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  1. C'mon, he should bring something to the table. I mean, the guy is a lawyer..... Seriously tho, who the f is birdman??
  2. who to start ? week 1

    thanks for getting back, im reluctantly goin with harvin. it is a ppr league btw
  3. who to start ? week 1

    I just wanted to get some opinions on who i should start at my flex position, I read most threads here but rarely post. Seems to me there are quiet a few knowledgeable posters on this site so i'd love to hear some opinions. I have Shonne Greene and Percy Harvin, based on matched ups i would think harvin may have the better week but im having a hard time benching greene. How much LT will cut into his workload? Will favre lay an egg or light it up? Please help!
  4. Jets News 5-28

    Get real, dude. These people, making a whopping $13 an hour, were not given the opportunity to retain their jobs. They have every right to be pissed. And btw, i'm sure it was the writer that made the thank you comment. Do you seriously think these people expected anything like that? All they want is their jobs. Again, get freakin real.
  5. Revis NOT Asking for 20 Million

    Being this is an uncapped year, couldn't they give him a disgustingly front loaded contract that would pay him a ton of dough this year and become somewhat reasonable later? I mean pay the guy like 35M this year and 11M a year over the next 5 years? I know it's a huge risk (health level of play over the next several years) but is that even possible? Could Woody pony up that kinda money? Am I about to be laughed at?
  6. McDaniels compares Tebow to Brady

    If he was so special, why was he riding the pine for what should of been at least two seasons? I guess bellyboy must of thought Bledsoe had "it"+1.
  7. I think the Raiders will go 8-8. The NFC is a little more volatile, i think Washington and Seattle both improve by 3 wins. Also, I wouldn't be surprised to see Chicago go 10-6, Cutler will bounce back this season imo.
  8. The 2010 season for our New York Jets

    I think we've had an excellent offseason thus far and i agree with all the moves except letting Faneca go. We are certainly the hot team right now and are the sexy super bowl pick. I can not wait for this season, i don't think I have ever been this excited or have had such high expections since '99. That said, i feel we are being set up for a huge disappointment for one simple reason. Sophmore slump, our recent history has been littered with it. Our former coaching staffs(Mangini/edwards) and a certain QB in his 2nd season as a starter all were major disappointments in their 2nd seasons. However, I do feel this is the most talented jets team i've ever seen. God i hope they prove me wrong. my prediction is a slow start and we catch fire too late in the season; 8-8
  9. Will do Max, I was dealing with Chris White but I got a voicemail from a woman the other day saying she was now handling my account. I don't recall her name or know what happened to the other guy. Guess I'll find out saturday.
  10. Best defensive player in the league?

    very true but Manning is almost unsackable, if anyone could find a weakness in that D it would be him.
  11. Best defensive player in the league?

    I'd go with; QB: Manning RB: Chris Johnson WR: Fitz, A. Johnson, S. Smith(Car) TE: Gates I think they'd score some points
  12. Hello all, first off i wanted to say I've been trolling around this site for a long time now and this site, by far, has the best posters out of all the jets forums i've been on. Keep it up guys! I am going on a tour of the stadium on saturday, I'm thinking about mezz or touchdown corner. I've never had season tickets but was on the waiting list for years. Any words of advise on how i can get the most for my money out of these people? most appreciated.