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Rex Ryan: Mic'd Up

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For better or worse, Rex Ryan continues to prove that he is the most entertaining head coach in the NFL.  Last weekend against the Jacksonville Jaguars Rex was recorded for Mic’ed Up.  The video appeared on NFL.com and can be found in our forums:

I highly recommend you watch it, Rex rarely disappoints.  He even worked his son in for a cameo on the sidelines!



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Saw this last night...definitely his best piece of work to date.

Love when he brings his kid over to on the sideline and asks if he should play more coverage or blitz...right out of the mold of the Ryan family, he says blitz. Classic.

I also liked when he was praising LT for a his nice catch and he then asked Lowery if he saw that nice catch.

They were very relaxed that game.

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Forget it. I got it......and i love it too! Full gay love, too. lol

I love when the players come crashing out of bounds an he says to their guy, "hey kid get outta there. go home kid." hahahahaha

Oh and he puts the play chart over his mouth and says "ground and pound" hahaha

How do you not fall in love with this dude? Compared to Mangini? or Herm? I know Coughlin won that SB (like we will) but I love having a CS that's genuinely having a good time and he's funny, He's just a wise a$$ funny dude. My kinda guy. Wish we had hardknocks every year. They should be able to hook that up locally. (NFL network? idk) Thx for that

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It's always interesting to see how quickly a coach has to react to his guys in the booth in regards to throwing a challenge flag. Rex's guys have always seemed a little slow on the ball in that aspect, definitely not pleased to see him resorting to that type of panic. There were a couple times last season that seemed perplexing as all hell, and once you saw how questionable that one was I couldn't understand why he risked it either. For us at home it looked questionable after seeing it a few times when the network finally cut to it, but the guys up top have that footage from every angle instantaneously and it's not that difficult to determine whether something is indisputable or not; it's an aspect of the staff that I've thought has needed improvement for a while.

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