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Prediction thread Jets vs Cowboys

Lego My Lageman

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Jets offense sucks balls and will continue to suck balls until they figure out a way to score touchdowns instead of field goals.

Cowboys 10

Jets 9

Maybe they surprise, but yes I see this game as an awfully similar one to last years Baltimore game. The offense just cant get going.

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Jets 27 cowboys 17.

Jets have their entire coaching staff back, cowboys don't...this is BIG for the first game! Lockout will hurt most (if not all) teams that are putting in new a offense or defense or even special teams. Jets have a BIG advantage there...Mark and Shotty will show that VANILLA of the Preseason is OVER! Defense is solid so is Special Teams. Jets start the season off on the right foot...on their way to 12 - 14 WINS and home field throught the Postseason!

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