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What happened to this "improved Miami defense"?


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Like I've been trying to tell you during the offseason, instead of worrying about the Jets, trying to tell us all how much "better the Dolphins are than the Jets", you should have been worried about the Dolphins getting physically destroyed and embarrassed on national television by the hands of the Patriots. That's exactly what just happened. NE was up 21 here in the 4th quarter. Down by 14 now, all because of a garbage time TD.

- 38 points allowed.

- 106 rushing yards allowed, against a NE team that lacks an offensive rushing attack.

- We're still in the 4th quarter, and Brady has thrown for 517 yards and 4 freaking TD's.

- Wes Welker with 8 receptions, 160 yards and 2 TD's; including a 99 yard TD reception.

- Hernandez with 7 receptions, 103 yards and 1 TD.

- Branch with 7 receptions for 93 yards.

- Gronkowski with 6 catches, 86 yards and 1 TD.

- Even Chad Johnson got involved with 1 catch for 14 yards.

Some secondary you all have. It's awful. More like horrendous man. No pass rush what so ever either. Brady dropped back 48 times, but yet, Miami could only muster up 1 defensive sack? Are you kidding me? That's pathetic.

Before the game? I honestly thought Miami could be an 8-10 win team. After evaluating this laughing stock Miami defense? You'll be lucky to see your team win 4-6 games this season.

How's last place of the AFC East treating you? How's it feel looking up at the Buffalo Bills in the standings?

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their defense showed up for sure

but after 20 plays they all needed oxygen and IV's.

really sad to see a team so out of shape. I guess they all brought their talents to south beach a few too many times during the lockout

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Their conditioning is terrible. They were sucking wind all night.

Which is never a good sign during a week one football game, especially considering the fact that they play down in Florida. Looks like their home field advantage worked against them this week, one too many Dolphins couldn't handle the Miami Heat.

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LOL at responses.

As to OP, the Fins D was in horrible shape as mentioned. It wasn't like they were on the field forever. In the 3rd they had equal time of possession but the Fins D was totally gassed. It was embarrassing.

The media is going to focus on Pats, but the Fins conditioning issues must be addressed

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