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Anybody Hearing Anything About Kyle Wilson Being On The Trading Block?


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They really shouldn't trade Wilson. You know he's going to be targeted a lot this year. It's only his second year, I feel he can step it up and show us what he's made of. My guess is he'll get at least 5 picks this year. Revis will rub off on him this season and you'll see a nice transition from young un to grown man. It may take a little bit, but he'll get there.

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The last 2 CBs the Jets drafted in the first round prior to Wilson were opening day starters their rookie years, and within 2-3 years were fan favorites and considered topflight covermen. Even Tony Stargell and Dwight Lowery were opening day starters at CB. SoFlaJets has it correct... way too many excuses for this kid. Not saying it's time to cut bait yet, but it seems to me that fans are content with him becoming Ray Mickens. Nothing wrong with that career ceiling (I loved Mickens), but you draft that where Kotite drafted Mickens, round 3, not round 1.

Drew Coleman was an opening day starter too. It's would be more impressive to be a solid nickel with this D than to start for Kotite or Herm. Some players are ready sooner, some take time and some never get it. I don't think we have enough information to determine that a guy like Wilson should be cut. I'm willing to bet there are guys here posting we should trade or cut him when they felt that we didn't need to sign another CB during the offseason.

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For Wilson--playing the slot is very different than corner in the space you cover and the type of receiver you cover. Not only that, but the jets play so much man that as a slot you are defending against those quick slants. I am holding out hope that a light goes off and the game starts to slow down for him so he can make some plays for us.

Against Wilson--If the jets thought he could be that elite CB they would not have thrown the amount of cash they did toward Cro for that length of contract. Wilson has pretty much entrenched himself as plan B if anything should go horribly wrong with our d-backs...

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