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Gameday thread for the 1:00 and 4:00 games leading up to the Jets game tonight at 8:20.


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As of right now, I consider teams such as the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens and Chargers as AFC teams that round out the top 5 along with the Jets.

I'm not a believer in Houston or KC, and the Colts are pretty much done without Peyton Manning. That pretty much leaves the Steelers, Jets, Patriots, Ravens and Chargers as the class of the AFC. Home Field Advantage Throughout has to be our #1 goal heading into the season. You can't win a super bowl, without first making it through the playoffs.

1:00 games I'll be watching.... Pittsburgh and Baltimore. As of right now, you have to consider Pittsburgh as the team to beat out of the AFC North. Because of that, I'll pull for a Ravens win and hopefully the Steelers play with a SB hangover this year. Regardless, one of these two contenders are starting off 0-1.

4:00 games I'll be watching.... Chargers and Vikings. I still consider the Chargers as the team to beat coming out of the AFC West. I'd love to see the Chargers start off 0-1.

I'll watch some of the Indy vs Houston game @ 1:00, just to see how the Colts look without Manning. I'd also love to see the offseason champions (Eagles) lose to the Rams @ 1:00.

But as of right now, I'll consider the Steelers-Ravens and Minny-SD games as the games that'll keep my busy.

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WOW...Bradford fumbles and eagles return for 6. Eagles take the lead. St. Louis must be kicking itself...Eagles not looking good but Rams gifted them a TD...


Damn, and my fantasy football opponent has the Eagles as his starting defense. I've got the Jets. So far the Eagles have picked up 19.72 points

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