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  1. NFL Expanding Draft & Playoffs?

    That's right. So #7 seed plays at #2 seed; #6 seed plays at #3 seed (like it is now); and #5 seed plays at #4 seed (like it is now). #1 seed gets the only bye. Only difference would be 3 WC games in each conference instead of two (early afternoon, late afternoon, and night).
  2. Don’t Label CB Milliner A Bust Yet

    Can't say that after only half a season. Give him some time.
  3. Thanks Em. Good analysis as always.
  4. Could you imagine?

    Depends on if the D relies primarily on zone coverage schemes or a lot of press man-to-man.
  5. Could you imagine?

    Give Milliner a chance. Sometimes it takes CBs a few seasons to develop in the NFL (like QBs). He has not played well (an understatement) but may still turn out good. After all, he played in the SEC. As far as Richardson...?
  6. Is there such a thing as a "gift" win?

    4-4, but a different 4-4. Deserved to lose the Tampa Bay game, and deserved to win the Pats game in New England (it was there for the taking all game long).
  7. Well, Eli Manning sure isn't right now!
  8. Recalibrating Expectations

    You are correct. They don't score nearly as much on the road. But, here's a stat for you: in Sean Payton's last 26 regular season road games, the Saints have won 20 of those. 20 and 6. Seems to me, that's pretty good.
  9. Rex has done a pretty good job (putting Sanchez back in at the end of that preseason game might turn out to have been a blessing). The Jets are 3-2 which is just where they should be. However, they should have beaten New England, and should have lost to Tampa Bay. That would have been a "better" 3-2 as it would have been another division W.
  10. Recalibrating Expectations

    Schedule gets tougher. Miami twice (including the season's final game at Miami); Pats at home, Saints at home. Heck, the 0-4 Steelers may not be a gimmie.
  11. Jets sign WR Saalim Hakim

    He can run like the wind. Trouble is, he can't run good pass routes, and can't catch the ball. That's why the Saints released him from their practice squad. Signing is a waste.
  12. Josh Freeman released

    Hey. No player frpom "The Ohio State University" can ever be a bust. JK, of course. Maybe Goldston is bagging groceries. He could certainly do that better than play either DE or OLB in the NFL.
  13. Oh boy, Santonio chirping again

    Maybe he would rather go back to the 0-4 Steelers, and try to catch passes from Roethlisberger.
  14. Falcons vs. Jets predictions

    Must win for both teams. But the Falcons prevail at home 27-13.