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  1. We went from 2 seats to 4 last year. We were in 110 (10k PSLs - we had paid 16k total at that point.) The Jets let us move to 104 (4k PSLs) for no cost and rolled over the money. So now we own 4 outright instead of still paying off two. Face value is cheaper too. Has been nice to bring additional family/friends to games or sell the extras.
  2. Throw Austin up there too. What a nice surprise he's turning into.
  3. I love to hate on him as much of the next guy, but at least 6 or 7 of those INTs were off the hands of his receivers. Including two yesterday. I do see troubling trends with him - staring down receivers, forced throws, questionable accuracy under pressure - but the stat line doesn't tell the whole story.
  4. Let's go! A fresh season of possibilities. A team moving in the right direction. I'm more excited this year than I have been in a long time. See you in the lots tomorrow at 10 AM!
  5. I've got two in section 104 row 40. Corner seats.
  6. Got 2 for tomorrow . Taking best offer. PM me. Section 104 row 40 ( field level corner endzone in the shade) great view
  7. According to the FHP there was a Maserati involved in the crash as well but the driver was uninjured. Hearing Norton's friends and family say he was cut off and swerved into the divider. Hate seeing this stuff. Best wishes for him.
  8. I care a lot. Read as much as I can and don't miss games. Season ticket / psl holder. Wins can keep me amped up for the rest of the week as I look forward to the next game. Losses I tend to shake off much quicker than I used to. It's either because I'm older or because the team has led me to heavily self medicate.
  9. i find it hard to believe this guy is more trustworthy than when he was the only one reporting he walked out. but i'll be happy if he's right
  10. Guy was the 5th or 6th QB on a lot of guys boards. There's absolutely 0 chance anyone would have taken him before the Giants come back around even in the second round, let alone with their other first round picks.
  11. Burnett's chemistry with Sam cannot be overstated enough. For an UDFA he made enough of an impact to see if he can build something meaningful with Darnold. The guy made some really good plays last year and could be an important part of the offense if he continues to grow.
  12. Bring it back. Used to love it and would look for it every week.

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