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  1. got 2 for the pats game if anyone is interested. $130 per. Cheaper than the exchange or stubhub with fees. Message me
  2. I'm so excited I'm vibrating. Woke up to start cooking at 7.
  3. The night before the season starts is my peak optimism point. I am not used to this feeling.
  4. I had never seen or known about this. Thank you for sharing.
  5. For whatever it's worth, this is like 10 days old. Other QBs (Lawrence) have given impressive performances since.
  6. I'll be there. Can't wait to just be in the stadium again. I love warm weather night games.
  7. Trying to temper my excitement because I was pretty jazzed about Sanchez and Darnold too. Like what I've seen so far though. Optimistic it translates and we actually have a QB.
  8. I'll be there. Need a pre-season tailgate to iron out the kinks and make sure I'm ready for week 2. Worried I'm a little rusty on the grill and cooler techniques.
  9. I'll kick in some money if I can tailgate with you and use your bathroom.
  10. Hi all! Hope you're all as excited as I am for the start of the season. My family owns 4 PSLs in the lower bowl (section 104) corner endzone. Just under the overhang (you're protected from both the rain and sun) with great views of the field. My father and I attend most games, but we almost always have two additional tickets that we try to sell. The ticket exchange is a rip off for all parties, so thought I'd let the people here know. If anyone is interested in two tickets to any game this season at face value shoot me a message and I'm sure we can work something out.
  11. The problem is that all indications from the otas and mini camps is that he's far behind the other WR on the roster. Can't blame that on gase or darnold.
  12. Phil, don't know you personally but love you and your family. Thinking of you guys.
  13. We're taking our talents to South Florida with the rest of the yuppy NYers.
  14. The wife and I are about to leave the NYC area after living here our whole lives. This thread is making me feel things.
  15. If you have interest in doing more than just coming to the game, Newark or JC will have more for you to do. If you want to hit Manhattan at all, the JC Westin is where the visiting teams stays I'm pretty sure. Make sure to call their rooms at 4 AM.
  16. You'll be fine. For whatever it's worth the visiting teams stay in Jersey City. Easy to hop over to Manhattan then. Newark is fine though.
  17. I've been thinking a lot about draft strategy too. I'm more excited about where this lines us up for next year. For example, the biggest "needs" on this team after the NFL draft are: CB, EDGE, C/OG/RT, LB Now look at where we're positioned to draft next year, with 2 in each of the first 3 rounds. The (general) area you need to draft to get a premium player plug and play starter in each spot (in my opinion) Edge - Top/Mid first CB - Mid/Late first C/OG/RT - solid interior line starters especially for the right side can be easily drafted in the 2nd round (and in the
  18. I understand that but I get the feeling they might not only be asking about high and low lights. I imagine his recall extends to most of the plays. No offense but I'm sure he's got quite a few more plays in his mental bank than you do. Also if it was enough to impress 4 professional football coaches and a writer, maybe it should be taken at face value.
  19. I think the point they're making is that what he was able to recall the play just by seeing the scoreboard. That's pretty impressive, no?
  20. Always loved Baldy's breakdowns. He was spot on with Becton all of last year. Thanks for sharing.
  21. I feel like they're hopeful with Cam Clark from last year that he'll turn into something on the right side.
  22. I believe that Herndon is the guy. I think he's gonna have a great season with this new staff.
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