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  1. I don't know where else to post this so here it is. From the pregame tailgate. Even happier we could crush them today.
  2. Been looking forward to today since the season ended. Let's get it!
  3. I'll take it. But I think we should let him play first.
  4. Being in the Jets offense automatically makes him a dark horse to me.
  5. I'm strangely highest on him of all our draft picks. I think he's a dark horse contender for ORoY in our system.
  6. Thanks for the updates @Lith! Feels like we're getting closer to football.
  7. Glad you had fun @Maxman. Agreed that Vegas should host it every year. Seems like an event built for the sin city.
  8. "You want me to water your stomach?" LMAO
  9. I feel like that depression commercial was aimed at us.
  10. Does anyone know what picks we have remaining? I can't keep track.
  11. I've got nothing to add except I've already started my yearly tradition of watching Draft Day. No matter what happens our team gets better tonight. Happy to be watching it alongside all (most) of you.
  12. I don't see another team taking a WR before us. Also the gap between WR1 and WR2 in this draft is not huge.. there's no Chase type. I'd behappy with any of the top guys at 10.
  13. My thoughts exactly. Normally a guy about to get a huge extension comes for fewer picks.
  14. I came away from the combine really impressed with Dotson. Would love to scoop him if we go double defense in the first.
  15. Solid insight here. Feels like we're just the outliers who can draft dud after dud like mims and Stephen Hill. Or maybe it matters more who is throwing to them. I don't know.
  16. We're not one or two big name FA's away from anything meaningful. Everyone here wants JD to dole out $40m to two damn guys. We'll still be a 6-11 team with two disgruntled studs. They're building the team the right way instead of giving out awful contracts. What good does paying Adams 30m a year do for us?
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