his TD vs UNC to get an idea about the type of player we're getting. There was another game (I think VT) where he made great catch on a screen and broke a tackle and took the ball to the house.
  5. jetscanes331

    Welcome Chris Herndon

    Also worth noting how much Miami's offense dropped off after he went down with the injury. Not saying he's the best TE in the county by a long shot but he can grow into a solid option in the passing game. Watch his highlights and see him running after the catch.
  6. jetscanes331

    Welcome Chris Herndon

    I don't recall a drop problem with Herndon. He was a great target in the short to mid game and always seemed to be able to pick up those first downs when you needed them.
  7. jetscanes331

    Welcome Chris Herndon

    Herndon was a reliable stable Target at Miami. Not as good as Njoku was but came pretty close to filling his shoes. Fan of the pick.
  8. jetscanes331

    Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    Gruden cutting people left and right.
  9. jetscanes331

    Jets Claim TE Clive Walford

    Clive can play. He was a machine in college. Flashed some in Oakland too. I'm excited about this.
  10. jetscanes331

    Orange Bowl Miami vs Wisconsin ESPN

    We suck.
  11. Fireman Ed is in the house tonight.
  12. jetscanes331

    Why is this game on fox?

    I read somewhere that because CBS has the doubleheader today and the Giants are on at 415 they didn't want the risk of one game bleeding into the other.
  13. Not sure if anyone just caught the Miami Syracuse game but we're playing on the same field tomorrow and it was getting torn up. Players were slipping and falling all game. They laid down some new sod this week but it got soaked all week. Gotta imagine it puts more focus on the running game tomorrow. The footing is going to be atrocious regardless.
  14. jetscanes331

    Brad Kaaya just got cut

    I think the kaaya hype was stat based. He looked good on the books and got better every year. You can amass some serious stats as a 3 year starter at Miami. He never really won the big games though and seemed pedestrian most of the time.

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