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  1. First of all, and this was slightly touched upon, free cash flow does NOT equal profit or loss. That's just finance. Statements and trends like these are incredibly common for newer companies and this information says very little about the financial well being of the company. They did not simply 'lose' $100 million. That being said, I like the athletic. Their soccer reporting is outstanding and I far prefer Hughes to any other Jets writer. They've proven to be consistent and reliable. Also, Clay Travis is an idiot, so there's that too.
  2. Jets leading the pack by a decent margin. Gotta remember how young this team is. We could be putting together something nice as these players develop. https://twitter.com/PFF_Mike/status/1445455690714128388?s=20 Mike Renner @PFF_Mike
  3. Zach Wilson's run block grade is abysmal. We need to trade this loser.
  4. You're exiled to the bathroom next Sunday at 930. We'll send someone to check on you.
  5. Real nice to see some of the young guys grading out nicely. Sherwood is an example. As always with PFF I agree with the good rankings and the bad ones are way off.
  6. Berrios is a stud. He does everything with 110% effort. Thats why he keeps getting in games. He doesn't drop balls and he gets dirty. We could do a lot worse.
  7. Forget seeing them win. I don't even enjoy the games when they're lifeless. It's like watching your pet being put down.
  8. I would do that but I really like the tailgates and it's the only time I can spend with my father without him talking politics. I just wish they were fun to watch too lol.
  9. I booed. I'll admit it. I'm just sad that I keep coming to games and I'm always let down. I guess maybe I'm really booing myself.
  10. got 2 for the pats game if anyone is interested. $130 per. Cheaper than the exchange or stubhub with fees. Message me
  11. The night before the season starts is my peak optimism point. I am not used to this feeling.
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