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This was an amazing come from behind victory last night, we're 1-0, but I'm already amped about hosting the 1-0 Jaguars this Sunday at 1:00.


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First and foremost, don't get me wrong, I'm still enjoying our victory over the Cowboys; but I just can't help but focus on a 2-0 record starting off the season. I can't stress it enough, I dream of seeing this years Jets team earn home field advantage throughout.

As we all know, last year we started off 0-1, losing a tough game against the Ravens. That game really hurt. After having SB dreams during the offseason, I'll admit, it wasn't a feel-good feeling having to host the Patriots the following week, knowing that if we lost, we'd be starting off 0-2. Thank god we won that game, because it could have became ugly.

This year it's a different feeling when compared to last year though. After an outstanding comeback last night, I'm actually pumped up about our week two game against the Jaguars. Starting off 2-0 is always a good sign. Bring on the Jaguars, a team who struggled with the Tennessee Titans, winning by the score of 16-14. Lets see how they play on the road this Sunday, when traveling to JetLife stadium.

This may not be a division game, but it is an AFC conference game. When fighting for home field advantage throughout, these are the types of games that you must win. During 2009, we failed to beat some of these teams. We lost to the Jaguars by the score of 22-24. David Garrard, Jones-Drew, Sims-Walker and Marcedes Lewis killed us. Part of the reason why we only finished the regular season with a 9-7 record. As of right now? It's no secret that we're the favorites with home field advantage this week. We need to win this game, considering the fact that we have both the Ravens and Patriots coming up during week's 4 and 5. Both games being played on the road. 3-0 is key in my eyes. One game at a time though.

Hasselbeck of the Titans did a number against this Jaguars defense, but the Titans just couldn't win the game. Hasselbeck went 21/34, 263 yards, 2 TD's/1 INT, QB rating of 93.1 against this Jaguars secondary. I'll give credit where credit is due though, this Jaguars defense did one hell of a job of shutting down Chris Johnson and the Titans rushing attack. Only 9 rushes, 24 yards and 0 TD's for Chris Johnson.

Luke McCown had an efficient, move the chains type of game. 17/24, 175 yards, 0 TD's/0 INT's, QB rating of 91.5. I'm not really worried about Luke McCown though. One thing is for sure, he's no Tony Romo. Other than two fumbles, he didn't make any throwing mistakes against the Titans defense, but I do believe our defense will have it's way with McCown this Sunday. He's been in the league since 2002. Career completion% of 57.7. 35 TD's/40 INT's. Career QB rating of 71.3. After our defense gave up too many yards, points and big plays against Romo, Witten, Austin and Bryant... I have a feeling we're on the verge of seeing our defense head into this game with a chip on their shoulder. If that happens, good luck to McCown and this Jaguars offense, because they'll need it.

Jones-Drew is who I'm worried about. As we all know, Jones-Drew is a kid who can take over games. 24 rushes, 97 yards and 1 TD is what Jones-Drew put up against the Titans week one. We better be ready to compete against the run, because the Jaguars look to be a running football team ( once again) this year. They rushed the football 47 times for 163 yards and a TD yesterday.

Lucky or not, if we could escape last night with a victory over a very talented Dallas Cowboys team on opening night, I see no reason why we shouldn't handle and have our way with the Jaguars. A record of 2-0 before heading into Oakland to face the Raiders is the goal.

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Anyone remember in 2009 when we lost to the Jags? We couldn't do a damn thing. I never woill forget that long hair cock sucker who sat in front of me talking sh*t. He got so much crap thrown at him, though.

Everytime I think of that game I think of MJD pulling the Westbrooke.

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i am too busy hoping miami can stun the pats tonight to think about jax. just enjoy the win for a day or two.

Oh yeah, if the Dolphins can upset the Patriots, that'll become great news for the Jets moving forward. In 2008 and 2009 the Dolphins were able to split with the Patriots 2-2, but last year? Not only did they get swept by the hands of the Patriots, but they also got dominated during two games by the score of 21-79. One advantage the Dolphins have tonight? Home field advantage.

Heading into the season, we all expected the Colts to feature Peyton Manning this season, meaning that I had (in no specific order) the Steelers, Jets, Patriots, Colts, Ravens and Chargers as the class of the AFC. Other than now the Colts, I'd be shocked if any other AFC team is able to finish as a #1 or #2 seed.

Jets: 1-0

Ravens: 1-0

Chargers: 1-0

Patriots: 0-1

Steelers: 0-1

Colts: 0-1

The Colts are done, the Chiefs seem to be frauds, but it was great to see the Steelers lose yesterday. The Jets winning was our #1 goal, but the Patriots starting off 0-1 would make for a great week of AFC Football.

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