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  1. Get ready Pac fans... #penningtonQBcoach
  2. You just want your dollar mon!
  3. He knows you, He said to keep up the good work! 0-2-1
  4. If Vick to Jets, Rex will fix him.
  5. Coincidently it's also Jade Green's Jaded Green's JADEDGREEN's Brooklyn Jet's BKLYN JET's The Bklyn Jet's jroseone's THE ILK's Others I forgot And some that have yet to be unveiled. OH HAPPY DAY!
  6. They could do a better job running this sh*t show!
  7. So the reports that are true depends on which side you are on. Kind of like a Revis holdout, got it.
  8. When do the firings start? WHEN?
  9. Maybe after the riots he will mon.
  10. "That Sanchez has the sexiest feet I've ever sniffed." -Rex Ryan BD
  11. It's being reported on the fan as Rex's decision.
  12. You would think they would keep him, I guess they don't know trader Mike is going to mind control them into taking the Sanch yet.
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