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Credit where credit is due: This Jets defense just went out there and physically dominated this Jaguars offense.


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Marcedes Lewis or not... We manhandled, beat down, and more like destroyed this Jaguars offense today.

-Luke McCown: 6/19, 59 yards, 0 TD's/4 INT's. QB rating of 1.8

-We held one of the best running backs around, in Jones-Drew, to only 88 yards and 0 TD's off of 18 carries.

- Cromarite with two INT's and a near pick 6, returning the ball down to the 1 yard line. Eric Smith with an INT. Even our 3rd string MLB in Mauga picked up an INT.

- Bart Scott with a sack. Our rookie Wilkerson came up with a huge sack, resulting in a safety.

- We put up 4 tackles for loss.

- We only allowed 203 yards and most importantly? We only gave up 3 points.

Outstanding defensive performance out of the Jets today. Say what you say about the "Jaguars offense", but the Jaguars put up 323 yards of offense last week, McCown went 17/24, 175 yards with a QB rating of 91.5 against the Titans, 0 INT's and the Jaguars put up 16 points to start off the season 1-0.

And then they ran into the Jets... That was that.

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Defense played great, but I'll reserve judgement on the Defense after we face Brady and the two-headed TE monster.. we never defend against good TEs well.

Yeah, but at the same time... We just seen the Jets defense do something, that they've never done in franchise history, which was hold a quarterback to a QB rating of only 1.8. Luke McCown or not, that's very impressive, especially considering the fact that McCown has a career QB rating of 68.5 and even put up a QB rating of 91.5 the week before against the Titans. Our defense holding an NFL quarterback to a QB rating of 1.8 is outrageous.

Some Jet fans may have to take a 'wait and see approach' in regards to our defense as of right now, but not me. I've seen enough over the past two years under Rex Ryan, to not only know, but also understand that we've created something special under Rex Ryan. Back in 2009 we ranked as the leagues #1 defense. Last year we once again, ranked top 5. This year, I believe we're on the verge of watching the Jets destroy opposing QB's left and right.

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