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    • +1   The rationale for re-signing him in the OP (7 sacks lining up wide) doesn't match what he wants to do with him upon re-signing him.  He's shown he was productive as a 34DE (or at least that he was when he was playing for a contract). Just because 34DEs can translate to 43DT in terms of size or body type doesn't mean he'll therefore be as productive in that same role. On the contrary, as you note, he was a meh interior DT whom the Colts - who made the initial investment in him and knew him best - valued less than a 7th round pick. He had an excellent season. But if the D is changing he might not fit anymore. Sometimes you take the money and run, and don't assume that, even in the face of changing his position, the player's best-ever season (by far) will be his new baseline going forward.
    • Nice effort all round. I’d rather go after Paradis than Morse at centre. Is Morse really that good?....or benefitting from the ‘KC effect’ that comes with being part of such a record breaking offence? If we are going to replace Long and Harrison it needs to be a significant upgrade and for me Paradis is 100% in that category but I remain to be convinced about MM.  I like that Paradis has battled through some losing teams while still being considered a top centre for several years. Also like adding a bit of experience(29) and leadership to Sam’s huddle while still having a guy who’s young enough to have a few years ahead of him.  Shell is not expected to miss any time so if we go after James(and I’m not against it at all) we’d have a decision to make about BS. In effect we’d be drawing a line under him. He may have some trade value. I like AJ Cann of Jacksonville but likewise we’d be calling it a day for Brian Wnters if we did that. I love your trade with Jacksonville but I’m not sold at all on Metcalf. I think there’s insane depth at WR all the way down the draft and personally I’d look at drafting a couple from Round 2(Hollywood, if he drops, Stanley Morgan) through 4(Sills, Custis, Dillon Mitchell, Doss). I need to go back and take a look at Metcalf maybe I can be persuaded. At 7 we have to get an edge rusher. There’s just too many blue chip guys this year to miss put. Even if Allen, Bosa and Ferrell are gone there’s still guys like Montez Sweat or even Rashan Gary. It will be interesting to see between now and the combine who rises, who falls and who solidifies themselves as top 10 material. Either way dropping back to 7 and recouping a high 2nd this year and a 2nd in 2020 would be good business I love Devin Singletary and if he was available in the 4th I’d be racing up to the podium with the card. I think he goes higher. I also think Justice Hill is worth a look. Either would make a nice compliment to Le’Veon Bell and both can catch the ball and be a dangerous match-up headache for opposing defences
    • Oh I totally agree, but we're in the position this fool put us in, not the position we wished we were in. I said this in another thread earlier in the month I think.  For this upcoming season, Winters is a no-brainer to return at RG. He's the best one they've got, and while he's nothing special he'd surely be better still if he wasn't in between a subpar center and subpar RT.  At LT hold onto Beachum for now unless a LT unexpectedly becomes available. The likelihood is we'll have to draft a LT and it's not going to be found with Macc's m.o. of one 5th round OLman every other draft. Reliable, young, healthy LTs just don't reach FA. Teams extend them before they sniff at FA. Most years, most LT starters were found in the top 40 overall (if not top 20 overall) picks. It's unusual to find a really good LT in the mid/late rounds, let alone one who can come in and start day one. With no 2nd rounder, this position is as much reason as any why I want to see them trade down from #3, and why coming away with one DT and nothing else prior to round 3 should be punishable by firing squad. LG is where I was looking at FA. Yes the draft is the best way for long term success, but unless they dream of keeping Long because he's cheaper (and deservedly so), and effectively guarantee his 2019 salary by paying him a multimillion dollar roster bonus in early Feb, there's an outright hole there now. If we were better at drafting OL maybe I could rationalize keeping Long for 1 more season, if even that should a rookie take his job away this summer. But with all this cap room I'd rather buy an obvious upgrade for a year or two (Saffold or someone else). C is another outright hole. I'm targeting Paradis here. But the GM can't sleep on this. He turns 30; not 33 but not 28 either. So we should still be drafting C/G prospects (plural not one of them with the idea that the requirement's filled because you drafted one in round 5). RT is a coin toss for me because I don't think it's likely any team gets its #1 target at 3 OL positions, and the other two are more important to me for filling right away. RTs are not hard to find in the draft because you get a lot of college LT prospects who are better suited there, in addition to the college RTs. Nor are they expensive FAs. But I wouldn't want them to bypass the position in the draft because they locked themselves into their newest Giacomini for 2 seasons. If they get a top RT in FA fine, but don't go so deep on the FA list just to do it, so we're just inking a meh $7MM/year FA no better than Brandon Shell.   
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