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  1. I just came to vent, say that you've eclipsed the Patriots as the most annoying team in your division, and remind you that there's a better team in New York... and I'll be on my way.
  2. ESPN is not a tabloid. I'm sure Jets fans hate having to hear about Tom Brady and Bellicheat and how great they are everytime they watch sportscenter or read sports illustrated or the newspaper. You know you hate it. But at least the Pats somewhat earned it. It's why even non-nfc east fans hate the Cowboys. They haven't won a playoff game since 1996 but people talk about them like they're the greatest thing going. Rex Ryan thinks he's punched a playoff ticket. Make them first, then you can talk.
  3. Perez Hilton, funny. I wish I had his money though. Nope, just sick of hearing about the Jets, they have turned into the AFC's version of the Cowboys now. Last year it was all about Favre and how halfway through the season the Jets were going to the Super Bowl. And now it's happening again. ESPN almost devotes as much time to the Jets now as they do to the Cowboys and Tom Brady. You'd think they would actually have some sort of successful history or something.
  4. Wow Jets fans really do talk a lot of trash. I hope the Jets get their asses kicked, I'm sick of the media building up a franchise that always seems to choke, maybe they'll end it early this year. How many times have the Jets even won that division? Once? I don't get how the Jets seem to get more attention then the Giants. They haven't been to a super bowl since before the first moon landing. Well the Cowgirls get it too even though they've been choking since the late 90s. The media must just love the choke artists-more drama is always involved. "Who is Tony Romo dating?" "What did Rex Ryan's 5 chins blabber off today?" I say who gives a f%*k.