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  1. Berrios is a stud. He does everything with 110% effort. Thats why he keeps getting in games. He doesn't drop balls and he gets dirty. We could do a lot worse.
  2. Forget seeing them win. I don't even enjoy the games when they're lifeless. It's like watching your pet being put down.
  3. I would do that but I really like the tailgates and it's the only time I can spend with my father without him talking politics. I just wish they were fun to watch too lol.
  4. I booed. I'll admit it. I'm just sad that I keep coming to games and I'm always let down. I guess maybe I'm really booing myself.
  5. got 2 for the pats game if anyone is interested. $130 per. Cheaper than the exchange or stubhub with fees. Message me
  6. I'm so excited I'm vibrating. Woke up to start cooking at 7.
  7. The night before the season starts is my peak optimism point. I am not used to this feeling.
  8. I had never seen or known about this. Thank you for sharing.
  9. For whatever it's worth, this is like 10 days old. Other QBs (Lawrence) have given impressive performances since.
  10. I'll be there. Can't wait to just be in the stadium again. I love warm weather night games.
  11. Trying to temper my excitement because I was pretty jazzed about Sanchez and Darnold too. Like what I've seen so far though. Optimistic it translates and we actually have a QB.
  12. I'll be there. Need a pre-season tailgate to iron out the kinks and make sure I'm ready for week 2. Worried I'm a little rusty on the grill and cooler techniques.
  13. I'll kick in some money if I can tailgate with you and use your bathroom.
  14. Hi all! Hope you're all as excited as I am for the start of the season. My family owns 4 PSLs in the lower bowl (section 104) corner endzone. Just under the overhang (you're protected from both the rain and sun) with great views of the field. My father and I attend most games, but we almost always have two additional tickets that we try to sell. The ticket exchange is a rip off for all parties, so thought I'd let the people here know. If anyone is interested in two tickets to any game this season at face value shoot me a message and I'm sure we can work something out.
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